Slapping women and social commentary

This is kind of a semi-off topic and semi-non Christian type of observation. Perception is a very interesting thing in context of this woman who is trying to win her boyfriend back.

I’m a 26 year old girl and my bf [29] and I broke up one week ago [5 year relationship] over an altercation that got physical. Truthfully I was being a cunt. We were at his place hanging out and I was wanting to go home after we ate dinner because I was tired. He wanted me to stay a little longer to hang out and at the very least fool around. I really just wanted to go home and got a nasty attitude, calling him an ass-hole and such. As I was trying to leave the door he grabbed me and slapped me. Nothing terrible; I’m not talking Rodney King bullshit, it was just a slap. I overreacted and screamed at him, again calling him an ass-hole and continuing with my attitude. I was really very surprised by my behavior. I’m normally not like that. As we were fighting, I just shouted out that I’m sick of his shit, to which he responded that we were done and pushed me out the door.

Of course, the comments are predictable give our current societal atmosphere based on feminine primacy:

1. news flash: a RP man would not let a woman affect his emotions to the extent that he gets physically violent. This bitch is bluepill to the fucking max. This is also why I struggle to relate to victims of repeat domestic violence, he showed you his real colors, sure some people can change but why risk it? you dodged a bullet, dont reload the gun.

2. If he supports red pill ideals at all, it’s purely lip service. A well rounded man doesn’t break frame so easily, and he certainly doesn’t hit his woman because she’s yelling at him. Move on.

3. He slapped you for words. Not even harsh words. His friends have said worse. He’s not a natural leader. He’s probably more scared that you will press charges for the assault. And he smacked you because he thought he was asserting dominance, but it was an overreaction to the max. Move on. He failed your shit test. Move on.

4. physical violence is a deal-breaker. It doesn’t matter how verbally ‘bitchy’ you thought you were. A true leader would not submit to such cowardly acts.

5. You behaved poorly, but his reaction was unacceptable. He lost control and escalated the situation instead of diffusing things and ignoring your nonsense. Learn from your mistake and move on.

6. He…slapped you? What a little beta. Who strikes a woman? That is unforgiveable. Anyway, darling, you will find that by taking a supportive, kind, and demure role that men will generally step up to the plate. Let him lead and trust his deicions from the start. Not with THIS guy, obviously! He is a turd who should have been reported. He completely violated your trust, space, respect, and body. He deserves to have the feas of 1,000 camels infect his crotch.

Slapping a woman for being foolish was accepted and deemed manly and a good way to put a woman in her place so to speak up until the 1960s or so. Hence, the slapping of women even from various films:

Now, instead of being called an alpha in this case for slapping her and when she didn’t back down he realized it was a lost cause and dumping her, the vast majority in this comment field is calling him a beta loser who can’t control himself.

This is why actions themselves are almost totally irrelevant to discussion of attraction because perception can change so much that they must be taken in context of the particular culture.

In particular, this is the difference between game which is reactionary whereas masculinity transcends cultures and context. Thus, game is an aping of masculinity to fit within a particular cultural context.

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14 Responses to Slapping women and social commentary

  1. Don Quixote says:

    Based on her comments I would say that if she wants to continue the relationship she should tell him what she said in her email/post, i.e:
    “Truthfully I was being a cunt”, and
    “I overreacted and screamed at him”,

    It’s safe to say [again based on her comments] that the relationship is already sexual. Therefore she should submit to him and try to salvage the relationship.
    Or just be another ’empowered’ bitch with no prospects. 29 y.o. and damaged goods…

  2. @ Don Quixote

    Well, even if she is willing to mend the error of her ways it appears that he may not allow her by nexting her.

    Unfortunately, the OP of that post is gone now so whatever. I saved the relevant part I wanted to discuss.

  3. He shouldn’t have hit her for mouthing off. If she had hit him first, it’d be a differenf story. (“You’re goin’ to jail now!”)

  4. ChildofRa says:

    She’s damaged goods? Really? I didn’t know she was some sort of food product

  5. dana says:

    THANK YOU!!! I am a Mod at that sub (HHL) and i was was flipping out and pulled it. The very notion that slapping awoman isnt one of THE most “alpha” moves a man can pull is patently ludicrous on its face. That thread turned into team woman man-bashing faggotry and I yelled at everyone and deleted it

    There are no unicorns, y’all, never get too excited, AWALT

  6. The comments you quote sound like they were written by women. I give them about as much credibility as comments by a teen-ager claiming that his parents restricting his driving privileges is a totally ineffective punishment. The fact that she is trying to win him back says what needs to be said.

  7. Don Quixote says:

    ChildofRa says:
    March 15, 2015 at 8:23 am

    She’s damaged goods? Really? I didn’t know she was some sort of food product

    Yes, she is!

  8. tac says:

    If there is one thing that Christianity needs more of, it’s strong, masculine men exercising discipline over their wives. Yes, I include physical discipline in that, although others may disagree with me and call me “harsh”. My husband will slap me when I bad-mouth him, and I will do this to my sons. They must learn obedience before they can lead a household.

    My sons are hard-working men in their late twenties and early thirties, and they have obeyed the Bible’s admonition to leave one’s parents only for the reason of marriage. They live not in my husband’s household, but in a household next-door to us. It is paid for by their salary, but is under the authority of their father. Until they are married, they are under their father’s and my own authority, and it is my own responsibility to enforce their attitude of servitude. I do this to please my husband, myself, and to exercise God’s authority in bringing-up my sons.

    What if you were staying at your parents’ house and you did something “out of line” when you were tired and your parents were being difficult, and all of a sudden, your dad slaps you? That’s your father. You’re under his authority and he has the right to slap you. Stop being so unruly and submit to his authority. Your tiredness is no excuse, because it’s Family Game Night. Without your role in Family Game Night, the family will not come together, your mother will be visibly upset, and your father will be livid that you hurt his wife.

    Everyone loves a game of Sorry, even when they wish to not play it at first.

    If you, as an adult, don’t like that, how can you deserve to be in authority over your wife? You have the same relationship to her as your dad (and mom) does to you now. If you don’t learn to love that slap and say “yes sir (or ma’am), I apologize” after he does it, you aren’t ready to be married yet. The Bible says you cannot lead if you cannot follow.

    I think the young men on these blogs, the “Christians” have a thinly-veiled beef with their parents and will not submit to their Biblical authority, let alone their right to discipline by teasing, reprimand, spanking, and slapping across the face. You should all learn to cultivate calling your parents and asking for permission about decisions before you lead a home. If you disobey, you should seek punishment by spanking, or even grounding, if your parents are not near you. On the weekends, when you are not working, sit in your room with no internet or television and pray to the Lord that you feel truly sorry.

    As one who happens to be an elder, I think it’s my job to instruct the young men toward true Godly masculinity. That is my calling. I hate the attitude that most of the “Christian” men have toward elders, especially their parents. God is not calling them to lead a household, because they refuse to submit to his ordained pattern of authority. I plan on frequenting this blog to instruct some of the confused young men here. Think of me as your advisor.

  9. tac says:

    I would like to empower you all toward roles of authority over your future wives, before you become forty-year old virgins. My concern is that so many men have been on here for many years, and their youth has just slipped by them. There is a reason for that, and I think it’s bullheadedness. You also need clear help with your social deficits, and I will assist you in that. I want what’s best for today’s youth, first the men, and then the women.

  10. LSM says:

    I’m wondering if a wife thinks her man slapping her is too harsh, does that make her wrong? I understand the thought behind slapping a woman. However, if my husband slapped me then I think he would be slapped back. Im wondering why my mind is conflicted about it. And I’m not looking for the common you are a feminist because I am far from it!

  11. @tac,
    I am familiar with the type of parent you purport yourself to be. It would be truly sad if your children eventually cease all communication with you because of your possessiveness. You are coming from a very evil place, thinking that your children are your property, because they are not. I am very familiar with the type of parenting you describe, and it is dangerous to all, particularly to the children you claim to love so much. They become incapable of adult decisions and become children in adult bodies, while you grow in sinful possessiveness with nobody to call you on it because you suffer nobody to correct you in even the most charitable way; consequently, you risk your very salvation. You are putting yourself in the place of God, and that was the first sin, man desiring to make himself as God. Think it over.

    For your own sake I really hope you’re a troll just having a little fun.

    I’m very surprised nobody has called this person on his/her outrageous comments.

  12. Cane Caldo says:

    @Deep Strength

    Something is off with “tac”. Regardless of the truth or the efficacy of her advice: How can it be that a woman’s calling is to advise Christian men.

  13. @ Cane

    How can it be that a woman’s calling is to advise Christian men.

    Indeed. In particular, Titus 2 says older Christian women should be advising younger Christian women. Not Christian men.

    We all have seen the efficacy of women raising men to be men: single motherhood. And it doesn’t turn out well for the men. The ubiquitous example being the gangs and thuggery of the urban black and hispanic community who are primarily being raised by single mothers.

  14. Stan Zorin says:

    ChildofRa : “She’s damaged goods? Really? I didn’t know she was some sort of food product” –
    Poor ignorant you. Don’t you know that a passage of years damages a woman’s prospects in life ?…makes her a ‘damaged goods’ ?

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