Strengths and weaknesses

Cane’s post yesterday on Hold Your Fire brings up an excellent point.

Essentially, all of us have inclinations on every aspect of human behavior. The easiest analogy to make from this is that of strengths and weaknesses.

Some people will never have to worry about becoming obese or out of shape because they naturally have an affinity for not eating a lot, or eating healthy and regularly exercising. However, with others they’d rather have their throats ripped out before they would eat healthy and exercise.

Likewise, some men have an easier time mastering their lust than others. Some men have an easier time not compulsively lying. etc. If a woman is more naturally submissive and will easily fall into a godly relationship with her husband that is great. A strength may be an excellent strength.

But all humans have weaknesses that they may need to address. The problem with feminists and nice guys is that they don’t want to have to put forth effort to work on the weaknesses.

We focus on building good habits in order that we may continue to grow in knowledge, and wisdom, and stature with God and men. Some of us have an easier time building certain habits than others.

Our job is not to do what is easy. Our job is not to do what is hard. Our job is to do what is right. Doing right may be hard or easy depending on the circumstances.

The key is to continue to let our strengths be our strengths given that some of those are indeed talents that God has given us. We should let them shine and give glory to God for that (see: parable of the talents).

But we are also called to work on our weaknesses, and even in our weaknesses He is our strength and we give glory to God for that too (see: Paul’s thorn).

Edit: Elspeth makes a good point in the article linked in the comments.

That which is unpleasant may be easy, and that which is pleasant may be hard.

Things that are often unpleasant and hard such as exercise may start hard and pleasant… or they may become easy and unpleasant… and finally as you do it enough it will become easy and pleasant.

Therefore, I would say,

Our job is not to do what is easy. Our job is not to do what is hard. Our job is not to do what is pleasant. Our job is not to do what is unpleasant. Our job is to do what is right. Doing right may be easy, hard, pleasant, and unpleasant depending on the circumstances.

But it is often the case that that which may start out hard and unpleasant may become easy and pleasant as we see to become like Jesus.

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4 Responses to Strengths and weaknesses

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  2. Robyn says:

    GREAT writing DS, very insightful! What I have found in our marriage is that my weaknesses contrast to Darrell’s strengths and vice-versa. One of the examples I’ve used in teaching my girls about marriage is that, ‘We are each a box of crayons, daddy uses different colours than I do. He doesn’t like to use blue; he has one, but it’s just not his best colour (strength). But I love blue, and …. I colour well with it. It’s not my job to develop daddy’s blue … to try and get him to use it more often. When God wants him to use the blue and develop it; He will make it so. Until then, we are a team and my blue works – I will use my blue for the both of us.’

  3. @ Robyn

    That’s an excellent analogy. I’m going to use that from now on.

  4. Robyn says:

    TYVM – I’m glad it works for you.

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