Entitlement mentality

Donal has an interesting thought that there is misery in too much comfort for women.

One consequence (among many) of Original Sin is that women will experience greater pain/suffering as a result of bearing and rearing children. I would argue that an expectation of this is “baked into” their genetics.

This leads us to the modern day, and the theory behind this post. The problem is that in the present age women are more coddled than they have ever been. They are, especially in the West and in families not at the bottom of the SES ladder, further removed from suffering than ever before. The level of comfort in the civilized world has never been higher. True suffering, true sacrifice, is alien to most women growing up. Most parents take care to keep their children from having to suffer, often by ensuring as much comfort as possible.

While I certainly understand this behavior on the part of parents, it is at the same time utter folly. Suffering can never really be escaped. It will always be present, and I will use a future post to go into that in further detail. What matters for this post is that this coddling approach is a disaster. Why?

Simple: Women expect suffering in their life- it is the natural thing. [Think about the vast majority of human history- filled with suffering for pretty much everyone.] When women are too comfortable, when suffering is absent from their life, then it sends a message to their unconscious mind that something is wrong, that what they are living is an unnatural life. That message of unnaturalness will only be repeated over the years as they grow up. They will know, somewhere deep down inside, that something is wrong. Unfortunately, because this is unconscious, they won’t know what it is, exactly, that is wrong.

This will, naturally enough, lead them to feel miserable. The misery is only made worse because they won’t understand it. It will gnaw on their mind incessantly, like an itch you can’t quite reach.

In my opinion, this is not so much a women thing but a human thing. A lack of punishment for wrong behavior leads to the entitlement mentality.

Proverbs 13:24 He who withholds his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him diligently.

Now, the reason why women tend to have a greater propensity for entitlement mentality is because they are coddled more by parents, friends, and society. A struggling man will have to “take his lumps” while women in general have tons of support networks. For example, a woman in today’s society can do many terrible things and then attempt suicide and get sympathy because she was ‘troubled’ and it wasn’t her fault.

Entitlement mentality is typically seen most commonly at the outliers of society. Those on perpetual welfare or social services become entitled to what they receive. The children of rich parents who are coddled and not exposed to consequences for their actions also become entitled. Likewise, women, as a whole, in our society have become an entitled class in schools, job and promotions, laws, and general societal well being and concern.

Thus, I don’t think it’s necessarily ‘suffering’ in the case of women but entitlements and lack of proper teaching of actions and consequences.

Further thoughts

Personally, I’m reminded a bit of what I was talking to a guy the other day. He claimed the serenity prayer was in the Bible and obviously having read through the Bible multiple times I knew it was not.

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can,And wisdom to know the difference.

Although the serenity prayer was written by a Christian theologian about 70-80 years ago, it’s been elevated to a certain status among ‘pseudo-believers’ to Biblical status because in reality it is pretty good wisdom overall. However, as many of us know, “Good Wisdom” does not necessarily bear the effective power of the transforming nature of Scripture.

Similarly, there are many heresies peddled by American churchianity like prosperity gospel that are simply incorrect but people believe them because they do not have the proper knowledge of Scripture and/or who God is. In this respect, their knowledge of action and consequences are off.

For example, I know a lot of people who believed that if they become a Christian their life will become good… and then they are surprised when it didn’t. I would classify myself into that category even as little a bit more than 5 years ago. Then, when you actually read through the Bible you encounter verses like these:

Luke 9:23 Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.

2 Timothy 3:12 Indeed, all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.

The nature of the cross is that it offends. Christians are conditioned to see the cross as a symbol of hope, and that is certainly true. However, the cross is also a beacon of pain and suffering. This is the dual nature of divinity and humanity. Hope and suffering.

The disciples and those that listened to Jesus’ teaching knew of it first hand. They would all have seen numerous crucifixions during their lives under Roman rule. However, modern churchianity likes to gloss over that fact because pain and suffering is not attractive and won’t bring people to the seats.

Proverbs 27:17 As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another.

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7 Responses to Entitlement mentality

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  2. A Visitor says:

    “The children of rich parents who are coddled and not exposed to consequences for their actions also become entitled. Likewise, women, as a whole, in our society have become an entitled class in schools, job and promotions, laws, and general societal well being and concern.”

    I’ve seen this in my own family and man is it heartwrenching.

    “However, as many of us know, “Good Wisdom” does not necessarily bear the effective power of the transforming nature of Scripture.”

    On that note, what about the “Our Father”? “Thy will be done…” Yeah, how many really want God’s will to be done?

  3. donalgraeme says:

    On that note, what about the “Our Father”? “Thy will be done…” Yeah, how many really want God’s will to be done?

    “21 “Not every one who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22 On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ 23 And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you evildoers.’”

    (Matthew 7:21-23)

    DS, I will need some time to think up of a reply. On the tip of my tongue I can say that I agree with you that entitlement definitely plays a role. But I think that something more is also present.

  4. @ Donal

    On the tip of my tongue I can say that I agree with you that entitlement definitely plays a role. But I think that something more is also present.

    I think, in general, that there is a deep sense of fulfillment that we have in carrying out the curses. As I wrote previously on the blog like 1.5 years ago, the ‘curses’ are actually in a way blessings to man.

    For example, the pain and sorrow of child birthing end in joy. Is there so great a joy without pain?

    Likewise, hard work is difficult as man works for a living, but there is also great fulfillment in accomplishing.

    I think what you’re trying to get at, and correct me if I’m wrong, is perhaps the realization and/or experience of fulfillment that leads to a deep seated contentedness.

    The pain is only part of it in child birthing and the joy is the other part from having the child. I think that’s a reason why women tend to be ultimately unhappy if they don’t have any babies as well as get baby rabies. Likewise, I think it’s similar with the other curses.

  5. Looking Glass says:

    Dependency kills the Soul. This is part of a concept that causes quite a lot of consternation within me when people say they are “dependent” upon God. You deny that you made & make choices and that responsibility falls upon you, thus denying the need for the Lord’s Grace. It diminishes the Power of the Lord to act through the Holy Spirit, in the process, as well. It’s a bad place for a Christian to put themselves.

    Being “entitled” makes one arrogant and selfish, which is why it is such a problem and we’re discussing it. Though in the case of Women, it’s important to remember two points. 1) They “hew” to their environment and 2) they “assume the System”. This is the combination of the Fall and the nature of Solipsism. So not only will a Woman raised in an entitled environment have little conception of what they actually feel entitled to (they just assume it’ll be there until it is not), they further will lack the introspection for them to be humble about the blessings they have. This is why coddling is so bad. (For Men, generally they’ll manage to get themselves killed if they don’t keep the entitlement in some sort of check. The Risk Taking aspect will eventually put them in a deadly situation.)

    There’s also the related issue that entitlement thinking destroys “honor” or “honoring” others. (As the Lord means by these words.) When something costs you nothing, you simply don’t understand the value. You don’t appreciate it. While I do feel the RCC has long overdone the focus on the “Suffering Christ”, it’s very important concept and a means by which people can “connect” with the Lord in the initial phases of their walk. But people, especially Women, without any understanding of actual suffering simply cannot understand why they would need a Savior. The have for created for themselves the inability to understand that their Sin does.

    Isaiah 53:5-6 (ESV): “But he was pierced for our transgressions; he was crushed for our iniquities; upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds we are healed. All we like sheep have gone astray; we have turned—every one—to his own way; and the LORD has laid on him the iniquity of us all.”

    I was going to comment on one of the previous posts about Cold Showers that one needs to separate “training” from “suffering”. While it’s technically correct that certain levels of self-deprivation are “suffering”, I think that shifts what you need to learn from discipline into a different direction. The power of spiritual discipline covers quite a number of things, but it’s most powerful physical effect is to keep the body prepared for the suffering to come. It is a form of training, body & mind, that prevents the “shock” from being catastrophic when things go badly. (And it always, eventually, goes badly.) On the spiritual side of things, it can bring great focus to the spirit on what is actually important. Or, in totality, it is a path to keep yourself “on course” with the Lord, not being gluttonous in your own life. (However that ends up being expressed.)

    And Fasts rock. Just saying. If I never had to eat again, I’d probably be more than pleased, but I’ve still got work the Lord has appointed me. So, still gotta eat. Most days. ^_^

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  7. an observer says:

    Cultural decline has separated actions from consequences. The latter is a price signal of the former, but removing the link leads to a malinvestment in deviant behaviour, when the outcomes are hidden.

    So, women can embrace careers, ride the carousel and delay marriage and childbearing knowing that some beta out there will still marry her, pay the outstanding college debts, and eventually the alimony when she frivorced him.

    The virtues of discipline and restraint that supported western civilisation are sneered at, degraded and actively penalised. This cannot continue, and at present we are coasting down the long decline on momentum from the industrial revolution.

    White civilisation has committed demographic and economic suicide, much to the satisfaction of liberal progressives, feminists and sjws everywhere. Equality will result in grass huts and mud floors without drastic change.

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