Christianity and masculinity

As some of you may know, I changed the title of this blog over the course of a few months resulting ultimately in Christianity and masculinity.

  1. Reflections on Christianity and the manosphere
  2. Christianity and the manosphere
  3. Christianity and masculinity

The manosphere was/is a general reactionary viewpoint attempting to reclaim masculinity in various different forms, many of which are ungodly. Generally speaking, the Scripture calls us to be proactive with our faith and not reactive. Hence, moving away from that as a default is important to the mindset of men.

Additionally, the new title more accurately reflects the goal of this blog which is to learn what godly masculinity is and how to apply it in all relationships.

Obviously, topics from the manosphere and/or red pill and/or culture will still be discussed. The emphasis has been and will always be with Scripture as the standard.

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