We live in a polytheistic culture

Some thoughts after Cane’s whore mother may I and my comment.

Complementarism is simply another form of feminine worship. Mother worship. It’s all the same stuff, except in different forms of ancient Canaanite idol worship. For example,

Goddess worship, fertility worship, spirit of jezebel. Baal = god of fertility/storm. Asherah = goddess of heaven, creator of earth, goddess of the sea.

It seems interesting to me that there is no incarnation of the ‘Trinity’ as feminine. We only have the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Perhaps because it’s very easy for humans to get sidetracked into idolatrous worship of the feminine.

Abortion is simply human sacrifice. The mother is the fertile creator who gives and takes life at her whim. She is a god. Why else would women be “victims” of abortion when they are the ones choosing to have it.

In fact, all cultures, save Israel for a time, have lived in polytheistic cultures.

Idols of wood and stone have been traded for idols of self, money, pleasure, fame, and feelings.

Exodus 20:3 “You shall have no other gods [b]before Me.

Is it any wonder why the first commandment is the first commandment? The second commandment on not creating the likeness of idols is only a minor part of the first. It’s only when you have an idol that you can create one.

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4 Responses to We live in a polytheistic culture

  1. The deep irony of the self-proclaimed Atheist is that in his claim there is no God, all he has done is become a polytheist with the gods of Chance, Dumb Luck and RNG in control. One cannot remove the godhead from your life.

  2. And I hit follow early and my browser bugged out. Weird.

    Anyway, we see this process repeating over & over. It’s why I bring up Vanity a lot, as it’s simply the same process playing out in people loosely still called Christians. You put yourself before all other considerations: most especially the Lord.

  3. donalgraeme says:

    Interesting. My Pastor has been talking about Polytheism and our culture lately. Of course, looking around it is easy to see why.

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