Women are as visual as men

I found this comment by Chris Stevenson on Heartise’s article on female porn interesting.

Another venue for women’s porn addiction are the various Law & Order SVU, Criminal Minds and NCIS type shows. All of them to one degree or another deal with the kind of rape and violence and even deviant imagery that appeal to women’s potential for degeneracy. Mark Harmon’s genius has made his NCIS show the most popular. He knows the formula very well with the mentality of a drug dealer.

Women are actually the more visual creature. Window shopping and the nuances of fashion and decorating, etc. They assess men visually to a degree that is almost creepy when you think about it. When they have sex they want to close their eyes even desiring a darkened room as they can turn off this dominant sense and release. Men are mistakenly called more visual as we assess attraction by physical characteristic, however there is a strong intellectual and emotional aspect to our desires. We think about things a lot more and are aroused by them this way. When men view porn they are aroused by images, but they also follow the act. I have listened to men talk about porn and there is a lot of narration about the story. In fact some of the most appealing pornography for men has themes that men can mentally participate in. Women are looking to project their already hardwired fantasies on a scene. It doesn’t necessarily validate them, but rather release some sort of energy or craving that is deep down without an avenue or Alpha to manifest it in reality. Since the porn for women is not real, it leaves them wanting and this only elevates the degeneracy as a thirsty person can drink a river.

The takeaway is that women need a form of dominance, or leadership, that allows them to submit, be fulfilled and not spiral into degeneracy. Many times I have set boundaries for women in terms of what I will not do and that they should not. It is almost as if the man must be a limiting factor to protect them from themselves. It starts with giving them what they need in a strong culture.

A lot of sluts get involved in the degenerate acts with players as the lifestyle never gives them what they really need which is not commitment but the dominance of one man. Once they start that hunger or thirst it is as if they are ruined for life.

Obviously, men are primarily attracted to female beauty. Women have a variety of different attraction vectors (notably, PSALM — power/personality, status, athleticism, looks, money) that play into attraction.

Although the commenter suggests that women are more visual than men, it’s probably more accurate to say that women are as visual than men but different. Women’s version of looks tends to manifest differently, mainly in terms of imagination.

Men and women are similar in that a man dressed sharply in a fitted suit or a naked ripped man stimulates her primal desires just as much as men are turned on by a woman in a beautiful dress or a well proportioned naked or seductive female. However, the factor that is probably least talked about is literary pornography which women are most apt to consume. This is not necessarily about “looks” per se as looks are only an means. Rather, the 5 senses (looks, smell, touch, taste, and hearing) are a medium to stimulate the imagination, and the imagination is directly tied to a woman’s hypergamy.

In plain English: visual stimulation targets a man’s sex drive, while visual stimulation targets a woman’s hypergamy.

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6 Responses to Women are as visual as men

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  2. SapphireYagami says:

    i will agree to that to an extent. I do like romance novels, well paranormal romance novels but i do read it for the story and the males are usually – i believe the term is alpha.

    so yeah females do crave the alpha type and if she says she doesn’t, she is lying to herself.

  3. superslaviswife says:

    Women are also more likely to “fangirl”. When we have a specific type of guy we’re into especially. In the modern world, with a shortage of dominant, slightly rough men, things like 50 Shades caught on like wildfire. But even women who have less popular fantasies find outlets in fictional characters. For as long as I could remember I loved characters like Garret in Quest for Camelot, the cartoon Joker, Yan Lazarrec, or Roronoa Zoro. As an adult I find out that they are all part of a type, which is considered a “Sigma” by the AlphaGamePlan categories, and by all means still an Alpha in most ways. And I wound up marrying one. It’s as hardwired as a man’s attraction to youthful beauty. 😛

  4. SnapperTrx says:

    Boy are they. My wife and I were watching The Fall on Netflix. A show about a sexual deviant killer who strangles his victims. The nights I went to bed and she stayed up watching on her own are the nights she came to bed worked up the most. Sure mental images work great with women, but let them watch those images when no one is around to judge them and they will get all worked up, just as much as any man watching some hot chick on his favorite show.

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  6. Rachel L says:

    I have never been attracted to a dominate male , nor do I believe the visual for women is different. Christians still can’t see the individual in anything, you still can’t see how people are all unique.
    Promoting these falsehoods does nothing for God’s Kingdom / The Body of Christ.

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