Always be on your game

“Always be on your game” is one of the more interesting phrases born from the PUAs and manosphere in terms of maintaining your relationship with a woman.

Basically, it encompasses the fact that a man needs to always be vigilant of how he is acting toward others and his woman because if you start to “slip up” she may lose attraction for you.

There’s been a fair amount of backlash in men because of this because men feel that it is hard to change and maintain the change all of the time.

This is not far from the truth, but only a step in the journey.

For instance, take a look at this from a Biblical perspective.

  • Is a Christian ever supposed to have time off from being an ambassador for Christ?
  • Is a Christian ever not supposed to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength?
  • Is a Christian ever not supposed to love others as Jesus has loved us? (Which replaced love your neighbor as yourself).
  • Is a Christian husband ever not supposed to love his wife as himself?

The always be on “your” game mindset is actually a good one for a Christian to have, except instead of focusing it on “yourself” and always being on “your” game, you should be always on “God’s game.”

Now, all change is hard to effect at first. However, all change will become habit after doing it for extended periods of time. For example, it takes about 4-6 weeks before doing something everyday becomes a habit. This ranges from anything from nutrition, to exercise, to posture, to changes in attitude, to changes in personality, to any other habits that you want to develop.

Change happens slowly, but as you reinforce it everyday it will come. Don’t be afraid to exchange poor habits for good habits. Change for God.

Always be on God’s game.

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6 Responses to Always be on your game

  1. Looking Glass says:

    Much of the problem for “Christian Nice Guys” and the transition comes down to changing how they talk to Women. They have to start treating them as “Women”, rather than this strange illusion they’ve been sold on. So it’s not only practice but an unlearning/relearning process.

    There’s also the side issue that Satan loves to get you while you’re down, which makes the “margin for error” of the Christian Walk a lot tighter. Which is why we need the Spirit, as we can’t do it alone. (Which is another concept lost on non-Christians)

  2. Chad says:

    We’re told to do this fairly often:

    Pray without ceasing.

    We are always men of God. To deny that is foolhardy, at best. In fact, it could be disastrous.

  3. donalgraeme says:

    The way I look at it… Satan never lets up on his game, so I can’t let up on mine either.

  4. Looking Glass says:

    Another set of analogies.

    The process of Sanctification is like learning an instrument or riding a bike. At first it’s slow, clunky and not great. But progress comes with practice, insight, training and dedication. Eventually, not only the basic practice becomes simple, but even the advanced abilities are second nature. Other ideas pass away and one does not need to think about the physical practice, much like how I don’t think “type period, type comma” for the production of typed letters.

    It is work, surely, but working to confirm to God’s Will & Righteousness is always worth the work. The benefits are paramount, even if hard to see from the outset.

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