No excuses

One of the things I’ve had the pleasure to do recently is meet up with a bunch of the guys from my church for dinner or lunch one and one. I take these generally as unofficial mentoring type of relationships where I can pour what I know into their lives, and in the case of my own mentor who is married for him to offer advice or critique in my own life. However, it’s very easy to get into the frame of mind of trying to line all the ducks in the row to make things more convenient for me.

This is one of the bigger callings on my life to minister to men, and here I am sometimes making excuses because I may have to go out of my way will inconvenience me to meet up with that. Relationships are worth more than an inconvenience. Hearts are worth going out of the way for. There are no excuses to go out and meet people where they are that can ever be justified.

I also realize that while doing things you don’t like to do for God is good, I still need to pray for the peace and joy of God in all circumstances in order to truly understand the calling.

While this is simply a part of walking out my calling, this also relates to going out to meeting women, building relationships in general with the brethren, and anything else that requires time and effort to be poured into it.

No excuses. Discipline and intentionality in all things. You reap what you sow.

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