Independent testimony

One of the interesting things about the Greek is that you see differences in the texts of the gospels.

For example, Matthew and Mark primarily use the word “Hierosoluma” when referring to Jerusalem.

G2414 — Ἱεροσόλυμα — Hierosoluma — hee-er-os-ol’-oo-mah

Of Hebrew origin [H3389]; Hierosolyma (that is, Jerushalaim), the capital of Palestine: – Jerusalem. Compare G2419.

However, Luke and Acts (written by Luke) primarily use the word “Hierousalēm” when referring to Jerusalem.

G2419 — Ἱερουσαλήμ — Hierousalēm — hee-er-oo-sal-ame’

Of Hebrew origin [H3389]; Hierusalem (that is, Jerushalem), the capital of Palestine: – Jerusalem. Compare G2414.

Obviously, they are words for the same city in English, but they are written differently in Greek.

It’s probable that Matthew and Luke potentially drew from Mark’s gospel as Mark’s is generally recognized as that which was written first. This is but one of the illustrations of the unique features of each gospel.

Wiki has a great picture of how the synoptic gospels relate to each other:

In any case, many of you may have not have noticed that I added another section on the guide bar of this blog titled Evidence of the Resurrection.

That page goes over some of the logical, factual, and historical arguments for the resurrection of Jesus. Many critics call Christianity a “blind faith,” and many Christians perpetuate this notion that we are to have faith rather than logic and reason. This is a poor view of Christianity because it is reactionary rather than proactive.

Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the [a]assurance of things [b]hoped for, the [c]conviction of things not seen. 2 For by it the men of old [d]gained approval.

This is what Hebrews 11 discusses. I’m not a person to put my trust in blind faith for what I believe. Rather, I take His promises on faith because there is proof/assurance of what I believe. Fortunately there is ample evidence to suggest that Jesus did rise from the dead.

I recommend watching all of the videos in the above link if you have time, but if you don’t then this is a good one to watch:

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