Wolves in sheep’s clothing

ChildofRa writes on a wife’s plea to Christian men about their sexual sinning.

I’m going to address this separately as it’s non-sequitur. Women always like to write “what about men” or “men did this” when women are criticized. Really, this is the last time I’m going to say it but stay on topic. If you have a separate issue that you want me to address send it to my e-mail on the about page or post the topic in the comments section there.

I had a friend, she kept herself physically fit and attractive and had no issues in the bedroom but that didnt stop her christian husband from cheating on her.

First, let me note the framing of the question in the context of the other post.

  1. The post was about a certain topic namely that wife’s issue with men’s sexual sinning.
  2. Throughout that post I debunk the fact that they’re asking the wrong question, and advising the wrong thing Biblically the entire time. Scripture tells wives and husbands to have sex in order to minimize sexual temptation.
  3. When women disagree or find an exception they inevitably attempt to paint women in a flawless light. They are the victim of the situation.
  4. Hence, “[my friend did what you said — stayed physically attractive and didn’t deny sex — but her husband cheated on her!]”
  5. This is almost invariably the narrative that women use. Women can’t admit fault or be faulted for anything. They need to preserve their image and status.
  6. Men need to be exposed to this to see this fallacy of man blaming and women self victimization.
  7. This leads to another interesting conclusion: Modern women — even Christian women — seem to have bigger pride issues than men because they can’t admit fault.

No one should try to paint themselves as blameless. The only blameless ones are when horrible things happen to children who are abused or if you’re living in a worn torn country and get raped or murdered. These people had NO CHOICE.

If you have some semblance of choice then you almost invariably are responsible for a situation in some manner or another. Take responsibility for your choices.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing

Moving away from that, the big issue that attractive Christian women have to look for is players. There are players disguised as Christian husbands. Players know how women work, and know how to push buttons to make themselves look attractive to women.

Although most Christian men are generally unattractive nowadays, the “Christian attractive men” are split between wolf in sheeps clothing players and actual Christian men. Indeed, some Christian women don’t even go that far: they actually missionary date and marry instead of marrying a Christian man.

This is not unlike attractive women that come to the Church that don’t disclose their past that rode the “cock carousel.” A Christian man wifes her up thinking it’s great he got married to an attractive Christian woman and then she divorces him down the road because she was unhappy. Or maybe even worse yet he gets stuck in a sexless marriage which feels like hell.

This is the importance of vetting your spouse thoroughly. Ask them questions about their past and their choices. Look at their body language to see if they are uncomfortable and shift in answering questions. People do lie so it’s important to look at things in the context of their words versus what their actions are and what they portray in an online profile such as facebook. Ask the hard questions about sexuality and virginity.

John 14:15 “If you love me, you will keep my commandments.”

John 15:10 “If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in his love.”

Claiming you are a Christian does not make you a Christian. Christians are defined by their obedience to Christ.

In general, there are all sorts of yellow and red flags that you can pick up. When I vet Christian women I look for signs of feminist infiltration into their thinking. Blaming men for things. Presenting themselves as the victim. Looking for respect rather than love. Preference for education and careerism over marriage and family. A strong independent attitude. And many other things. Although such a Christian woman may be attractive, she has not excised things of the world from her attitude and thus I can avoid her as a risky encounter when pursuing marriage.

As a man who has come into his own by being masculine and bold there has been much more interest from women. I am extremely selective and vet thorough not solely because I have the opportunity to do so, but because it is important to look at the character of the women who are interested.

Unattractive people tend to have more problems getting married than attractive people. However, the fact that attractive people get married doesn’t make it successful. They may have gotten married to ill advised attractive people.

ChildofRa’s friend in all likelihood married someone ill advised likely because she didn’t vet him thoroughly for being a player. Likewise, we would say that a man who married a reformed cock carousel rider or single mother made an ill advised judgment to marry. You made a poor choice, and the person didn’t change their ways and then played you for a fool.

No one blames the Nigerian prince because they know the prince is a scammer by nature. They blame you for giving your money to the so-called Nigerian prince. Then they laugh at your stupidity for not asking or listening to wise counsel and checking more thoroughly.

Sometimes the fault is up front. You made a commitment to a poor choice. Now you are reaping the consequences of that poor decision. Take responsibility for it.

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20 Responses to Wolves in sheep’s clothing

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  2. ChildofRa says:

    When we meet people we all put on a mask when courting/dating. Majority of people dont show their true colors until they have been dating for more than a year or they have been married. Vetting a potential spouse is a good idea but how many people both men and women will actually revel their trueselves?

  3. Looking Glass says:

    Do the work? 3 months, tops, should give you more than enough information about a person, if you’re paying attention. No one is that brilliant of an actor.

  4. I had a friend, she kept herself physically fit and attractive and had no issues in the bedroom…

    Well if she had no issues in the bed room there is nooooo way her husband could. Defrauding is not just a matter of frequency. Most husbands have no interest in necrophilia, even if his wife has no issues playing dead. Most husbands have no interest in raping there wives, even if she has no issues feeling no desire for sex and does not cooperate with his advances. Most husbands are eviscerated by having to beg for sex even if his wife has no issues emasculating him.

    Women are very pure in their own eyes when judging themselves according to their own standards.

  5. ChildofRa says:

    What if the wife is the one begging for sex?

  6. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that women are twice as likely to have weak libidoes as men. It happenss both ways.
    As for vettng for obedience, Commenter Hannah had a story from a friend in New Zealand who lived on a ranch. He had come across a rabid dog and was preparing to put him down, when his wife called from the house. He simply told her to stay inside. She was American and chose to disregard him. Regrettably, he sent her back to America. Faith in your partner has to be implicit.

  7. KingProphetPriest says:

    What if the wife is the one begging for sex?

    You know, I started typing up an answer to this but then realized that ChildofRa’s responses are just distractions, not real questions. She hasn’t addressed the position that DS put out there, just more hamstering.

    Sorry, not going to waste my time.

  8. @ KingProphetPriest

    You are correct.

  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That ChildofRa would seek to divert the argument on this point is telling. That 66% of women would rather read a book thatn have sex is not generally accepted by men. I guess if I were a woman, I wouldn’t want it out that two thirds of them are sexually numb. It does make the product a tough sell.

  10. ChildofRa says:

    Its not a distraction, i am asking a serious question. What if the female is the one begging for sex?

    I’m sorry if you think that I am trying to distract you but everything that I ask or say about marriage and sex in marriage comes from watching documentaries or from what my friends who are married tell me. I am not married nor have I engaged in any sexual activity so I am sooo freaking sorry that I am asking questions which you refused to want to answer for whatever reason or assume because I am female that I am trying to distract you poor men from the real teuth and sinful behavior of women. I am soo fucking sorry

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  12. KingProphetPriest says:

    I’m sorry if you think that I am trying to distract you but everything that I ask or say about marriage and sex in marriage comes from watching documentaries or from what my friends who are married tell me. I am not married nor have I engaged in any sexual activity so I am sooo freaking sorry that I am asking questions which you refused to want to answer for whatever reason or assume because I am female that I am trying to distract you poor men from the real teuth and sinful behavior of women.

    The reasons that your questions are distractions is because you’re not giving any indication that you’re really here to learn.

    This post begins with Deep Strength telling you that your comment about your friend on the other thread is an example of a common ugly narrative heard from females and spends half the post describing it.

    Do you respond to his calling you out on this bad behavior? Do you say, “I’ve never thought of it that way before. I have some questions on why you think that is what I’m doing”? Do you say, “That wasn’t my intention, I didn’t realize I was doing that”? Do you even give any indication that he said anything at all?

    Nope. You just ignore it.

    You ask a new question about vetting instead, when Deep Strength included links to two of his other posts and comment threads on vetting in this very post.

    Then, when J-the-R says something about wives who deny their husbands, you turn right around and ask, “Well, what about the wives?”

    I doubt that you realize that you just did a version of the very thing that Deep Strength called you out for at the beginning of this post: you didn’t discuss the man – you immediately turned it around to make a woman the victim of the sex-denying husband.

    We interact with females just fine here, so don’t pull the “poor female” stuff. We just don’t play the games that women are used to playing.

    If you really have a sincere desire to have your questions answered here, read what Deep Strength wrote at the beginning of this thread and contact him about it in the method he requested.

    Anyone know of any Christian Red Pill Women blogs we could direct this sister to?

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  14. feeriker says:

    While not a veteran of the craft like InsanityBytes22/GG/Yttik and not of the same style, CofR has been trolling Christian manosphere sites for a little while now, always playing the “I’m-just-a-clueless-non-believer-who-wants-to-know-how-Christians-think” line, even though she has made it clear that she has no real interest in honest answers. Her faux guilelessness is laughable and quite tiresome after the second exposure.

    In short, it’s not worth wasting your time responding to her. I’m sure that she’ll soon follow in IB22’s footsteps and wind up on multiple blacklists across the ‘sphere.

  15. ChildofRa says:

    I have read Deep Strength post about vetting , I still asked the question because people lie all the time.

    2. So men and women are asexual or sometimes they may be an issue were a male actually has a low sex drive, I didn’t know that was flipping the script a making the woman a victim. I have several friends and some of my male friends have normal sex drive and some of my make friends have very low sex drives in which their girlfriend/wife is the one begging for sex.

    Also I was not pulling anything, my friends always tell me their problems and I listen and all I do is ask questions to see what other men think, so I am truly sorry for my female emotional berzerk lack of read comprehension outburst on your various manosphere.

  16. ChildofRa says:

    I do have real interest in honest answers, i can’t get answers I need from a female- i need them from a male cause I have the female advice that I am gonna get at this point in my life.

    Also I am learning, the Peaceful Wife & Wintery Knight have been very kind and gracious in answering my questions that I have asked them,both are outstanding christians.

  17. An obvious answer to your question would be for the husband with the lower sex drive to “put out” more often for the sake of his wife. St. Paul’s prescription for sexual availability between spouses is a two-way street.

    As I said on another of DS’s posts, I think that it wouldn’t hurt Christian singles to ask God for a mate with whom they’re physically and sexually compatible. But considering the deep roots of Evangelical genophobia, I don’t think physical compatibility would be high on many single Christians’ lists – if on the list at all.

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  19. ChildofRa, like DS says, it’s the spouse’s duty, regardless of gender, to make sure that the other spouse is sated sexually, to keep temptation at a minimum, in the linked article. He specifically quotes 1 Cor. 7:5, which says, “Do not deprive each other…” Each other. Scripture seems to say that, even if it’s the woman who has the higher sex drive, the man has to step up and do what he’s gotta do. If he does have a lower sex drive, there are things he can do/take/eat to increase that. I’m not a fan of tons of chemicals (little blue pills?) or anything, but I know that zinc does help increase testosterone levels, which thereby increases sex drive. Higher protein, lower carb diets can also help increase a man’s testosterone as well. Most times, if the man does have a lower sex drive, it’s because he has low testosterone, usually much lower than normal. Increasing that with diet changes, supplements, and exercising (outside the bedroom) helps to bring that to a better level, which most times does take care of sex drive issues. I’m not too sure of the equivalent things to do to increase a woman’s sex drive, but I know of those through study and can attest to the efficacy of them, and you can find volumes written about them in the red pill community.

    TL;DR: the man still has gotta pony up, according to Scripture, and there are things he can do to naturally increase his sex drive.

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