Chinese culture and chastity

More and More Chinese People Are Having Pre-Marital Sex

First the Chinese were hungry. Now that they’re satiated, they’re ready to talk about – and engage in – more sex.

“Things have changed because in China people are fed, so when you are fed sexual desire comes next,” said well-known Chinese sociologist Li Yinhe, at a talk hosted by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China this week. “Sex has gone from a luxury to a common demand for the Chinese people.”

China is still a country where sex education isn’t taught in schools, and where many teens learn about fornication through foreign porn films. But it’s a rapid change from only 20 years ago, when a woman could be jailed for having sex outside of marriage. “It’s quite a revolution, isn’t it,” Ms. Li said, after citing her research, which shows 71% of the population has had premarital sex, up from 15% in 1989.

A 2011 survey of Chinese attitudes and behaviors towards sex, conducted by condom-maker Durex, showed that 86% of more than 2,000 respondents believe that good sex is a vital part of life, said Ben Wilson, marketing director of Reckitt Benckiser in China, Durex’s parent company. The survey also showed individuals are losing their virginity at a younger age; the median age for Chinese to have sex for the first time is now 21.2, and 60% of Chinese aged 19 to 25 have had sex.

Technology has sparked much of this change, with the Internet being the number-one source of sex education and a way to find sexual partners because its anonymity removes embarrassment, Mr. Wilson said.

Pre-marital sex has gone up from 15% to 71% in about 25 years.

I’m not sure if I believe the reasons they gave like luxury to a common demand. This could be true simply based on the fact that Chinese society was relatively poor in recently history and has been undergoing a rapid industrialization much like the US did in the early 20th century.

Overall, it’s an interesting scenario because Chinese society has not been asserted as ‘Christian’ at any point unlike the US, but it has similar trends as the US in terms of pre-marital sex. Perhaps it would be more accurate to assert that money and birth control are the natural causes rather than the supposed rebellion against Christian morals.

More money to fix problems = less need for God and/or morality. Birth control = no need to worry about consequences of sex.

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11 Responses to Chinese culture and chastity

  1. SapphireYagami says:

    the chinese aren’t christian though, some of their population maybe but overall no. Also china has a shortage of women due to that only child law they had. So most chinese are either kidnapping young chinese girls or marrying foreigners.

  2. SapphireYagami says:

    also, i would blame birth control, I would blame western society..Our society has been the catalyst for many cultures changing their morals and values.

  3. The Japanese saw something similar (though good luck ever getting accurate data out of Japan, haha), but that started somewhere earlier. The major key would, more than likely, be the Age At First Marriage. When that spikes, it changes situations.

    It’s very different to wait when you’re married before 22. If you’re looking at getting married closer to 30, “having fun” changes in those calculations. Though Urbanization & Wealth Effects probably have a huge amount to do with it. (Though the “Sexual Revolution” kicked off in the States right after the Pill become available. But the shift in Japan happened decades before hormonal birth control became legal.)

    If we’re going for conjecture, I imagine it’s down to the shift in Marriage Age for Women. Their peak is almost always before Age 25, so the instincts alone are going to drive them towards sex, regardless of Marriage prospects. Human Instincts are what they are, even when you try to get in the way. (I think the theory would hold up, mostly as I can’t honestly believe the desire for Men to have sex has suddenly increased in the last 50 years. So obviously there’s a Supply/Demand shift that happens for various reasons.)

  4. @ SapphireYagami

    That’s the point… they aren’t Christian and were formerly chaste.

    It gives insight to show that ‘moral’ breakdown occurs in all society, probably because of wealth and birth control.

  5. SapphireYagami says:

    i thought Japan was having problems getting people to have sex? i read somewhere that the current generation has no interest in sex at all and that married couples was engaging in the act of sex which is a cause for concern.

  6. Art says:

    This all certainly bodes badly for Chinese society. Even when people aren’t believers, the society still benefits from them generally following God’s moral law. Sexual sin leads to all sorts of problems. Whores rarely make good wives (though a very few Elect God fearing former whores – like Rahab in the Bible may be an exception to that). Basically, what we are seeing is the “whore-ifying of an entire society.

    1. Increasing affluence is part of the issue
    2. Birth control is a huge contributing factor
    3. Increased urbanization is a major factor – China has rapidly urbanized, and it is much easier to get away with being a whore in the city than it is in the village.
    4. The internet (and smartphones in particular) are a major contributing factor as well. Smartphones allow women to discreetly hook up with their lovers, and avoid parental oversight.
    5. The influence of degenerate Western culture (through the entertainment industry in general, and the porn industry as well) is also a factor.
    6. I wonder if the “woman shortage” is a factor also. The ratio of men to women has dramatically increased due to the one child policy. This means that men have a much more difficult time finding a wife (just due to the numbers). Perhaps they will now accept a “used wife”, while in the past demanding a virgin. In short, women now know that they can “get away” with riding the carousel for a while, and still find a decent man.

    There are probably more factors

  7. Art says:

    Looking Glass –
    I agree with you that increasing age of first marriage is closely tied to this phenomenon.

  8. @SapphireYagami:

    Japan is the Pareto Principle writ large. About 80% of the society doesn’t have much sex. But it doesn’t mean they don’t. Just not a lot.

    The other 20% have invented fetishes never understood to exist before.

    Don’t ask me to explain how you get a society that strange, as I’m not quite sure I could quantify it.

  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    As Curley would say, “Me three!” If women are postponing marriage, that is the thing we should be looking at. First, it means they have dominiance in the marketplace. Second, it means that they have alternatives, ie “boyfriends”. Finally, and it is good people are not shying away from the word, they are making whores of themselves. Had they married young, they would be having sex within marriage, which would ge licit.

  10. Ame says:

    “Deep Strength says:
    September 15, 2016 at 1:15 pm
    @ SapphireYagami

    That’s the point… they aren’t Christian and were formerly chaste.

    It gives insight to show that ‘moral’ breakdown occurs in all society, probably because of wealth and birth control.”

    – – – – – – –

    DS – these kinds of things are of interest to me:

    “they aren’t Christian and were formerly chaste.”

    it’s interesting that a culture that is very much not Christian would have been so chaste for so long. and it’s also interesting how much depravity ‘wealth’ brings to a society.

  11. SapphireYagami says:

    i think Japan surprises everyone it comes to fetishes

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