The cult of diversity

Going back to the earlier post on miscegenation and sanctification and Nova’s excellent post here, it bears repeating that diversity is one of the moral tenets of liberalism and progressivism. This is why you see much backlash in the election, calling those who voted for Trump “racists,” “sexists,” “homophobes,” “xenophobes,” and so on.

Indeed, most Christians seem to believe that “diversity” is an inherently good. However, after critical analysis this can be proved false.

The spread of the gospel of Jesus Christ results in a group of believers, called Christians, who are diverse. In other words, it is the gospel that is Truth. Diversity is simply an effect of the acceptance of a Truth.

When diversity is installed as a moral truth instead of the gospel, you create and prop up an idol on a pedestal. This is the deception of the progressives and liberals. They attempt to co-opt the result (e.g. diversity) of a moral Truth (e.g. the gospel of Jesus Christ) and install it as a their own truth, without the backing of any sort of absolute morality.

Hence, what you see today is the cult of diversity crying and whining because people rightly reject their idols.

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8 Responses to The cult of diversity

  1. Robin Munn says:

    Hmmm. I’m not sure I agree 100% with your last sentence. But maybe I do; let me talk it out.

    On the one hand, there are a lot of liberals who have a false idea that Trump voters are racist. I won’t say that NO Trump voters are racist, but most Trump voters were either voting against Clinton, or else they were voting for Trump due to one of his campaign promises that had nothing to do with race (contra the liberals, restricting immigration and/or deporting illegal immigrants is not a racist position). So their crying and whining is because they believe a falsehood — that the country is deeply racist — and they are frightened by it. (If it were true, I too would be frightened, so I can’t blame them for being frightened. But I do blame them for being suckered in by such an easily-disproven falsehood).

    On the other hand, you are correct that the people who voted for Trump are rejecting the idol of “diversity” in at least one way. The liberals were claiming that to be “diverse”, you must vote for Clinton because she’s a woman. So anyone who voted for Trump has, ipso facto, rejected that argument out of hand. (And so did many liberals, who didn’t particularly want to vote for Clinton and in fact voted for her not because she’s a woman, but because they were voting against Trump. Though since so many of them were saying “I need to vote against Trump because he’s a horrible racist”, that’s not a very strong argument for the “they’re rejecting the “diversity” idol as well” argument… Hmm.)

    Yeah, I’ve talked myself into agreeing with you. I still have one quibble: I believe that most liberals are not crying because they truly understand that people are rejecting their theory. I believe they have not so understood, and are in fact crying because they believe the falsehood that the country is deeply racist. But that is not in contradiction with your statement that they are crying because people have rejected diversity; it merely differs in how that rejection is seen.

  2. Minesweeper says:

    bang on, ive seen so many like this, in fact my whole previous circle went this way, they worship the golden cow of political correctness way above any worship or obedience to God.

    You CANT HAVE 2 MASTERS . But this seems to be totally lost on them, so the churches have degenerated into the “feels” for women mostly and the men inhabiting them have become truly pathetic and eventually abandon their faith as it the ‘god’ of PC fails to listen to their prayers as they see the unfair world around them continue no matter how much effort they put in.

    you have to laugh really at their utter stupidity. you reap what you sow, and they have.

  3. Minesweeper says:

    to clarify the cow of PC,feminism, diversity and this means of course white men are to be treated with utter contempt.

  4. Robin Munn says:

    And let me also offer a thought on the concept of diversity. On many college campuses, diversity of skin color and/or socioeconomic background is widely sought after. Most college administrators take great pride in their “diversity” statistics if their percentage of minority students is equal to or greater than the percentage of that minority in the American population. But one thing that is almost never sought out, or even tolerated, on college campuses is diversity of thought — liberal speakers are routinely invited to campus, while conservative speakers are hassled or protested or disinvited. And so on.

    My thought was this: that diversity of thought is often very important on matters where there is no single clear Truth. I.e., in politics there can be good arguments for several different policy positions, and it is usually not a good thing to be surrounded by those who never disagree with you, as you’ll blind yourself to critical mistakes. In matters where there is one single Truth, like the Gospel, then diversity of thought is not something to be sought after — because to deny the Gospel is to believe a falsehood. But in many matters, there may be no single right answer, and Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit and earnestly seeking to know God’s Word may still disagree on, for example, whether it would be best to plant a new church in this neighborhood or that one next. Or even on decisions about which fellow believers to work with in ministry (e.g., Barnabas and Paul disagreeing about whether to take John Mark along with them a second time after he failed them once). In such matters, diversity in matters of opinion can help, because most people are not going to be right 100% of the time. (I think Paul was probably wrong to reject John Mark, but he was clearly right to confront Peter when Peter temporarily refused to eat with Gentiles.)

    And as you said, that kind of diversity will tend to come naturally when Christians follow the Truth. Because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter where we come from — the Gospel is offered to all, male and female, Gentile and Jew, slave and free (Galatians 3:28). And because we will come from such varied backgrounds, we will naturally tend to have rather different opinions from each other. So the diversity of thought, which (when people debate with good will) tends to lead to better decisions, flows naturally out of our unity in seeking the Truth.

  5. Minesweeper says:

    the cult of diversity = social communism

    they are crying because the bubble has burst, and you will see a backlash thats well deserved, considering just how much people who arnt in the “victim” class have been dreadfully treated in the last few decades,

    pc culture(social communism) was based upon lie after lie and trying to force an unreal vision of utopia upon people who were constantly told even after they had given their all they were abusive subhumans.

    the abusive subhumans have now decided to have enough, the worm has turned thank God. And the return may be just as extreme or even more so.

    Real facts, truths have to be the order of the day.

  6. Don Quixote says:

    Just while we are on the subject of political incorrectness I would like to present the following:

  7. @ Robin

    Christianity calls us out of any particular culture that we come from to unite *around Christ* as you noted that the Scripture describes in Galatians. This results in a very diverse background of individuals, but they all are under the uniting banner of Jesus.

    Diversity without a uniting banner only leads to violence and chaos. Look at any other culture or tribe out there. Sunnis vs Shia/Shiites, black, white, hispanic/latino, asian, etc. It should not be a surprise that group or tribal think exists. It was created by God that way, and reinforced by God.

    For example, for the nation of Israel quite a number of the laws are about marrying within your own culture, not taking foreign gods, obeying the commands of the Lord, and eschewing other cultures. This has been the ideal from the start: God’s kingdom versus all others.

    Diversity is only as strong as the underlying Truth principle. You can see how it implodes under liberalistic/progressive moral relativism, while it thrives under the banner of Christ.

    The underlying Truth principle is Unity of the believers under the gospel of Christ. This underlying principle allows a diverse group of believers.

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