Performance and desire and courtship and dating post script

Performance and desire post script


Ultimately, if you don’t believe in God, everything in life becomes about performance. Relationships are no exception. This is the dismal look at relationships if you are not a Christian. The expectation of performance. Adhering to a performance standard means that intimacy can only reach a certain point.

Of course, the main problem for Christians, especially those in the manosphere, is finding a woman that is trustworthy.

Courtship and dating post script


Ironically, Dalrock made the post before I got the time to write up this blurb that I started about 4 days ago. Why guys at my church don’t ask women out on dates. You can go discuss it over there.

I found the comments pretty amusing as there was a mix of “Red Pill” comments and the typical women comments decrying men.

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  1. I’ve been following the conversation on both sites. Fear of rejection and the religiously-induced fear of sexuality may play a part in mens’ collective reluctance.

    I’d love to believe that the Japanese “Herbivore” thing is making its way to Western shores, but I doubt it.

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