Discontent women need structure

I’ve been super busy as of late.

However, I came to the conclusion above based on a number of my previous posts. Discontent women need structure. In fact, you can add to it a bit. Discontent women need structure, not freedom or more choices or even help.

I’d be interested to see if my commenters can hash out why. I will write up the post when I have some more time.

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4 Responses to Discontent women need structure

  1. Neguy says:

    I would extend that more generally. The reason we’ve seen the “coming apart” phenomenon is that we’ve destroyed the structure that previously supported society among the people with short time preference. Removal of limits on sexual freedom, no-fault divorce, buffering the consequences of failure, elimination of shame, “you’re not the boss of me”, etc. have proven devastating to communities across America, white, black, and Latino.

  2. Robyn says:

    The Reader’s Digest version: Women are responders, receivers, followers. We are not “directionally decisive” that’s a masculine trait. Structure helps us to respond as we were created to do. Newton’s Third Law of Motion captures this relational dance perfectly.

  3. Jacob says:

    The events in the Garden of Eden suggest that all women are discontented to some degree, and that this is why God said husbands would rule over them. This is borne out by my experience: while a significant proportion of the women I’ve met have been in need if something, all of them, without exception, have been in want. I’ve never met a woman who hasn’t made at least some of her wants known within the first five minutes of meeting. It’s as if ‘want’ is programmed into the female psyche. The answer to the oft-heard question “what do women want”, may be found simply by removing the first two words:

    i.e. women want.

    Perhaps at the heart of this open discontent are the deep and unavoidable connections women have with the earth. Almost everything about a healthy woman’s life experience, even the most pious, is tethered to her biological function. Her very existence as female, with its hormonal demands and regular reminders of what is being lost each month, must make it difficult to remain focused on things beyond this world. The typical woman’s life doesn’t seem conducive to extended periods of deep reflection on spiritual matters. Even a pious nun locked away in a nunnery is acutely aware of her bodily flows and hormonal variations. While males too are aware of their function, their bodily fluctuations are far less stark and therefore more readily governable.

    In hormonal terms, it is the contrasting effects on behaviour of the alternating concentrations of progesterone and estrogen during the luteal and follicular phases of the menstrual cycle. Some might crudely refer to it as the Alpha Fux Beta Bux principle. These behavioural fluctuations can be extreme in some women. I think this means that the average woman is probably always aware that there are often quite significant fluctuations between what her body compels her to desire from one fortnight to the next and what reason and restraint and the need for social continence permit her. This perpetual gap could be the source discontented womanhood, especially if reinforced and normalised as ‘a woman’s prerogative’ through the generations.

    If men as a whole are more hormonally predictable, with bodily functions that are more readily governable, and are therefore more firmly tetherable to things beyond the physical realm, they are the logical choice to maintain the structure God has provided for us. One might even say that Christian men are God’s gift to women. As with all of God’s gifts, it would come with great responsibility.

    If only we believed it.

  4. Robyn says:

    “events in the garden would suggest”

    To which of the events are you referring to?

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