Hebrew and Greek Resources

1. The current program I am using to reference Strong’s dictionary is E-sword.


It’s a free program although if you choose to buy some of the versions of the Bible on it such as NIV, NASB, etc. it costs money.

However, the KJV and KJV+ are free, and you can download ESV for free as well.

The KJV+ is the version that has Strong’s dictionary linked to every single word is right in front of you for viewing yourself.

  1. All it takes is a mouse-over of the green link, and the Hebrew or Greek word will pop up in the box so you can read it.
  2. If you double click it then it appears in the bottom window if you want to compare it to other words you’re mousing over.
  3. If you right click the word, an option pops up and there’s “quick search” which allows you to cross reference it to any place that word appears in the whole Bible, Old Testatment, or New Testament.

It really is an excellent resource, and I first learned of it in high school (which was back around 2002 or 2003). However, I never really appreciated it until the past year. I feel somewhat disconcerted that I really didn’t care that much about the faith then to really study the Hebrew and Greek that much, but God works everything in His time to His purpose so I’m grateful that I’m here to share it with you all.

2. The other resources I saw recommended over at I believe Dalrock’s is the Interlinear Bible.


It’s not as useful as E-sword in my opinion because it doesn’t reference the definitions of the words and only shows what they are and how they were translated.

3. There are phone apps that reference Strong’s dictionary.

I know there is a phone app that allows you to reference Strong’s dictionary on the Bible. I know this because my current pastor has it, but I didn’t grab the name of the app that does this. Search for it if you want to find it.

4. If anyone else has any other resources feel free to mention them in the comments.

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5 Responses to Hebrew and Greek Resources

  1. Bee says:

    Mrs. Bee and I both have copies of BibleWorks. We like it a lot. We bought them used on eBay. Version 4 or later is all you need. You don’t need the latest version. Copies don’t show up very often on eBay. You have to keep checking there for several months. I saw a version on Abe’s Books once but the price was too high.

  2. Bee says:

    If you buy a used copy on eBay, make sure you get the Serial Number with the DVD’s. Also, ask the seller if they have removed the program from their hard disk.

  3. Bee says:

    If you want to learn Hebrew this is a great place to start:


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