Christian men’s blogs

Like Cane is doing, if you have a Christian men’s blog that focuses on Christian men’s issues, mentorship, and discipleship that you think are good, post them in the comments.

Here is the current list, which was parsed down several years ago to active ones only.

I haven’t updated my blogroll in several years either, so comment away. Also, make sure you add why you think it should be added if you can.

Also, I know I removed a bunch of the inactive ones, but if there is an inactive one that you think is important I will be adding an “inactive but important” section so that people can go back through the archives.

I’m going to eventually post a list over to the RPChristians reddit, as many of those men have been entrenched in the secular manosphere. It has made/makes them exceedingly bitter against God, women, and others. A good list will help to give them things to read to disciple them out from the darkness and into the light.

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14 Responses to Christian men’s blogs

  1. Lance Roberts says:

    Are you really listing the polygamy blog (BGR)?

  2. singlextianman says: I have not updated it for a few years but is a collection of essays I hope can be found useful. — Charles

  3. Taylor C says:

    What site/application do you guys use to follow the blogs?

  4. Wayne says:

    Sigma Frame
    I try to make faith and the Bible relevant to Christian men who are struggling to make sense of the red pill and science, and how to apply it to their lives and marriages.

  5. Michael Price says:

    A Christian men’s blog dedicated to encouraging men to be warriors in their faith.

  6. purge187 says:

    Does anyone remember Haley’s Halo? It was a blog by a Christian woman who empathized with the Manosphere. There were unconfirmed rumors that she died in a car accident.

  7. @ Lance Roberts

    Saying that polygyny is not a sin (which is Biblically true) vs. actively promoting are two different things.

    I saw the former, but I didn’t see the latter. However, I haven’t seen everything on BGR.

  8. @ Taylor C

    WordPress has a feed and you can get a free account. You can also do it by e-mail.

    I’m not sure of the different readers.

  9. @ purge187

    Yup. She was actually one of the first blogs that introduced me to the manosphere. From there I found Dalrock.

    I don’t know what happened to her either.

  10. Lexet Blog says:

    I started mine to post on law and faith, but dabble with RP subjects. I haven’t posted too much yet, since I write all day and hate doing it on my spare time.

  11. Bill Gould says:

    Consider also The Mssculinist, an email newsletter by Asron Renn. Archives and signup at

  12. Lexet Blog says:

    There is a Facebook page called “it’s good to be a man.” It’s for Reformed Christian men

  13. chadzueck says:

    @anewkindofman is a fresh look at today’s men’s related issues from a Christian world view.

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