Looks in regard to facial attractiveness

I want to discuss this topic from the perspective of a man’s attractiveness to a woman because there are different factors that feed into a woman’s perception of attractiveness of a man. I will briefly comment on women as well since it provides a good contrast of the differences between the sexes. I’m only going to discuss the face because it’s obvious that the body is changable to a large extend through diet and exercise.

I haven’t written on many specific non-Scriptural topics, but this is something I haven’t seen discussed to an extent anywhere else in the ‘sphere and it’s interesting to see all of the things that go into what it means to be facially attractive.

Note: I’m not going to bother to link to other posts because I don’t want to go dredging for links at the moment. If you see a concept that you didn’t know was a fact then google it, or if you want to dispute one then link me to another page that shows I’m wrong. Otherwise, this is just a discussion of facial attractiveness in general.

What follows may be non-PC, but when did I ever care about being PC.

Objective facial attractiveness

There is evidence along the lines for objective attractiveness features in both men and women. Women it’s pretty clear that beauty is fairly objective (to the degree can be argued) as well as having good skin and symmetry in the face.

The same is true with men’s attractiveness. I believe back about maybe 3-4 years ago there was some hubbub about Denzel Washington being attractive because of the symmetry in his face. Other traditionally attractive features that women tend to like in men are a wide and defined jaw line, and the “Greek God” look in terms of darker hair with a tanned complexion.

Facial attractiveness can also be changed to some extent by weight loss and weight gain. If you’re overweight or obese losing weight can help significantly. Likewise, working out will get the testosterone flowing which may make minor changes to your facial structure, especially if you are in your teens still.

Subjective facial attractiveness

Subjective attractiveness is really interesting.

I would tend to put race under here because it depends on location. In the Western hemisphere, being white is traditionally considered the most attractive because of the status that goes with it. In other countries outside of the western hemisphere attractiveness tends to default along the usual status lines such as government jobs or wealthy businessmen. Obviously, being white does carry some amount of status into other countries because of the influence of the western hemisphere on other 1st, 2nd, and 3rd world countries, but it is not as strong as in the hegemonic white countries. The race which is “high status” in a country lends more to attractiveness of the population as a whole to the women there.

Facial hair tends to be fairly polarizing. The women that like it really like it, and the women that don’t like it don’t like it. For men that can grow good facial hair it makes attracting the women that really like it easier.

Hair style tends to fall into this category too. Depending where you are in the world, and where you are in time this changes. Some of the hairstyles from the 1900s were crazy, but that is what was popular at the time. Usually, you can’t go wrong with some type of clean cut look, but if you find something for your particular hair that works well then go with it.

Another part of subjective attractiveness has to do with facial expressions. Facial expressions aren’t a traditional part of how a man looks, but they do influence his attractiveness.

For women a “resting bitch face” is unattractive as opposed to a smile, but the opposite is true of men. Men that tend to have no smile are more attractive than men who smile from what the studies say from initial impressions. Additionally, since a major part of attractiveness is conveyed by the personality of a man, facial expressions such as direct eye contact, smirks, raised eyebrows, winks, or the like will convey a greater attractiveness than a man who displays more more submissive facial expressions such as eyes that quickly dart around or look down after looking at a woman,

Such examples tend to fall under body language and personality; however, it is power/personality that is displayed in body language which influences the attractiveness of your looks. This is why women can say that a man looks handsome after she gets to know him even though he may not be traditionally objectively attractive. His personality/power shines through his body language and facial expressions such that he looks attractive because he conveys his dominance.


Obviously, you want both to be maximally attractive as a man or woman; however, only subjective attractiveness tends to be changable to a large extent.

Hair style is changable although facial hair you’re more at the mercy of what you can grow. Find a style that suits you. Status within a particular country is also a factor as well. Being white in western countries helps significantly, although if you choose to leave primarily hegemonic white countries to a racial country of origin you may have better success.

The impact of personality on both sexes on facial attractiveness cannot be understated. For women it is smiling and a king and pleasant demeanor which is expressed in her face. Men would agree with me that a smile literally lights up a woman’s face. For men it is the dominance of their personality expressed in their face and body language which improves his looks to become more “handsome.”

Anyone’s looks can be increased in your face to some extent by cultivating a personality that matches the stereotypical pre-feminism masuline and feminine roles.

In regard to reciprocality it’s highly unlikely that a man without objective model facial attractiveness is going to marry a woman with objective model facial attractiveness (9-10 range) unless he has an overwhelming charasmatic personality, exceptionally high status, or is living a millionaire lifestyle. However, that’s a different topic altogether.

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