Not game but God

As you may know, Heartise had a post about Jesus having game over the past week.

The reality is that Jesus had God (was/is God) not game.

This is what happens when your “truth” is game. Everything you see in reality becomes in reference to game.

This is not how Christians are supposed to think or act. Instead, we are to act like Jesus did in bringing everything in reference to God.

As the Scriptures state,

Isaiah 5:20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who [a]substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who [b]substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight!

Is the concern of Jesus over holding His frame… or rather what God wants Him to do and nothing can stop Him?

Is the concern of Jesus over social proof, or situationally aware, or not being boring… or reaching out to those around Him?

Is the concern of Jesus over being vulnerable… or rather using His situation and knowledge to connect with others to bring them to the faith?

Is Jesus a “dark triad” or instead pushing people to see Truth at all times?

This is why I continually say that Christians don’t need game but rather God. When you are willing to stand up for God then you have His joy, grace, forgiveness, and charisma within you. And you will become a man or a woman who is attractive and desirable to other Christians.

It may be useful to understand some aspects of how to relate to other people, but at the heart of the matter is that we should be building up relationships with others in relation to Christ. When you can connect with people on a level of passionate discussion and are solid in what you believe then your mind is transformed and you will be transformed.

We’re not about emulating being attractive. Though, much of what we are called to do as Christians can be attractive as we attempt to emulate Jesus.

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14 Responses to Not game but God

  1. Chad says:

    The heartiste article was disgusting. It laid bare exactly what the end result of viewing scripture through a prideful, ‘how do I get mine’ eye. It was just as bad as the distortion done by churchianity, for the small lies and poison make the whole thing spiritually dead

    Stand up for your God
    Stand up for your beliefs
    Stand up for those whom you shepherd
    Stand up for yourself

    In that order

    And you will be blessed.

  2. @ Chad

    I think that it directly exemplifies what game in relationship to God is much better than what Cane, Zippy, you, me, or other Christian bloggers can explain.

    Selfishness and pride is lauded over God by using Jesus as an example which is in stark contrast as we know that Jesus is one of the paragons of unselfishness and humility.

    Good becomes evil and evil becomes good. And it is clearly shown to be false.

  3. donalgraeme says:

    It is hardly surprising to see such an article over at CH. That is a natural outcome of the “game as life philosophy” trend that has been maturing over the last few years in the ‘sphere. The Churchians have already twisted scripture to serve their nefarious purposes, so why shouldn’t the PUAs? The Evil One can quote scripture with the best of them, and I’m sure his agents can do the same.

  4. padre98 says:

    Reactionary, how unsurprising.

    What CH was showing, or rather exposing, is how “Christians” are wonderful at reacting, never implementing in Faith. Does that mean sleeping w/scores of women?

    Nope, our Leader has shown us how to NOT be speed bumps, and of course, it is rejected

    How are you going to ever be bold in our faith when being reduced to clucking hens? CH sees it far better than we do

    For example, how many here would rush to the defense of the condemned, instead of letting the waves of outrage wash over them and keep on keeping on.

    Few, or none

  5. @ padre98

    I agree that most Christians are too reactionary.

    The initiative lies with the Christian to seek God and be transformed in His likeness to be like Jesus.

    And that is what this blog is about!

  6. padre98 says:

    Exactly DS, i took CH’s thoughts as more of a call to leadership in the nuts and bolts fashion, then a call for serious Christians to sleep around

    That is far far from a call to street preach, it is more of a reminder, in whatever situation we find ourselves in, we claim Christ, live up to it, and here is one of the ways “how”

    The eyes of God are everywhere, that is very true, also, the eyes of men and woman are everywhere, if one claims it, one then must realize. Which is one of the problems young folks have..we talk, we don’t walk, if CH causes offense, how much more the world that sees saying one thing..then doing another, minor in our eyes..major in their eyes

    We can squint at the Scriptures until we go blind, w/o implementation, even a gentle implementation ala Gary North, Christians become clucking hens

  7. @ Padre

    Yep. The reframe was needed in my opinion, especially if I reference it on this blog.

    But the walk needs to be walked otherwise we are hypocrites. All the while keeping in mind the goal — to become like Jesus.

  8. padre98 says:

    Caution tho, everyone’s walk is a bit different, this goes to the Last Supper, all were supposedly friends there, Jesus said “and the one who will betray me is..”

    Being Christ like, in practical terms, means his essence is split amongst those who have Faith, which is why Paul mentions the Gifts, which boils down to knowing oneself, ie, “Game” in a sense. CH was focusing purely on Jesus’s Ministry, not the real world implementation amongst his sheep facing a world that..hates us

  9. Nate Wagstaff says:

    Jesus communicated with people in the way that worked, because he wanted to reach them.

    But you think you’re smarter and holier than the son of God, so you’re going to ignore His behavioral example and interact with people by the rules you learned from a feminist-dominated secular culture, because that’s your path of least resistance.

    Because admitting your own faults or shortcomings is too hard for you. Apparently Jesus told you you’re already perfect just exactly the way you are. Maybe He’s asking Himself what YOU would do, right now (hint: He isn’t).

    Got it.

  10. @ Nate

    That is not what this post is talking about at all.

    Where I have I said that I am smarter and holier than Jesus? Where have I not admitted my own faults? Where have I said I was perfect?

    Simply put, the premise of CH’s post to look at the nature of Jesus’ interactions is a good idea — Jesus was effective at reaching other people and very charasmatic. It is one of the themes I have been exploring with this blog. However, when you look at the life of Jesus it is far and away a secondary point because the primary goal of His mission was to fulfill God’s will. John 3:16.

    It is my encouragement to Christians to become like Jesus — not because it will make them charasmatic although it will — but because we want to serve God. We are sinful and broken, but through the indwelling of the Spirit we can be transformed in our minds and actions to be like Him and even do greater things on earth than He did.

    I don’t defend game. I defend God.

  11. aquietmimic says:

    We, as the Christian community, need to provide more examples of Godly actions instead of Game actions. It’s difficult to considering how worldly media and books in the Sphere (Macking, PUA, Roosh, general Game articles) but I try.

    Great article which needs to be spread.

  12. padre98 says:

    Indeed aquietmimic, from that pov..never gossip, in this media age what is said dies with you, or me, or any real Christian.

    Simple, one would be amazed at what a witness that is for Christ.

    Second is be it, don’t say it, actions, not words

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