Prosperity (husband) gospel for women

I never really made the connection until now.

All of the notions that much of the modern Church peddles and believes in regard to getting married for women are in a sense another warped form of prosperity gospel.

  • “Never settle”
  • “God will bring you a husband”
  • “Men should pursue after women”
  • “It will happen in the right time”

In other words, God will bring you a husband in the right time that pursues you and meets the your standards (not God’s standards) if you follow Him.

It’s the same thing with the regular prosperity gospel. Instead of God providing all your needs (e.g. food and clothing in Matthew 6), He’ll provide you with worldly prosperity for following him: financial or material richness. A husband is but an extension of this “material richness” as we all live in a material world.

God is reduced to a cosmic vending machine, and a husband is but a object vended out to a woman. A status object that makes her life better by doing things for her.

I supposed the true irony is that you don’t have to change anything about yourself, any responsibilities, or even have to consider the future needs or desires of your potential husband. When all of these things actually make you a more attractive prospect that men would want to ask out.

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11 Responses to Prosperity (husband) gospel for women

  1. wodansthane says:

    I swear. Sometimes it seems as if these writers believe that GOD created woman so he would have something to worship. Sheer, utter nonsense.

  2. Lexet Blog says:

    I’ve made similar observations in the past (not that it was original). I’m glad others see it.

    I’m seeing it (prosperity/materialism) creep into the church in other ways as well. Mostly, it’s an attitude that commingles your feelings with the belief that God gives you those feelings. So they must be from God, right???

    It’s childish, lame, and perpetuated by women

  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I can see your point and I agree. Still, we should have been done with this “prosperity” nonsense a long time ago. In Job, he is condemned by visitors insisting he did something to lose God’s favor.

  4. @wodansthane:

    No, that’s what people believe. It’s one of the oldest heresies. “Earth Mother” worship, it’s older than the written word and something people fall back into fairly easily.

  5. Hazelshade says:

    Good insight. The prosperity gospel belies a lack of proper reverence and humility.

  6. Joe2 says:

    So is it appropriate for a woman who wants to get married to pray for a future husband? If it is, then what should that prayer look like and how should a woman then discern whether any of the men she meets is the answer to her prayer?

  7. @ Joe2

    So is it appropriate for a woman who wants to get married to pray for a future husband? If it is, then what should that prayer look like and how should a woman then discern whether any of the men she meets is the answer to her prayer?

    Both men and women should pray for their future spouse if they want to get married. But it should be done from the right heart and perspective.

    Instead of praying for a husband or wife with a certain laundry list of qualities like a vending machine, pray that they develop into a godly man/woman. Godly people generally have those qualities in spades (perhaps aside from attractive traits though).

    1. Continue to keep God at the center of their life in all they do
    2. Continue to grow and mature as Christian in the fruit of the Spirit
    3. Pray for yourself that you become the type of man/woman who can meet the needs (and wants) of your future spouse (e.g. Biblical marital roles and responsibilities).
    4. Pray that your spouse does likewise (though ‘wants’ are obviously not a requirement).

    Effective prayers are all about advancing the kingdom (e.g. Jesus’ example of the Lord’s prayer).

    You can pray that they be attractive, but it’s also necessary that you work on attraction yourself too.

    General guidelines of course.

  8. Michael says:

    Amazing, I had a similar realization today. Baal and Ashtoreth are basically the worship of “male” and “female” as I understand it. Worshipping them in a reproductive sense is what was supposed to bring prosperity in OT Israel, like you’ve recently written a post about.

    The way I see it, feminism worships both of these gods just like the prosperity gospel. Their perfect standard is a mix of male and female, which is why they try to warp both genders into some kind of genderless monstrosity. It’s no wonder that homosexuality naturally followed in America, where gender is now supposed to be irrelevant or fluid, just like homosexuality was often part of Baal and Ashteroth worship.

    Those who worship these idols always seem to bundle feminism, prosperity, and acceptance of homosexuality together into their lives.

    Thanks for this post DS! It’s encouraging to hear these things clearly spoken these days.

  9. @ Michael

    I wrote about some of those things a few years ago comparing a lot of the gods of Israel’s time to today.

  10. purge187 says:

    The rise of transgenderism has always been one of the final hallmarks of a civilization in decline.

    Yeah, won’t be long now.

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