Fat acceptance is forced narcissism

Sometimes you find truth in places you don’t expect.

What is “Body Love”?

“Body love” is a term used mainly by people who fixate on their bodies, feel like crap about their bodies, and then broadcast to the world the exact opposite. They want you to believe that THEY believe every dimple and crevice of their flesh is attractive, so they’ve created a movement to make it socially acceptable to shove their belly rolls in our faces.

But talking about how much you love your body means you’re probably trying to convince yourself of something you really don’t believe. The problem isn’t a lack of self-love; it’s a lack of effort, action, progress, and achievement… and overwhelming self-obsession. “Body love” is code for this self-obsession. It’s forced narcissism, which is now encouraged and applauded these days.

What ever happened to humility? And when did body love become a greater virtue? C.S. Lewis once said, “Humility isn’t thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less.” Yet it’s seemingly more important to put yourself on a pedestal for no reason than it is to place your focus on things outside yourself.

If you think about it, insecurity and narcissism aren’t really opposites. They’re both the result of fixating on yourself too much. Body love is how people rationalize that fixation.

Fat acceptance is self obsession leading to force narcissism. The need to make yourself feel good over things that you shouldn’t feel good about.

There you have it.

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8 Responses to Fat acceptance is forced narcissism

  1. SnapperTrx says:

    The self has been the most popular of all the idols since the fall. It’s satans #1 best seller, and is an easy pitch. Those who feel fine where they are have no impetus to change. Not their bodies, not their walk with Christ, nothing. They are comfortable to sit stagnant and pat themselves on the back, telling themselves how wonderful they are when, in truth, they are slowly decomposing.

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  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I see it a little differently. Feminism has always sought to control the sexual marketplace to benefit women. Fat acceptance is their response when 58 to 62 percent of women are overweight and 40 percent of the whole are obese. In times past, heavy women would get passed over. Feminism is responding to restore sexual worth to these women. There is only one problem, men aren’t attracted and no amount of shaming will will fix that.
    Feminists are keenly aware of the mechanics of the SMP. Their survival is dependent on it. As soon as women see them to be making a mess of of it, they will be gone.

  4. Looking Glass says:

    It’s all about the projection.

  5. Yes girls –

    Unhealthy bodies is the new healthy psychology. Feel good about your lack of self discipline and control. Self image trumps physical image just as imagination trumps reality. Be comfortable with your self on your recliner because self improvement is hard work, and if it is hard it is probably not worth doing!

    Your lust for Häagen-Dazs should not, after all, inhibit others lust to have sex with you. Your unused gym membership is a testament to your modesty. Yoga pants on skinny girls is showing off, but on your butt they are not only modest but comfortable. You are daddy’s little super sized princess and are perfect just how you are… If guys don’t see you for the treasure that you are on the inside then its their loss, because under the pudgy exterior of folds of feminine blubber, lies a woman of character who lacks self discipline, is lazy and has an extra large sense of entitlement and if you can’t fall in love with that, you are just not looking hard enough.

    Its not just that you are more to love, it takes more to love you!

  6. Coastal says:

    Heh, I love T-Nation’s articles for this very reason. Straight truth, no BS, no coddling, no fluff.

    The whole notion of fatness being ‘body love’ is terribly wrong. If you loved your body so much, you’d be taking care of it.

  7. Its just bullshit. When they say “I’m beautiful” I like to ask them “Who are you trying to convince? Yourself or me?”

  8. feeriker says:

    It wouldn’t be quite so bad if in practice the formula “BMI>23% = bitch” wasn’t so all-pervasive among the Landwhale demographic. As I just mentioned over at Dalrock’s, fat on a woman ain’t fabulous in a man’s eyes, and a paring of fat AND BITCH is downright repulsive.

    La[r]dies, it’s simple: if you’re going to absolutely insist on carrying extra padding around, you also need to carry extra “nice and pleasant” around with you too, and “ditch the bitch.” This is the ONLY way you stand any remote chance of attracting a high-value man. Otherwise, if you insist on wearing a “bitch costume” in size XXLL, either “dyke is assumed,” or you value cake and cats more than you value male companionship. Tradeoffs: they’re not just for economists.

    It really is that simple.

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