There is power in the Truth

I want to explore this line of thought because you will see some common threads that pervade human thinking on a fundamental level.

There are a couple of ways to appoach this as you can compare and contrast what is “alpha” and what is “beta.” For example,

  • An alpha tends to make his attraction to a woman known right off the bat, while a beta tends to befriend a woman before getting to know her better.
  • When confronted about said attraction for a woman, said alpha will make it clear while the beta tends to deny it but covertly still want her.
  • Alphas will tend to tease women about their mistakes, while betas will cover up a woman’s mistakes for her.

Essentially, “beta” is built on covert communication which is a woman’s world. That’s why betas are like women. They agree with her and are there for support. They are emotional tampons, and they don’t give her the truth.

The ability to confront the truth of reality, often without fear, is what makes a man a masculine man. A man that women desire.

Obviously, this is just but an analogy to what Jesus discusses in the Scriptures on the light on a lampstand, a city on a hill, and salt and its saltiness. That which loses touch with reality becomes a lie. And there is no power with a lie. There is only death. But there is power with the Truth.

This is the reason why nice guys and nice gals live in sin. It is the idol of feelings, or of fear, of the opposite sex, or of what people think of you rather than trust in the God of truth.

  • Think of Abraham who twice told his wife to say that she was his sister in a foreign land. Now, God was behind Abraham even though he sinned, but it was his fear which made him fear bringing the truth to those around him.
  • Think of David who covertly desired Bathsheba, had sex with her, and then had one of his mighty men killed. Then he tried to cover it up from the prophet.
  • Think of Jonah who ran from the calling that God had for him, and then was eventually thrown overboard and swallowed by a whale before having to preach before the Ninavites.
  • Think of every husband today who fails to stand up to his wife to placate her feelings, instead of correcting or rebuking her actions.
  • Think of how women are lied to by society about birth control today that there are no side effects when it is clear that there is a link between hormonal birth control and increased incidences of cancer.
  • Think of how feminism has lied to women about casual sex, the “oppression” of men/patriarchy, the importance of career, and other such things.
  • It’s why a slim waist is preferred to fat acceptance, it’s why long hair is preferred to the lie of short hair, it’s why no tattoos are preferred to tattoos, it’s why caked on makeup is unattractive.
  • It’s why artificial foods are unhealthy as opposed to more natural foods.
  • We know the importance of responsibility, not divorcing consequences from actions, positive/negative reinforcement, and accoutnability.
  • We know the importance of roles and responsibilities.

Note: I am grossly simplifying many of the issues above but you get the point. What is real — the truth — is more attractive than what is fake — a lie. When men are self concious about things they like or when they shy away from certain things it’s unattractive simply because they are lying to themselves and it shows in their body language.

When I wrote the masculinity is the truth series (one, two) a while back I had a vague inkling of what the truth was. But now I see it quite clearly.

It is no coincidence that God has made truth attractive to both sexes. After all, we are made in His image. And Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Truth is not needy, and it does not seek validation. You have full confidence in it. It shows in your body language and your attitude. Jesus was unlike the scribes and Pharisees for He taught as one who had authority.

The key, therefore, is to anchor yourself to the Truth of Jesus. If you anchor yourself to the truth of human nature — game — then you will become like the ultimate form of human nature — the dark triad. Instead, attach yourself to Jesus — the Truth of overcoming human nature —  in order to become like Jesus.

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1 Response to There is power in the Truth

  1. aquietmimic says:

    You could have just ended the article with John14:6 “I am the way and the truth and the life…” I thought it was a good quote to use haha.

    Trying to follow the path to Jesus is hard, but it’s the Truth. And it’s an interesting hypothesis to consider: why some people who desire to search from all angles the Truth (Manosphere), end up becoming Christians. That’s assuming they are not deep in the sin of pride, they are open to ideas, they aren’t too emotionally dictated by worldly events etc.

    Again, great article DS.

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