The masculinity of Jesus Part 1

I have many partial posts written in queue, but I’ve been thinking over the past couple of days that I think a deeper study of the Scriptures is needed.

One of the biggest things that has always come up in the “great game debate” is that the anti-gamers have stated that masculinity is right there in the Bible if you look for it. On the other hand, the pro-gamers state that this is clearly not the case.

However, as I have shown in quite a few posts now such as Masculinity is the truth and Mark 7 and the socialization of men, Jesus asserts himself in a godly masculine manner that many Christians would claim now is “game.” Game is only a codification of parts of masculinity that are attractive to women albeit in mostly in an appeal to the flesh instead of the Spirit. And as I have stated before don’t give credit to game, give credit to God for allowing game to show you part of what masculinity is supposed to look like.

My goal for this blog is not game, but to show men how to step into godly masculinity. A side effect of that is acting in a godly masculine manner around women which will be attractive to them.

As sad as it is to say, Christian nice guys are effeminate with women and therefore NOT acting in a Christian manner around them. Indeed, putting women on a pedestal, not calling out non-Christian behavior from women, being afraid to approach or talk to women, and being afraid to express opinions around women are distinctly NOT Christian behaviors. They are not serving God through these behaviors. They are not acting in a godly masculine manner.

Remember, the part of godly masculinity that is attractive to women is the masculinity and not the godly part. However, since no action is in a moral vacuum we want to act in a godly manner rather than in an evil manner.

The reason why many of the Christian men think they need game is that they [unconsciously or consciously] pridefully believe that they were serving God around women before they found game. Thus, they NEED game to be attractive to women or their wife because faith is not attractive. This is incorrect.

The Christian walk has always been about DOING and not KNOWING (James 1:22). It is not the faith that is attractive but the walking out of faith in a masculine manner that is attractive. Thus, Christian men who act effeminate (nice) around women are in sin and need to repent of it. It is clear that placing women on a pedestal instead of God is idolatry. This is one of the clearest definitions of sin.

Yes, they may have been deluded or brainwashed, but we are all deluded to some extent or another by society, feminism, churchianity, and even our families. This is no excuse (Hosea 4:6). All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God regardless.

The key is to believe that you were not serving God as a Christian nice guy. You cannot pridefully believe that you were right before God when being nice around women. This is difficult for many Christian nice guys and even Christian men to understand and accept, and I believe that it will undoubtedly be a stumbling block to them.

However, once you can admit that you were in sin and repent to God of that sin, you will start to understand why it is not “game” you need but to grow into the fullness of God’s creation for men which is masculinity directed by the Spirit. To become more like Jesus. This is to what we are called, and a man who truly does that will be respected and WILL be attractive to women as a side effect because God created women to be attracted to masculinity.


The path that I will be using is the Gospel Harmony on wiki starting from Jesus’ youth all the way to his ascension into heaven in chronological order. I will specifically be looking at his interactions with men, with women, and crowds, and will categorize the posts accordingly. It looks like there are about 145 parables and stories combined (subtracting the ~15 of the nativity), so this may take the greater part of this year. I probably will double up or more if some of the passages are short.

I will be interested to see what I learn about masculinity in the coming months from Jesus’ example, and I hope that any of you that are reading will be too.

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18 Responses to The masculinity of Jesus Part 1

  1. padre98 says:

    It would seem I’m taking advantage of your blog’s Hospitality this evening DS, this subject, before it really begins in earnest as I’m sure you will deeply probe Koine Greek roots and possibly ancient Hebraic root words as well.

    Is this excellent article on “why” all men, not just Christian ones, fail to approach women:

    “I think we should be talking about all the ways that men are punished for doing the task that is assigned to men ANYWAYS. I am meaning how men are forced to be the ones to initiate, or else nothing’s ever happening for you. What sense does it make to force a person do a job, refuse to tell them how to do it “right,” and then dole out powerful punishments for doing it “wrong” ..?

    It’s not just rejection, it is the social punishment that comes along with the rejection if things go badly. I’ve been in sales and just accept it as part of what could happen.

    Over time such fear goes away, however it is like the old saw of “we only hire experienced people, so how do I get experience in the first place?” Or what Paul went through, he was stoned (perhaps to death) got up, walked back into the city and kept on keeping on.

  2. Chad says:

    Interesting. Never heard of the Gospel harmony.

    I’ll quickly say that I don’t think game endows masculinity, but merely a show of it. If men are masculine on other areas of their life, and follow God in thode areas, than ‘game’ might be ‘all’ they need. I doubt it though, as godly masculinity doesn’t really seem to compartmentalize like some aspects of a personality do. I haven’t seen a man who can stand up for God and his beliefs with amy kind of strength that can also hold frame with a woman.

    As you say, women are attracted to the masculine part, and if you’re only able to be masculine around her while courting, how do you expect her to react when she sees the rest of your life is nothing like what you displayed to her through game? All you’re doing is setting yourself up as an idol for her to worship, rather than the truth of a man whom loves God and wants to lead her towards a deeper relationship with Him

    Any ways, I’m excited to see where you’ll go with it

  3. @ Padre

    Good point. That definitely is an issue.

    Honestly, I liken it to Jesus which is not so ironic in that I’m going to explore his life.

    Do we really believe Jesus “wanted” to go against the Pharisees who all wanted to kill him at any time or trip Him up? In the garden (and in prior prophesies) Jesus knew He was ultimately going to have go through a whole ton of punishment.

    Jesus was doled out severe punishments for doing the righteous thing in a righteous manner. All Christians are promised that for following God. We are to expect to be reviled by those when we do the right thing, and as sad as it is to say that Christians do this to each other as well.

    Obviously, I think the current SMP/MMP is horrendous place, but it’s still nothing compared to what Jesus had to go through. And Jesus is to whom we are to aspire.

    I think that adequately answers the point you were bringing up.

  4. @ Chad

    Yes, it could be said that game is “pseudo masculinity.” After all, man doing that which what the Creator did not intend is false.

    But that’s a whole other can of worms I don’t really want to open right now, haha.

  5. Chad says:

    In answer to padre, there’s a specific beatitude for when people revile you and persecute you foe what you do in the name of Christ. Does that make it less real? No. Does that make it easier? Maybe… In this world it is a salve on the wound, but you still get wounded. In the next it is salvation.

    Though I do believe that the closer to Christ you are, the less wounds you feel because of his gifts of grace. I also am fairly positive you’ll receive more and deeper wounds.

    I wouldn’t change a thing though

  6. Chad says:

    Having read through the harmony on wiki, I can only say I hope you bring resources besides the Gospels in. I love Jesus’s words, but without the context of the Old testament or the apostle’s insights into the lessons they’re dreadfully easy to twist into any sort of meaning. The nature of a parable is great for those seeking wisdom, the nature of man is horrifying when falsely giving the appearance of such searches

    I say this not for yourself, but to avoid possible detractors and argument of ‘thats not what they -really- mean’ flavor.

  7. @ Chad

    I was going to talk about the whole passage of what the gospel writers wrote about the situation as well as what Jesus said. You need both to put the situation into context.

    Jesus’ words are only part of the equation just as our words now are only part of the question. The context is the environment in which He said them.

  8. padre98 says:

    In keeping with the theme in my first post on this, the problem lays in the “Gifts” of the Spirit that are the easiest (and yet aren’t) to exhibit are meekness, humility and patience. This is the gist of the Christian “nice guy” a sort of charm without teeth, forever standing at doors and nodding ones head and being “nice”.

    The sort of attitude of putting on the full Armor and Counsel of God is difficult thus avoided.

    We know there will be firey arrows coming our way if one is doing it right.

  9. @ padre

    That is because of poor understanding of the fruits of the Spirit.

    It is neither meek or humble (praos) to allow a Christian woman to be rude or abuse the time of a Christian man.

    Patience/longsuffering/endurance (makrothumia) is about enduring trials of the world. Enduring rudeness or lack of respect from Christian women is not longsuffering because Christians are supposed to call each other out when they’re sinning against one another.

    These words are twisted by churchianity to mean “be nice” to women.

    This goes along with what I said in the above post. Christian nice guys are SINNING and not acting in a Christian manner around women.

    They’re not doing only “part” of the fruits of the Spirit. They’re doing NONE of the the fruits of the Spirit when they allow women to walk all over them and when they put women on a pedastal.

    This is the difference between the anti-gamers and the pro-gamers. Pro-gamers seem to believe that Christian nice guys ARE acting in a Christian manner around women when that is simply not the case. As I have stated before, whenever a woman is on a pedastal that is idolatry. It’s clear that Christian nice guys are not acting in a Christian manner around women. That is what sin is.

  10. padre98 says:

    All the idols were burned so new ones must be created is not a line of thinking I subscribe to DS, putting emotions or actions up as “an idol” is untenable in any serious theological sense.

    As Paul astutely commented, you can eat food offered to an idol b/c “we” know such is no more then a block of stone, or carved wood, there is no life in it. Actions however, do have life, thus cannot be idols.

    They can be stumbling blocks, indeed, they are stumbling blocks to Christian men being well, MEN

    If by sinning, you mean falling short, not trespassing against God, then I totally agree. The idea of a social pecking order with Christian men at the bottom of it all is a wicked concept and not what God wants for his Sons. It is not Patriarchal in any sense and thus worth all of your effort, though with such short attention spans in the world, do think the simpler the concept “Put on the Armor of God” is more likely to be implemented.

    One only wears armor when doing something.

  11. @padre98:

    I was looking at the Greek of the Fruits of the Spirit back a few posts. ( A closer look shows that they aren’t “soft” or “delicate”. Even “Kindness” isn’t soft or delicate.

  12. @ Padre

    I don’t agree with your argument, but I agree with your conclusion.

    The conclusion is correct because the most important part is to have the correct mindset. Because actions flow from that mindset.

    However, actions are not done in a moral vacuum. (Emotions are not conscious, generally, but they are to be taken captive). If a man puts a woman on a pedastal in his mind, and fails to call her out on her rudeness then he is conforming to the the idol of women. It is an unrighteous action.

    Remember, Galatians 5 tells us that all of our actions are either of the Spirit or of the flesh.

    It’s not necessarily putting them up as an “idol” (and if I implied that then I misspoke) but it’s an unrighteous state of mind that leads to unrighteous actions.

  13. padre98 says:

    My pov, and I know the Strong’s quite well, is digging down to the original Koine Greek meanings is language is a cultural construct that derives from THAT culture at THAT time.

    For example, Shakespeare, his “English” is very different from modern “English” at that is due to culture of the time. Lacking a sort of Rosetta stone that can perfectly fit Koine to English in the same context, we must rely on the Strong’s concordance.

    However, it does not carry the force one would hope it would, unless a similar cultural situation arises Las Vegas or Amsterdam, where societal conditions are not that dissimilar from the ancient world and what the West is devolving into if trends continue

  14. padre98 says:

    I would say DS that such a man is putting a stumbling block on his path to utilizing Faith in a real manner. How is one going to strive and achieve the full measure of faith when you keep stumbling on an over weening desire for a woman or a woman for a man?

    That is the lesson of Samson (Shimsun) he kept putting his own stumbling blocks in his path, from excessive drink to females to what have you.

    That makes for double mindedness, which no one likes in another person, certainly not in a Leader. Thus I prefer the armor concept, you wear it b/c you know you are going into combat, in this case in combat on the field de amore’. As long as your armor (Faith in God) is not taken off, it will never crack nor fail one. One could say Shield or whichever metaphor one would choose.

  15. @ Padre

    Good analogy. I like it.

  16. padre98 says:

    “Do we really believe Jesus “wanted” to go against the Pharisees who all wanted to kill him at any time or trip Him up? In the garden (and in prior prophesies) Jesus knew He was ultimately going to have go through a whole ton of punishment.”

    Yes I do. Consider it this way a master craftsman sees his hires doing the job, absolutely, completely WRONG.

    A sort of “and YOU are a Teacher of Israel” spirit?

    If I misquoted the Strong’ long would it take DS to hammer down on it?

    Now let me put that in “this is what Deep Strength told me to teach you”

    Context, how willing would you be to confront me? Oh, I’d imagine one would be quite primed to the confrontation. Viewed that way, Jesus handing out with prostitutes and tax thieves and doing what they did as they were “free” from the Temple as outkasts..makes a lot more sense..they’d listen

  17. @ Padre

    It’s a yes and no question.

    Obviously, Jesus in the flesh did not want to walk the path that God had for Him — His pleas to God in the garden were just that. But it also showed His willingness to submit (Not My will but Yours be done).

    Should we be concerned that we live in a country that is punishing people for doing the right thing? Absolutely.

    However, this goes back to the main overarching point that life isn’t fair.

    Is it fair that we live in a country where we can reasonably practice religious freedom while those in the middle east or china are thrown in jail for their faith? One might even argue that it’s much better over there than over here.

    Whenever you have a system that goes towards punishing people for doing the right thing, you’ll see a greater separation of the wheat from the chaff. You either see God’s power moving in people to act according to the Scriptures or you see people getting sucked along with the world. Unfortunately, you see more of the latter here.

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