Roosh’s Christian conversion

This video gives a lot of insight into Roosh’s (supposed) conversion to Christianity. Roosh’s interview with Sharpe on his turning Christian.

I ended up watching the whole thing. Here’s a bunch of the key talking points.

  • Orthodoxy was his church of choice because that’s where he can take his mother and if I remember correct he grow up in that Church
  • The death of his sister made him question the emptiness of his lifestyle. Thought about how it would be much better if he had been spending time with her rather than traveling around and banging women in different countries
  • Traveling also was futile because he could have been establishing himself professionally for years, so if he wanted to have a family he could already be working toward that
  • Taking shrooms help him confirm that Christianity was the right path as it supposedly made him see clearer through all of the socialized and feminized BS that is imposed on us all the time from the post-feminist world. It did not blow his mind.
  • Regrets the player lifestyle but realizes that he may have not been a Christian had it played out any different way
  • Has pulled most/all of his books on fornicating in other countries. Left the game ones up as he thinks game is not inherently bad but recognizing fornicating is.
  • Talks about how his mind is constantly sexualizing women and running game on them as a habit, so he’s being celibate and focused on retraining his mind to be normal
  • Would not comment on “deeper” aspects of the Christian faith as he is new to the faith and still studying the Bible and doing research on how to be and live as Christian, aside from the obvious no fornicating.
  • Commented how haters would be haters (gathering around you and love what you’re doing but once you do something that they don’t like they’ll throw you under the bus) but is doing the interview for people who actually want to know the reasons why he has done an about face and why he thinks Christianity (“the God pill”) is true.
  • Recognizes the gravity of Matthew 16:24-26 (“whoever wants to be My disciple must take up his cross…”) and is trying to follow in that vein
  • Relaunching his site soon.

I ended up e-mailing him and offering him my book but he declined as he didn’t have time and would buy it if he did.

Overall, he seemed very genuine on the video and recognizes he’s still an infant in the faith but seems to be doing a lot of soul searching and research on how to live the faith out. Relaunching/rebranding is an interesting thing because you alienate most of your former userbase and it’s has to hurt him monetarily pulling his books. I think that’s the most genuine thing so far that we can see at least that shows that money is not everything, and he’s serious about what he’s talking about so far. We’ll see what comes out of it, but I think he’s on the right track. Even if the shrooms story was a bit weird (I’ve heard crazier conversions).

Also, there was a surprising amount of Christians commenting in the chat while the interview was going on. I think most of the Christians who encounter the manosphere don’t know blogs like Dalrock exist.

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19 Responses to Roosh’s Christian conversion

  1. SnapperTrx says:

    It’s good to see such a high profile person in the manosphere turn to Christ and realize that the whole “sleep with as many girls as you can” or “women are just sex toys” might be fun for a while, sure, but in the end even that doesn’t fill the emptiness in our hearts that yearns for Christ and the truth. I expect he is being ridiculed and will lose a ton of followers, but his life is unique in the sense that he shows that the concept of Game on women just the way people say it does, but there is a difference between using it to maintain frame in your marriage and using it for getting one night stands. One can lead to a long and happy relationship, one leads to….well, nowhere. And now, as a christian, he can certainly argue the finer points of game and how they fit into a mans workings with his wife or prospective wife, and not be sinning.

    Its an amazing thing.

  2. Eventually, you get to the bottom of the box and find nothing there. Roosh is going to have a really rough period for a couple of years, but he made the most important decision in his life and God Bless him.

  3. Jacob says:

    This is great news if genuine. Obviously if it’s just an attempt to tap a new market then it’ll come to nothing: God has a special place in hell for those who lear His people astray.

    However, it does look genuine. Roosh has always been sympathetic to Christian readers, although his hostility towards those who objected to his books was often palpable. But kudos for going public with his confession – there are legions of Christians watming the pews in churches who would never dare to make a public confession of faith, even those who have been going to church for most of their lives. What Roosh’s courage is laudable. Although he always was an attention junkie, so it’s not out of character in that regard. Perhaps his recent silence is the best indicator that something real and genuine is happening in his soul.

    The best thing for him to be reading at the moment is the Bible. Sounds like he needs a lot of washing with the Word to clear out all the gunk. In fact, if he reads nothing else for the remainder of his life it will stand him in better stead as a Christian man than a library of Christian commentaries on manhood.

    Pray for Roosh, and give thanks to God for a genuine conversion. It would be clear evidence that the Holy Spirit is at work and blessing the Manosphere. If anyone was in doubt that what we are all doing is evangelical ministry, doubt no more.

  4. Ame says:

    this is interesting to me. years ago i heard a man speak who ministered to parents of ‘prodigal’ children, and i remember he said he asked them what they were willing to do in order for their ‘prodigal’ child to come back to God … were they willing to go through a tragic experience, a horrible health issue, even death? because, he said, that in every case he knew of a prodigal coming back to God, it took something that drastic first.

    i have since heard stories here and there that confirm this … and here is another one. i never followed RV so i don’t know very little about him and nothing of his family … i have no idea if his sister was a Believer or not … but, wow.

    we serve a very patient God, do we not!

    and the concept … that is all through scripture … of there being a sacrifice for redemption. wow. it would be extremely humbling to be the recipient of such … to know that *I* needed God so much that my loved one was willing and/or needed to be the sacrifice to ‘wake’ me up to come to God. that’s … overwhelmingly powerful.

  5. Tom says:

    The cynic in me says he saw the way the wind was blowing societally; particularly since his books have already been pulled involuntarily from some stores. So he’s now rebranding in an effort to secure a new market. We shall see.

  6. “The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom… If the fool would persist in his folly he would become wise…” ~ William Blake (

  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Roosh was always a great commenter on the culture. He did not pull punches. As for his background, I believe his mother is Armenian while his father is Persian. I get the feeling that he is sincere, if only because player burnout is inevitable.

  8. Eduardo the Magnificent says:

    It’s very difficult to dedicate yourself to Christ without suffering, which is one of the reasons it pains me so much that the Catholic Church cucked because they would make you suffer if you hadn’t done so already. There’s a lot of good there. Roosh has certainly had his share of pain in recent years. I pray that he’s sincere.

  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I just had a wicked thought. Pretty soon, Roosh is going to be hunting for a wife. If he thought finding a short term partner difficult… He’ll probably go overseas and write a series of books about it.

  10. Lexet Blog says:

    The primary demographic for the manosphere is pretty much only on YouTube

  11. Joe2 says:

    Pretty soon, Roosh is going to be hunting for a wife.

    And should he be hunting for a wife, I wonder what “n” count he will be acceptable?

  12. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    That will be a problem. When I was internet dating, I never got close enough to get a “n count” from any of the women I dated. I did get marriage count from three of them. They had each been married five times. I don’t want to think what level of “n count” could be derived from that. Roosh is going to have a hard time of it.

  13. Novaseeker says:

    I believe his mother is Armenian while his father is Persian.

    I think that’s correct, which would make him, if he was baptized as he says he was, Armenian Apostolic. They are one of the three “Non-Chalecedonian” churches (together with the Copts and the Syrian/Jacobite church) who did not sign on to the formulations of the Council of Chalcedon and therefore broke from the Orthodox/Catholic Church. They are generally referred to as “Oriental Orthodox” as a shorthand, to distinguish them from “Eastern Orthodox”, which is the larger Eastern Church (Greeks, Russians, Lebanese, Serbs, etc.). So as a shorthand I would say he’s “Armenian Orthodox” rather than “Orthodox”, since there is no intercommunion between the Armenians and the Eastern Orthodox Church, although the relationship is warm.

    If you think that Eastern Orthodox churches are ethnic, the OOs kick that up a notch considerably. The flipside of that is that if you are a returning prodigal, like Roosh, you get welcomed back much more easily, typically, especially with the Armenians because Armenians are very conscious of their small numbers and the fact that many of the offspring have assimilated away from the church, which itself is the basis of the Armenian cultural community outside Armenia.

    How do I know this? My ex-w is 1/2 Armenian — not Armenian Orthodox, but her father is.

  14. @ Nova

    Thanks for the heads up. Had no clue about any of the background there.

  15. SirHamster says:

    This video gives a lot of insight into Roosh’s (supposed) conversion to Christianity.

    What would it take for you to accept that he has converted, rather than supposedly converted?

    In my church, I have accepted Christian converts who are more blue pilled and have paid less of a cost for their faith.

  16. @ SirHamster

    What would it take for you to accept that he has converted, rather than supposedly converted?

    Nothing. I think he converted and is genuine as I wrote in the rest of the post.

    I put “supposed” in parentheses because I know some have expressed some doubt (not just here but elsewhere too).

    Now that he’s a Christian, we definitely need to support him and call him out if he’s in sin too like the rest of the Christian to Christian obligations in the Bible.

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  18. Rollory says:

    This is the male PUA equivalent of the 35-year-old woman declaring her CC days are over, or the alt-right shitlord declaring he now understands the value of diversity and tolerance and boy howdy won’t he just spill the beans on those evil nazis who brainwashed him.

    The funniest part is always the bystanders cheering about it.

    People don’t change. They just figure out they need to fake it better.

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