Non-physical attributes of humans

There are some interesting cases about humans that all but assure that there are non-physical attributes in humans. This is the “brain” of a civil servant who had a low IQ but was still fully functional, conscious, and lived a normal life with a wife and family.

Consciousness is clearly not an entity that is intrinsic to certain structures of the brain.

Going by what the Scriptures discuss regarding the soul, I’d say it’s likely that our consciousness and sense of being are merely two aspects of what we would call our ‘eternal soul.’ Although they are housed in our physical body and need our physical bodies to operate, they are not limited by the physical structures of the body.

A very interesting reminder that there are things beyond materialism or the physical. One could even say meta-physical.

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3 Responses to Non-physical attributes of humans

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  2. Zhou says:

    A classical topic in the areas of philosophy of mind. Unfortunately, from what I can tell, most philosophers are convinced that human consciousness is a biproduct of brain activity. Although, more Christian philosophers are bucking that trend.

  3. Dvdivx says:

    And what is the difference between self-aware and consciousness. Not much. Some animals are self-aware. If a machine is self-aware does it posses an artificial consciousness? The difference is that a machine that advanced would be able to communicate presumably but would we believe it?

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