3 methods Christian women can implement to become attracted to a Christian man

This is a brief interlude to focus on some aspects of what women can do to help them build attraction for a godly man.

You’re a Christian woman. You see many Christian men who are godly to a fault, but you’re not attracted to them.

This seems to be the case for a lot of women in the church. It’s a very common theme as men have become increasingly feminized in the church. However, there are ways to counteract this so that you will begin to respect and be attracted to those godly men.

1. Ask him to share or teach you about what God has been teaching Him in His walk with God.

In the teacher and the student, I talk about why this builds attraction. A man who is able to stand firm on his convictions and reveal what God has been teaching Him is not going to be afraid if someone else disagrees with what he says.

2. Ask him about his passions and/or mission that God has given him to do in life, and how he foresees that playing out.

A godly man will typically be excited to share about the direction that God is taking Him, and his desire to facilitate that to see it happen. The excitement and passion behind it is typically contagious, and a woman will get a better idea of if she will fit with him as his helpmeet.

Likewise, the firm foundation upon which he knows what God’s calling is for him will help a woman respect a man, and unconsciously feel that there is something there to anchor herself to which is the start of attraction.

3. Probe him for his convictions.

Most Christian men (or Christian nice guys) tend to be go-with-the-flow type of men which is why women aren’t attracted to them. But if you can find out what he values and thinks is important then you will find that you will respect him more because of the way attraction works. I talk more about the tangible anchoring of a woman’s attraction to man in understanding attraction.

For example, in April’s story her husband Greg stood on his convictions — his character, the way he treated others, and his faith stood firm in application — and she became more attracted to him as time went on because the tangible aspect of him being a man living for God.

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