The Masculinist

The Masculinist is a new monthly newsletter from Aaron Renn. He follows many of the blogs around these parts. He recently released the first newsletter, so go sign up.

Aaron Renn is uniquely positioned because he has access and some potential capital to interact with some of the more well known Protestant pastors. He has already sent a few letters and documents about the infiltration of feminism into the Church and decline of men to some of them with varying results.

Most pastors tend to recognize there is a large problem, but they disagree on the solutions to it. This is a good start. Let us also pray that the veil on many pastors’ hearts is taken away and that they be convicted of not teaching sound doctrine.

If you want to keep updated of some of the real life action of the trajectory of men in the Church and push back against feminism in the Church, then go read this newsletter.

Sign up here:

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