Women need flavor with food

I’ve made the analogy before that reason and logic are like food and emotions are like flavor. A dish doesn’t exist to women if it is separated into individual ingredients. In fact, individual ingredients are simply distasteful.

It’s normal for women to find individual ingredients distasteful — marriage, fear, and dread or why I don’t respect women — without the flavoring of say ‘kindness.’

For example, if I explained the entire picture:

Breaking a dysfunctional relationship pattern will generate two types of fear:

  • The “unknown” and “conflict” will cause fear.
  • The husband getting used to acting as the head will cause rational fear because his previous pattern of behavior was not particular trustworthy.

The first is the fear of change. The second is the rational fear of authority exacerbated due to lack of trust.

The fear of change should be dispelled with kindness: “I’ve decided to work towards becoming a better husband and father. Things will be different.”

The rational fear of authority is the same as which we should have toward the Father as Christians. Additionally, trust in authority takes time to build especially if there was a lack of trust already. This is a natural part of the healing process.

What is for men is not for women. The way men interact with men will probably offend most women.

It’s natural for women to not understand unvarnished truth without kindness. This leads to the conclusion that being offended is not synonymous with ungodliness.

Life lessons. “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.”

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8 Responses to Women need flavor with food

  1. superslaviswife says:

    Men who interact with women as they do with men don’t probably offend most women… it’s an observable fact that most women come out offended. That “harsh and sexist environment” some women in STEM fields and handiman jobs complain about? That’s men making jokes, most of the time. The same sort of mildly offensive, intentionally irritating jokes they make at each other. But woe become them if they don’t treat any female coworker with kid gloves.

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  3. Coastal says:

    I’ve noticed that humor is a great “flavor” for delivering truth. If you can say something true and hard-hitting while being able to make people laugh, you have a great vehicle of communication. Comedians do this all the time, as do some pastors. The act of flirtation uses some of this as well.

  4. @ Coastal

    Right on.

    Humor with women is often the art of saying something true and offensive without coming across as butt hurt.

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