Victims versus perpetrators: why it all matters

Obviously, the reason why such ‘labeling’ matters to Christians is important.

Christians bear the name of Christ in that they are supposed to be followers of Christ. Christ emulators.

If formerly pregnant women are ‘victims’ of abortion then they bear no fault through the process. This is the positive that it seems most conservatives as well as pro-life folks are taking. See the examples on Cane’s, Zippy’s and Dalrock’s. As Zippy notes, these folks are not pro-life but in fact pro-choice.

Fault or sin and acknowledgement of it is a precursor to repentance. In Christianity, repentance is required for salvation. After all, we are required to admit fault, turn from our wicked ways, and follow Christ through a pattern of good works.

Thus, women who get abortions are at the very least conspirators and/or co-conspirators with the added tagline of the crime of pay-for-murder. They are perpetrators of a crime.

Politicians who choose this view mainly do because of pandering. They want a clean image to women so that women will vote for them.

Christians who do this probably have many different motivations. Some are probably deceived into believe that women do no wrong: men bad, women good. Some detest calling out women, even when they’re in sin. The proverbial white knight. Some probably don’t believe women even have agency: it was all the big bad doctor or terrible boyfriend who coerced her into that abortion.

I don’t really care about what politicians do, but those who claim to be Christians who perpetuate that women are victims of abortion are quite wrong and need to be informed. It impairs the ability of women to truly repent for their sins.

Also, this goes along the same lines as why feminism is bad for both men and women. Feminism paints Patriarchy as evil when it is indeed good. Hence, all men are defined as perpetrators of crimes. Whereas women are painted as the victims who can do no wrong. It is clearly enforced as such in popular culture, universities, family law, and the courts with reduced or absent sentences for women who perpetrate the same crimes as men.

The true irony is that anyone who kills or murders a pregnant woman is guilty of two counts of homicide. However, the mother herself who ‘chooses’ to terminate a pregnancy is guilty of nothing.

As noted,

  • Goddess worship — women are the source of all that is good. Only the female sex drive is good because it produces life.
  • Fertility worship — women are the creators of life and have the choice to make or take it.
  • jezebel worship — usurpation of authority and power. Patriarchy is bad.

Different times from the Bible but the same religions. The vast majority of occultic practices in the Scriptures originate from goddess worship and associated phenomena.

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15 Responses to Victims versus perpetrators: why it all matters

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  2. chokingonredpills says:


    Having been listening to Dr Baucham’s sermon, this goes all the way back to Genesis 3 — the seed of the woman versus the seed of the serpent. There has been enmity ever since.

    I believe it is harder for women to realise and recognise their sins; they rationalise and become deceived easily (and oftentimes even to the extent of deceiving themselves). I think it will take loads of prayer, wisdom, tenacity, patience and … grace to undo the devil’s work by informing those (especially the men) who still hold onto such beliefs (i.e., that women who abort are innocent). Just like the enmity, this will be a constant struggle.

  3. Jonadab-the-Rechabite says:

    @ Choking

    Way back in Gen 3 we observe that Adam failed to confront the sin of his wife. He obeyed her and not God, Adam broke the first commandment and made pleasing Eve of more importance than pleasing God. He was the first to fall for the “happy wife- happy life” lie and ushered sin and death into the world as a result of his woman worship. Eve committed the sin of covetousness desiring something that was not for her. She desired to as a god, even as Adam feared displeasing her and treated her as a goddess. Elevating the woman is at the heart of the first sin for mothe males and females.

    These same sins abound today, men who do not want to confront the sins of women and women who covet position and authority that do not belong to them. Women want authority over their bodies, but God does not give them that authority. IN the name of that stolen authority they kill the innocent, recklessly fornicate and defraud their husbands who do have authority over their bodies.

    The clergy are unwilling to call women to repentance for their pervasive sins, but more than willing to make men the scapegoat for women’s sins. Some have blamed Adam for Eve’s sins, because he was not a better leader, all the while venerating the woman as innocent and more spiritual. They make Eve the victim and not an offender, yet God curses Eve for her sin. In the same manner they blame husbands for the sins of their wives because the husband is not loving enough, not sacrificial enough and has not done enough to have a “happy wife” and therefore a “happy life”. Satan must be laughing with delight at how that original deception is still working to destroy the people of God and how vigorously the church defends the lie.

  4. Daniel says:

    Have you noticed that women who prostitute themselves are rarely referred to as harlots or whores anymore? Instead they are called victims of human trafficking. For example, the website Soroptomist explains: “Commercial sexual exploitation includes pornography, prostitution and sex trafficking of women and girls, and is characterized by the exploitation of a human being in exchange for goods or money. “

  5. @ Daniel

    Yep. I don’t doubt there is human trafficking (namely, the Taliban or other third world countries). The few ones in first world countries such as Rotherham got covered up because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

    The vast majority of pornography, prostitution, and whatnot is mutual. The women do it for power, money, or other benefits.

    Labeling them victims is indeed false.

  6. SapphireYagami says:

    well you have those that are forced into human trafficking and then you have sex workers but it would be confusing to tell the difference between women who went into this area willing versus the ones who were put there by force. however if its a child it would be clear that they didn’t choose this life.

  7. Jonadab-the-Rechabite says:

    Human trafficking is one of the new social gospel issues that provide the busy-bodies of the church something to fret about. It has been defined so broadly to include migrant farm workers and even soldiers fit the definition. (Forced school attendance?) The numbers are grossly inflated, but the image the SJW’s want to project is millions of little girl victims that have been removed from their family and forced to be prostitutes by Caucasian predators against their will. It is more “man-bad, woman -victim” propaganda. Much like how rape and harassment can mean just about anything, just so long as it advances the victimization of women, so too has human trafficking become another dubious attack on men. The white-knights will mount up to chivalrously protect women by condemning men, innocent or not, not because of the veracity of the data, but because the issue of female victims is too important to ignore.

  8. Cassie says:

    So called “rape” vs actual rape comes to mind here. The definitions of what constitutes rape these days have gone beyond stupid. Before a woman cries “rape!” she should consider the following questions:

    Did I make every attempt possible to get away from the guy to try and prevent him from violating me against my will? Did I tell/beg him to stop, and he refused? Did I scream for someone, anyone, to help me? Did I try and fight him off of me by kicking, grabbing anything within reach to use as a weapon, or any other possible means of causing him bodily harm, in order to hopefully be able to squirm away from him long enough to get up and run away? Did he physically overpower me so that I was unable to get away from him, even though I tried my hardest to? Was I panicked, terrified, and crying? Was I knocked unconscious and therefore completely unable to do anything, and didn’t even know it was happening until after becoming conscious again and finding evidence that someone had done things to my body that I was not privy to at the time, and wouldn’t have let him do if I were conscious (note: this question refers to the “date rape drug” being slipped into your drink without you being aware of it. It does NOT refer to you foolishly choosing to get wasted and then claiming you have no responsibility over what you decide to do while under the influence)? Was I an innocent child, and too young to consent at the time?

    If any of these questions can honestly be answered “yes” then it was rape. If the honest answer to all of these is “no” then it wasn’t rape, it was consensual. Giving consent at the time (words not required for this – active willful participation is plenty) and then feeling regretful after is not rape. That feeling of regret is there to spur you on to repentance, which is where REAL healing starts. Encouraging a woman who would have to answer “no” to all of those questions to think of herself as a victim instead of encouraging her to realize that she committed a sin only does her harm, because it encourages her to not repent. Only those who could answer “yes” to one or more of those questions is a victim. I’d wager a large percentage of women who claim rape actually weren’t, which does a disservice to those who really have been raped by damaging their credibility by association.

  9. ray says:

    “Different times from the Bible but the same religions. The vast majority of occultic practices in the Scriptures originate from goddess worship and associated , phenomena.”

    Right. Scripture is pretty detailed describing these phenomena and associated goddess cults. The Hebrew Tribes constantly were surrounded by pagan nations with polytheistic cults that usually resolved in the Goddess or Great Mother. Baal often was only a dependent ‘son’, as with Isis and Horus. The Greek version was called the Eleusinian Mysteries, and was widespread, but merely based on earlier rites, e.g., Isis in Egypt and various Neolithic goddess-cults.

    They’re much more clever now about disguising this idolatry, but in fact, in the West we live under authority, both civil and religious, of those cults.

  10. Robin Munn says:

    I know some people who work with CareNet, one of the major pro-life “crisis pregnancy” groups. They’ve told me that CareNet’s policy is that when a woman walks in the door considering an abortion, they don’t treat her harshly — accusing her of wanting to murder her baby, or something like that — for pragmatic reasons. That’s a very good way of ensuring that she’ll walk out of there and make an appointment with Planned Murder. Instead, CareNet tries to give her the facts about pregnancy, give her a free ultrasound, and so on: they’ve found that once a woman sees her baby, she’s far less likely to have an abortion.

    Basically, CareNet’s policy is “We’re hostage negotiators, so we need to not spook the hostage-taker.”

  11. @ Robin Munn

    Oh, I definitely agree with that approach.

    Focusing on the positives is going to be better than focusing on the negatives *in the moment*, especially when you have an emotional woman. The kindness of God brings us to repentance after all.

    Mainly, I think what we’re getting after is the overall attitude and policy toward abortion treating it like it’s no big deal if the mother chooses either. If it was shunned by the Church and Christians more just like fornication and other churchian things then the Church would be much more effective salt and light. Basically, addressing it as sin acts like preventative policy to prevent fornication nor getting abortions if they fornicated in the first place.

    Of course, we know what would prevent fornication and abortion…. earlier marriage. But most conservative parents and Churches don’t want that because their little girl has to go to college and get a career…..

  12. <– Of course, we know what would prevent fornication and abortion…. earlier marriage. But most conservative parents and Churches don’t want that because their little girl has to go to college and get a career…..

    DS – that one is going to leave a mark!

    It is almost as if the Bible says it is better to marry than to burn in lust, and as if married couples are to consider children to be a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. But I may be wrong, I don't even own one of those modern gender neutral Bibles with the notes by Shelia, Joyce, Joni and Oprah!

  13. Looking Glass says:

    Ecclesiastes 1:9 ESV: “What has been is what will be,
    and what has been done is what will be done,
    and there is nothing new under the sun.”

    V14: “I have seen everything that is done under the sun, and behold, all is vanity and a striving after wind.”

    It’s nothing new, the only newish “twist”, due to the underlaying of Socialism, is that it’s as much a cult of self as a cult of a diety. Everyone is their own god-king, now. When you take that understanding to how the culture operates, you see why the reactions are they way they are. No one questions god. That’s “wrong”, didn’t you know?

    Somedays, you just want to be Jonah and watch the fireworks. Other days, you’ve got to get your mind on being like Paul: there is work to be done.

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