Feminism is an inferiority complex and white knights are enablers

Donal’s Beta farming led me on an interesting tangent which identifies the nature of feminism.

My theory is that the present “Beta farms” inside modern churches is a natural result of women influencing matters to reassure their native insecurity. This insecurity is something that I believe most men have no idea about, and even those who have some inkling of its existence usually fail to grasp its extent. I have covered this before, but to briefly sum it up:

Women are far and away more insecure in their lives than men.

Much of this insecurity comes from the gap in physical prowess between men and women. We men are much more capable of defending ourselves and imposing our will on our environment than women are- at least at the individual level. But whatever its source, it has a profound effect on female behavior. Women are constantly, and often at an unconscious or subconscious level, trying to alter their environment to make it feel more secure.

I believe that this behavior is responsible for the “Beta farms” in modern churches. As women were given more power inside the church and its environs, they began to exert their influence. This influence was used to shape how men were raised, and what they were supposed to be as Christians. The goal, whether realized or not, was to create the hapless Beta nice guys who populate most churches these days.

Why? Simple- “Betas” are far less threatening to women. They are safer and do things on women’s behalf. So women reinforce this system to create more and more of these “safe” men. As long as they have any degree of power in a church, they will keep it this way. [Of course, this has the effect of leaving those men as unattractive, but female nature is known for wanting two opposites at once.] If we want to shut down the “Beta farms,” we need to reassert masculine control over the church. Otherwise this wicked cultivation will continue, and likely only get worse.

And from one of my comments:

“I think it’s one reason that it derived from other factors.

The primary example is the garden of Eden. Womens’ sin nature is one of of discontent and envy; they have wanted to be like God and/or like men since the beginning. Power grabbing is part of this, and it is that part that relates to insecurity.

The nature of the hypergamous beast is that it’s never satisfied, which you see played out in both secular culture and churchianity. In particular, women think that power grabbing and leadership positions will ‘fulfill’ them because they give into envy and discontent. We see that giving into sin only leads to a gratuitous attempt for more when they find out it doesn’t satisfy.

The way that ‘betas’ play into this is that they act as validation and placation when poor decisions are made (grrrl power). Feminism is essentially an insecurity complex in women. Churchianity perpetuates this ever-growing insecurity complex within women, and white knights are enablers of this dysfunction.”

Take home points:

  • Feminism is an inferiority complex in women, stemming from discontent and envy.
  • Women try to satisfy discontent and envy with powerful positions, partners, and possessions. This only leads to more discontent and envy.
  • White knights are enablers of the inferiority complex in women.
  • White knights provide validation of sinful desires, which enable sinful behaviors. Then they excuse the sinful behaviors as ‘not their fault.’ (see: women in leadership positions in the Church, fat acceptance, abortion excusing, and so on).
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9 Responses to Feminism is an inferiority complex and white knights are enablers

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  2. Looking Glass says:

    “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight.” Proverbs 9:10 ESV

    What you fear will dictate how you act. The natural pull for Women is to not fear the Lord but to covet Him. That is what the modern Church will always refuse to talk about.

  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Danal hit one out of the park. You took it step further. Good work. A problem has ben identified. Now, a solution may present itself. Beta farming to the current extent cn only work for one generation.

  4. Chris says:

    Some psychologists consider Penis Envy to be more than just part of a one-liner. It’s not the organ they’re jealous of; it’s the drive that God endowed us with. Look at your run-of-the-mill Radfem. The short hair, the urge to climb the corporate ladder, their insistence that women be potentially as promiscuous as some men, etc. That’s why the harpies of “The Talk” and their studio audience roared hysterically at the Catherine Kieu incident.

  5. @ Chris

    The irony is… who really wants to grind their soul down working in the corporate world? In fact, why would you want to work when you can be a mother. But then again, our culture does not value children or family so…

  6. jb says:

    If you’re worried about the church, you’d be better off worrying about something that really matters: the churches whoring themselves to the government by accepting LBJ’s tax breaks. One major reform that would tremendously help this country is to repeal tax-exemptions for religious organizations. Some would go broke, some would have to give up their gymnasiums, but they would be free to once again influence culture by participating in politics. They sold their souls to the literal Devil when they made this greedy bargain. Stop moaning about vague psychological tendencies and start talking about concrete policy. Working for the repeal of tax-exemption is a good place to start.

  7. @ jb

    I don’t think that’s something that we need to worry about.

    As homosexuals will increasingly want to get ‘married’ in Churches there will be some that make a stand. Since they have already made a deal with the devil so to speak through tax exemption, the government can impose their will on the Churches.

    The Churches that adhere to sound doctrine will naturally get rid of their tax exemption in order to honor God. Those that are unwilling will naturally make their bed with the government.

    Then we will truly see which Churches put their money where their mouth is.

    And let’s be clear. The tithes and offerings given to God in the Bible did not have any ‘tax exemption’ status from the governments they were under. It makes people really put their money where their heart is.

  8. feeriker says:

    What you fear will dictate how you act. The natural pull for Women is to not fear the Lord but to covet Him.

    Actually, their general tendency is to ignore Him. There is no immediate, tangible sanction for disobeying Him, so …

    That is what the modern Church will always refuse to talk about.

    Among so many other important things.

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