They hate everything that God calls blessed

I was going to name this post Inverted Values, but I decided to name it the above instead.

Carlotta from Dalrock’s hierarchy equals abuse makes this comment:

Interesting isn’t it? If you work as a nurse for strangers, cook for strangers in a restaurant or teach other people’s children those are heroic career choices. Do any of it for your flesh and blood and you are an oppressed idiot slave.

I reframe it this way when femenists start their crap. I tell them I am a strong and independent women who has made a choice to live my own lifestyle and their bullying and intolerance of my liberated choices will not be tolerated in my safe space. I tell ya, the expressions are priceless.

The real interesting thing is the inversion of values across culture.

  • Abortion — No value on children.
  • Sex — Pre-marital sex is great. Withholding sex in marriage is good if she doesn’t feel like it.
  • Marriage — all marriage is good, except one man-one woman. If you only believe in one man and one woman we’re going to fine you and put you in jail.
  • College — If you’re a Christian your campus group isn’t allow. But everyone else can have one. If I educate you in this class correctly, by the end you won’t be a Christian. But no other religion.
  • Family — Dad is doofus. The wife and kids know better than him.
  • Family — Have 0-2 kids that’s great. Have 5+ kids you’re looked at like you’re crazy.

When you examine it in the context of feminism, it shouldn’t be all that surprising though. They hate everything that God calls blessed.

Obviously, there’s many more examples, but taking care of the family versus taking care of strangers is only another such example of inversion of values. Some are more obvious than others, and Christians also fall for some of them.

Carlotta makes the right choice to confront it head on and make people think about it.

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21 Responses to They hate everything that God calls blessed

  1. donalgraeme says:

    I seem to recall a certain prophet saying something about calling what is good evil and what is evil good….

  2. @ donalgraeme

    Some random dude. I think he was named Isaiah.

  3. donalgraeme says:

    @ Deep Strength

    Eh, weird name. Well, at least he didn’t say anything about any consequences for this happening, right?

  4. @ donalgraeme

    Nah, I’m pretty sure he didn’t. Why would he do that?

  5. Neguy says:

    Great post

  6. Carlotta says:

    I read your blog and low and behold this was your post. How funny. Yes, Satan inverts everything, guess we know whose side they are on by their fruits. Score another point for Yaweh for foretelling it.
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. SapphireYagami says:

    what college campus doesnt have a christian group? all the colleges in the state i currently live in gave more christian groups than anything else

  8. @ Carlotta

    Yep, good comment over there.

    Pointing it out to other people always makes them at least think “hmmm” and that’s a good start.

  9. SapphireYagami says:

    well let me rephrase, thats not happening in the state i stay in. its the opposite, we have majority christians here by we do have other religions such as islam, buddhism, hinduism and wicca along with people who believe they are vampires. those groups dont have anything at the universities here, any groups they have is either at parks, their own homes or they rent out a building

  10. The Question says:

    Feminism makes no sense, is illogical and irrational, until you understand their fundamental premise. Chateau Heartiste offered a good definition; remove all restraints on female sexuality while maximizing restraints on male sexuality.

    However, I think it goes even further than that. They aren’t just interested in removing restraint. They want to destroy the biblical model for men, women, husbands, wives, families, and children. They want to undermine, subvert, pollute, and tear down the natural order. Whatever the Bible promotes, they reject. Whatever it condemns, they embrace.

    Someone once remarked that feminism is as compatible with Christianity as Satanism. I think they were being too hard on the Satanists.

  11. @Donal & DS:

    Yeah, though I think we know why people would forget him. He ran around naked for 3 years for no apparent reason.

  12. feeriker says:

    Carlotta makes the right choice to confront it head on and make people think about it.

    I’m quickly reaching the conclusion that “making people think” is regarded by our society at large as the most obscene, perverse, and vile thing one human being can do to another. The idea of making people challenge their long-held prejudices, re-examine their premises, and question their assumptions by employing logic and examining facts in evidence is considered threatening to the collective delusion that enables the status quo. No doubt the practice of “making people think” will soon be declared a punishable felony in the same vein as assault.

  13. feeriker says:

    Universities *only* hate Christian groups. No other groups are being targeted.

    “‘True colors’ tests” are on their way soon: just wait until so-called “Christian” universities start banning Christian groups.

  14. Lost Patrol says:

    “True colors’ test are on their way soon”

    When they send me to the re-education camp, I hope they put in the group with you guys.

  15. feeriker says:

    When they send me to the re-education camp, I hope they put in the group with you guys.

    Let us indeed pray that they would be stupid enough to put us all together in one place. Those camps won’t last very long.

  16. Yeah, that’d be a bad idea for them. What the Progressives are truly terrified of us a group of honest Men, for the sole reason that it would only actually take about 20 to end them, if they tried to start shooting. It’s not like Christians haven’t been communicating in secret for a couple of millennia. We’ve survived far worse than their pathetic minds can dream up.

  17. “well let me rephrase, thats not happening in the state i stay in.”

    Vanderbilt University – in Tennessee. A very red, very “Christian” state. Don’t think it can’t happen close to you.

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  20. Paul says:

    Satan doesn’t mind which people he can use to attack the Church; whether it is feminism, atheism, communism, liberalism, capitalism, or Muhammadanism, whatever works. If you want proof of this see how some of these become strange bedfellows in their (implicit) hate for the Church, especially the mind-boggling team-up of Feminism with Muhammadanism.

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