The deadbeat deception

Scott commented on Dalrock’s post:

Always remember the problem the Duluth model was created to solve was violent, abusive, controlling, deadbeat dads.

One thing I’ve been mulling over recently is the question: is there such a thing as a deadbeat dad or deadbeat mom in the first place?

We know that many women are often attracted and have sex with a lot of so-called “low lifes” — men that do what they want but can’t hold a steady job, are generally irresponsible, and don’t really care about supporting and/or caring for a mom and child. The women still sleep with them and have a kid anyway and expect them to pay child support, and if they don’t they have the fall back of welfare or family support.

It is reasonable to expect that these deadbeats would not even attempt to shoulder any responsibility for their actions given their character. Pinning another responsibility on them when they already shirk responsibilities is laughable. Every time I see men or women trying to shame deadbeats it’s a waste of time. They don’t care about taking on that responsibility when they weren’t responsible in the first place.

This leads to the conclusion that anyone who expects child support to support a family is dumb and unwise.

In other words, there is no such thing as a deadbeat. Don’t have sex with people of dubious moral character and who are irresponsible. Otherwise, you only have yourself to blame.

Also, inb4 you’re victim blaming.

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14 Responses to The deadbeat deception

  1. earlthomas786 says:

    Yeah if they badmouth the guy for being a deadbeat dad…well they still had sex with a deadbeat. Didnt his lack of holding a job raise any alarms?

    It would be like me whining I got a STD from a whore.

  2. Scott says:


    The man who was, in one minute an upstanding father, who married the woman BEFORE any kids were conceived, had a decent, stable job/income and then all the sudden, with NO WARNINGS OR RED FLAGS just up and abandons the mother of his his children, evading the law, working under the table, hiding all his money just to spite his wife and kids out of selfishness and is now living with a younger more beautiful woman is an urban myth.

    Usually the situation under which the kid(s) were conceived was sub-optimal to begin with. (To be very understated).

    That was the point of my comment.

    But this sasquatch enables the entire DV/Family Court/Movies about it (like “Liar Liar” and a million others) to go on without question, ever. The drivers behind it are as I have mentioned. The very worst in female nature is now encouraged, subsidized and even praised. But all the restrictions on male nature remain in place.

  3. PokeSalad says:

    Woman: “Don’t blame the victim.”
    Man: “What did you expect??”

  4. @Scott:

    Women using a Strawman to push something that increases their power and makes them feel better? Nah, never heard of such a thing! /sarc

    I’m sure they could find one example, somewhere, that they supposedly heard about, but that was clearly never the point. It was the cloaked Lesbianism and the hatred of Men. Evil, twisted people and they got laws changed to ruin millions.

  5. Bee says:

    One reason young women used to be encouraged to marry men 3 to 10 years older is that the father of a daughter could easily see if the suitor had a good job and was working towards a future.

  6. thedeti says:

    I just can’t resist.

    Deadbeat Rob Lowe.

    “My kids were always fighting over what to watch, but that’s their stepdad’s problem now.”

  7. thedeti says:

    It all goes back to myths about women, and enabling the worst in women’s conduct. It is also about this society’s near-complete inability to face the truth about male and female sexual natures.

    Women don’t lie about sex. Women’s sexual nature is good, pure, noble, selfless, and life-giving. Therefore, whatever women do sexually is good and right. So if women have children out of wedlock with deadbeats, losers, scumbags and shiftless men, it’s only because those bad men tricked those women into having sex and took advantage of their maternal instincts. These women only want to be wives and mommies. Those bad, evil men perpetrated sin and fraud on those helpless, poor, innocent paragons of sweetness and virtue.

    We as a society don’t want to face the truth about women’s sexual natures. A woman’s sexual nature at its most base is designed to do whatever it takes to get alpha sperm for reproduction and beta money for supporting the products of said reproductive efforts. If that means she has to lie, subvert, sabotage, use subterfuge, defraud, and deceive, she’ll do it. If that means she has to cuck a man, she’ll do it. If that means she’ll be a single mom, doesn’t matter – she’ll do it. If that means she has a child(ren) by an alpha who won’t marry her and she’ll have to go on welfare, she’ll do it. If that means she has sex with men who won’t marry her, and extracts money from men who will, she’ll do it. If that means she has to settle for beta sperm and beta money, she’ll do it (she won’t like it, and she won’t like having sex with Mr. Beta Bux, and will be dragged kicking and screaming through the marriage until she frivorces him).

    We face the facts about male sexuality all the time. We’re having a national conversation about it right now, what with the sex harassment apocalypse that has swallowed the careers of 40-some men in and around Hollywood and DC. Male sexuality at its most base is premised on brute force, violence, penetration, and conquest. Men want as much sex with as many attractive women as possible, as often as possible, with as little investment of time, money and resources as possible. That’s it, in a nutshell. If that means he has to lie, cheat, defraud, subvert and deceive, he’ll do it. If that means sex with married women, very young women, or older women, he’ll do it. If it means making false declarations of love or commitment, he’ll do it. If it means taking on a sidepiece, he’ll do it. If it means lying about and concealing his philandering, he’ll do it. If it means pushing hard with women who aren’t all that into him, he’ll do it. If it means obtaining consent through hyperaggression and force, he’ll do it. Most will stop short of all out rape, but there are some who will do even that.

    Before anyone gets all incensed about any of this, stop for a minute. We talk all the time about base male sexual nature. The bald truth about male sexuality is that it is based on aggression, physical strength, physical dominance, taking what you want, and ultimately claiming a woman as your own by penetrating her and depositing part of yourself into her. We’re seeing this RIGHT NOW in the Hollyweird sex harassment apocalypse – do you see what these men are being accused of? Aggressive pursuit of women in questionable power imbalances. Touching, grabbing, groping. Aggressively propositioning women they work with. Saying and doing things of a frank sexual nature with women.

    Know why these men are doing these things? Because these are powerful men who are accustomed to getting what they want. They are talented, gifted men who are really really good at what they do. These men are in the top 2 or 3% of income earners in the world and have an incredible amount of money. A few of these men, in addition to having talent, power and money, are also very physically attractive. And, let’s face it – they can use their looks, power, money and fame to get sex, and lots of it.

    Because these powerful, talented men invariably attract a variety of women, many of whom are very sexually attractive, and many of whom are doing those things up there in that third paragraph to have sex with some of these men. Because some of these powerful, talented men have brought their insecurities, unattractiveness, fetishes, kinks, and weirdnesses with them into corridors of power, money and fame, and they don’t know how to handle being around women, and they don’t know how to attract women or conduct sexual relationships with them. (Some of this stuff is like junior high/high school immature.) And they ESPECIALLY don’t know how to handle or have sex with attractive women who have had a lot of sex with a variety of different kinds of men.

    What we are seeing is base male sexual nature writ large. When you unleash male sexuality and you don’t restrain it, this is what it looks like. And that’s what Weinstein, Lauer, Louis CK, Smiley, Hoffman et al. are accustomed to. They are accustomed to acting how they want to act sexually while no one talks about it and everyone covers for them. Well, people (mostly women) are talking. Candidly and frankly about male sexual nature. And we are all shocked and horrified and we say “we must do something about it”.

    Why can’t we have that conversation about female sexual nature? Why can’t women face the truth about their own natures? The fact that we cannot have that conversation leads to the current system of family courts, the divorce law/child support regime, and the culture of unrestrained female sexuality and hamstrung/sandbagged/hyperregulated male sexuality we have. Women can do and say anything they want, anytime they want, with whomever they want, whenever and wherever they want. When men act like that, we get the sexual harassment/assault apocalypse going on in Hollyweird and DC.

    We MUST talk about and regulate and control male sexuality, because men cannot be trusted to do it themselves. We MUST NEVER EVER talk about or regulate or control female sexuality, because women can be trusted to do it themselves, and if they can’t, it’s because of bad men.

    What a world.

  8. thedeti says:

    Actually I should amend some of my prior statements. It’s actually UNATTRACTIVE men whose sexualities are hamstrung, sandbagged and hyperregulated and are now being called out (Weinstein, Hoffman, Franken, Conyers). Or, it’s men who won’t discuss their sexual orientations and then when accused, seek shelter under the cover of an “oppressed minority class” (Kevin Spacey). Or it’s otherwise attractive men being accused by women seeking 15 minutes of fame (the Afflecks, Westwick, Lauer). Or it’s weirdos (Louis CK).

    But mostly, this is basically unattractive men with power, money and fame trying to act like attractive men. And it’s about women trying to extort money from these men. And it’s an effort to remove powerful men and replace them with women.

  9. thedeti says:

    Women don’t mind one bit when sexually and physically attractive men act sexually aggressively and engage in aggressive pursuit and sexual escalation. In fact, women absolutely LOVE it when sexually attractive men are sexually aggressive and “rough”. Women absolutely LOVE, ahem, “vigorous, spirited” sex with sexually attractive men. Women absolutely LOVE escalating rapidly to sex with sexually attractive men, and they do not make those men wait for sex. It turns women on when sexually attractive men act like selfish jerks, take what they want, don’t apologize for slights or misspeaking, and show little regard for women’s feelings or emotions. Women don’t care that the sexually attractive man is married or that he isn’t offering commitment. They don’t care – they’ll have sex with him anyway, and enjoy every minute of it.

    But oh no, we cannot talk about that. Instead we have to listen to experienced women who weren’t at all babes in the woods talk euphemistically about “encounters” and “felt weird”. We have to listen to these women complain of “being taken advantage of” when these women were doing nothing other than using their sexual power to get what they wanted from these powerful, talented, wealthy men. It’s ridiculous that we cannot talk about this and face the truth about it.

  10. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘A woman’s sexual nature at its most base is designed to do whatever it takes to get alpha sperm for reproduction and beta money for supporting the products of said reproductive efforts.’

    I still dont get how a man who is a deadbeat and runs away from any sense of responsibility is an ‘alpha’. An alpha should be the guy who is successful in many aspects of life.

    The base sexual nature with women seems to be fornicate with a loser or a cad then try to convince the responsible man she’s not really like that to get his money.

  11. thedeti says:


    I still dont get how a man who is a deadbeat and runs away from any sense of responsibility is an ‘alpha’. An alpha should be the guy who is successful in many aspects of life.

    The guys a lot of these women have sex with are sexually attractive, good looking, self-interested, gregarious men who don’t really care all that much about the women they have sex with. Cads. Players. He might have money, he might not.

    Yes, a man who runs away from his responsibilities SHOULD NOT be an “alpha”. But those are the men women seem to like having sex with. Take it up with them, not me.

    What you’re seeing is men responding to conditions on the ground, and responding to current market pressures. Women want to have sex with good looking, sexually attractive men who don’t care all that much about them. If women want good, kind, nice, responsible men, then women should be dating, marrying and having lots of sex with those men. But they don’t. Women ignore and hate on and write internet screeds about good, kind, nice, responsible men and how they “aren’t entitled to sex” and are evil NiceGuys (TM) who befriend women and then spring their sexual desires on them and then when rejected, call them names and threaten them. Women marry nice guys, then deprive them of sex, maltreat them, frivorce them, keep them from their children, and take half their stuff.

    I’ll believe women really want good, nice, kind men when they start dating, having sex with, marrying, having children with, and staying with, those men.

    Take it up with women, not with men.

  12. @thedeti:

    I’m glad you got that addendum. The current “panic” is about taking out Men, mostly, that have a deep imbalance in their Power/Money factors compared to their innate ability to attract Women. Basically Men that redline one aspect a Woman is attracted to but, after getting close, send the rest of her instincts screaming the other way.

    There’s been a few actual Alphas that got caught up because they’d blown through the levels of situational propriety (Matt Lauer comes to mind), but it’s mostly been skillful, determined and wealthy Men that leveraged non-interpersonal means to gain those positions. Given their high-optics positions, a significant amount (if not majority) have been of Jewish descent. (Their sub-cultural instinct is to attain positions in those fields, so the lower-ranked Men will skew Jewish, as a result.)

    But most of the panic is, definitely, a move by the Feminists to run the low-ranked Men out of power/influence. They’ve been running propaganda campaigns to that effect for a while, if you go and look. “Future is Female” and all of that nonsense. Though this actually got set off by Ronan Farrow settling some deep scores against Weinstein.

    Though I should point out we do not have a cultural deficit of being able to talk honestly about topics. What we are is on the receiving end of constant propaganda since at least the 1880s. We’re ~120-150 years into coordinated propaganda campaigns to make us believe certain things. Truth has been run out of schools, which we were all forced to attend (funny, that), so it can be replaced by Evil Fantasy.

    That’s the deeper layer you just can’t get through easily.

  13. earlthomas786 says:

    ‘Yes, a man who runs away from his responsibilities SHOULD NOT be an “alpha”. But those are the men women seem to like having sex with. Take it up with them, not me.’

    I take up with the title being based only with who women choose to have sex with. Men know much better the hierarchy with men than women do.

  14. Merry Christmas, all!

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