Options and escape plans

Donal has a good post clarifying the main point(s) of my previous three posts on Intelligent submission is not required, Submission is a test of faith, Women’s sin nature in marriage and contentment. Sometimes it helps to have another person explain it for those who didn’t understand.

The escape plan option for those who will divorce — namely non-Christians and supposed Christians such as the Jenny Eriksons — is definitely one option that some wives will take if they are unhappy with their marriages.

Jenny Erikson is an interesting case because she told someone she was going to ‘surprise’ her husband with the divorce. This would have basically blindsided him allow him no attempt at reconciliation (which she didn’t want anyway), and she could exit while making herself look good (Vanity Rebellion) while blaming his deficiencies. Unfortunately, her Church got wind of it and props to them for booting her out of the Church when confronted about it when she went ahead with the divorce anyway (via Matthew 18).

Otherwise, the Christian wives who are married to men they’re unhappy with but won’t divorce. They definitely are the ones who are consistently nagging, contentious, rebellious, and covertly take over their relationship with help from complementarians and egalitarians depending on the Church.

Either way, they claim the moral high ground and appear righteous due to bad theology (e.g. godliness is attractive; women are naturally more spiritual; women’s feelings are an indicator of the leadership of the husband, etc.), and subtly take over the relationship according to their own whims. This is where you find the men brow beaten and scared of their wife’s temper tantrums. The happy wife, happy life parroters. Sadly, they are pretty easy to spot nowadays because they are so plentiful.

Overall, if you compare this to the feminist cultural rebellion you find a similar thing. These women want option for their lives: college and graduate school educations, jobs, entering male spaces, doing the same things that men do, taking leadership positions especially in the church, and many other things. The irony, I suppose, is that it doesn’t make women happy. Women are now more unhappy on all metrics in polls since the 1970s and it’s been a constant decrease.

The answer is not to cater to women by giving them increased options or power. The answer, as I’ve stated previously, is to tell them and help them cultivate contentment. It’s probably not a stretch to say that a lack of contentment is the most prevalent female sin.

That should sum up this series of posts unless I have more inspiration.

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4 Responses to Options and escape plans

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  2. an observer says:

    We need to rebuke the popular trope about ‘happy wife, happy life.’ I hear it a lot, and constantly question it. Husbands cannot make wives happy, nor should they try to in the way that popular culture encourages them to. Happiness for women is a bottomless pit that can never be filled, only temporarily sated.

    Women need to cultivate contentment. As such it must be a choice to withdraw from and correct the whisperers that foster resentment amongst wives, poisoning them.

  3. Just Some Guy says:

    @ Deep Strength
    You wrote, “Women are now less unhappy on all metrics…”

    I think you meant either “…less happy…” or “…more unhappy…”

  4. @ Just Some Guy


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