Remember that Gillette commercial…

… that basically categorized all men as perpetuating weird masculine “norms.”

Mixed results.

(Reuters) – Procter & Gamble Co’s (PG.N) quarterly revenue and adjusted profit beat Wall Street expectations on Tuesday, sending shares to a record-high even as the world’s No.1 personal goods company took an $8 billion charge on its Gillette shaving business.

P&G reported a net loss of about $5.24 billion, or $2.12 per share, for the quarter ended June 30, due to an $8 billion non-cash writedown of Gillette. For the same period last year, P&G’s net income was $1.89 billion, or 72 cents per share.

P&G which owns Gillette lost 8 billion in their business, but their other businesses made up for it by beating their profit expectations.

Turns out tanking one business through boycotts is pretty easy, but making sure a diversified company feel it is pretty hard.

Also, haven’t had much time recently, but should be able to blog more soon.

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29 Responses to Remember that Gillette commercial…

  1. northernobserver says:

    I will never forgive them for this. They would basically have to start a marketing campaign mocking themselves and their workeness in the most blatant manner; and even then why would I switch back when Schick has a superior product. But my megalomania has its limits. If you want to boycott P&G you need to basically go off the grid.

  2. lastmod says:

    I mentioned this on Dalrock, boycotting Gillette won’t do a thing. P&G could care less if you buy their blades or not. They just want a narrative….and with the mindset of executives today….it doesn’t matter if they lose market share in an area of their greater business model. Their attitude is, “there are billions of dollars, so what if we lose in one area…we’re growing in others”

    I also mentioned on a MGTOW chat room (Dischord) that even if Gillette pulled the ad, and apologized……you (MGTOWs and red-pilled-men) would all still be “butt-hurt” and would feel you were “owed” something. They could fire executives in charge of the ad…..and you would all would somehow “feel” offended and have stupid answers taking the lead of “well, they should have never hired those executives to begin with”

    I was banned from the forum because of of that comment. I was a soy boy, a tradcon, a baby boomer (LOL) and a simp. Why? Because I didn’t “throw out all my P&G products immediately” and chest thump about how I’m a real man.

    Most red pilled men in the extreme wings of MGTOW and the man-o-sphere would be pretty brutal dictators if they were indeed in charge. They would string up a guy like me by my heels from a lamp post to make a mockery of me before “standing up to femimism” because we all know……from MGTOW John’s example with that horrible interview with that woman reporter which set MGTOW and men BACKWARDS and also made the scene look more silly than it normally is.

    As for Gillette? They make an excellent product. I have a heavy Celtic and Slavic genetics which makes my facial hair about the same density as hardened, forged steel shards…..Gillette products have always been exceptional, and I will continue to use them.

    I wrote a letter, and told them I didn’t like their commercial.

  3. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Eight billion dollars American is not insignificant. I think Wall Street took notice. Lucky for P+G that they had winners in other fields. They also know they were lucky. Still I do wish that it hurt more. One of the tragedies of modern business is that management can run the business into the ground and be held blameless. They are also first to the trough when things go well.

    What they should learn is that male consumers are loyal for a lifetime. Gillette burned theirs and they will walk and never come back.

  4. Lexet Blog says:

    If you aren’t down for Pinochet, why be apart of the manosphere?

  5. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I did think about linking the “Conquistador Coffee Kills” sketch from Monty Python for a little comic relief, but it’s not on Youtube anymore. Do corporate America’s tentacles reach that far?

  6. lastmod says:

    Again… the SJW mentality and the people in positions of authority now in organizations like P&G who are making the decisions, “Eight billion dollars? So what? We have tons of money.” You are forgetting the mentality and worldview they have. Ayn Rand made a perfect example of explaining this mentality in Atas Shrugged with the family that ran the fictional “Starnes Motors” in that novel.

    P&G doesn’t care what Wall Street says. In fact, with the loss of eight billion dollars their attitude is “See, men don’t like this! See, they ARE toxic, they are hateful! We were right in making this commercial to expose how toxic they are….many are boycotting the product!”

    If sales did go up…they would have declared victory because of their brilliant marketing strategy. If they run this company into the ground? So what? It was other peoples money……and theree are other companies to work for, and it was a racist / no good evil company anyway!

    You have to understand their mentality. Men in the sphere waste a ton of time telling me like me how I am not “a man” and waste so much print up on the glass about “this pastor being a cuck, and that pastor being a cuck…..and femimism is linked to the dark ages with military code……tons of comments talking about how right they are…….none or very few could face off with one of these folks in board room debate and win. They view each thing as a step of progress. Like this commercial…so what if men boycott it…….the narrative is getting out. We’re SLOWLY cornering the conversation, the language and the narrative. While the man-o-sphere sees all of this as a disconnected isolated snippet that may or may not have some connection.

    My beloved undergraduate of 185 has closed because of SJW’s. They ran a pround institution into the ground. Oh, they blamed “demographics” and smaller college aged population around (a lie) but they all have moved on to other colleges to sink their worldview in mindset into and drink the lifeblood out of it.

    The only way this will be stopped is by a fiull reset or collapse (like in the Soviet Union) or by some major SHTF catastrophe. It won’t be stopped by “educating men about the red pill”

    There is vast amount of info out there. Type “red pill” into the Google search….238,000,000,immediately pop up in ,35 of a second. There doesn’t need to be more “education” there needs to be action……and frankly teaching men about Game, Frame and Chivarly really does zilch in stopping this.

    What will work. Laughing at them (these people HATE to be laughed at…it will bring crying rage or a fit of tears….and the usual put down….excatly what Game teaches men to do…ie behave like women)

    I have survived California most of my life now, and I went to a very, very liberal undergrad in New England (Bernie Sanders horyme state). I served on a Board of Trustees with this crowd, and I deal with them daily in California. Most of you have ZERO idea what we are up against….

    but its easier to demand boycotts, talk about being cocky-funny and writings from 1253 that somehow were silent until the end of WW II and now these writings ruined everything.

    I’ll still buy Gillette. They make an excellent product line.

  7. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    I think that the slogan “Get woke, go broke” is fully in the lexicon. Has anyone noticed that movies are less femcentric this summer? We have to live in hope.

  8. @fuzzie:

    Movies are going pure Metro and trying to hold onto China at the same time. It’s going to end up with exactly 1 movie studio as a result, especially as China has been pillaging Hollywood of technical skills and will simply make their own movies. Hollywood followed TV and went full attack mode on anyone not living in a major city. The demographics of movie goers reflect that. It’s also the reason for sticking Black actors in every spot possible. They need ~12% of the population to make up about 40% of the ticket sales.

    (If you’re wondering why Disney decided to murder Star Wars, this is exactly why. The core of Star Wars is literally “Farm boy from Iowa goes to war”, and Hollywood has made the ideological decision to attack anything non-Metro populations like. Marvel has sort of held onto some of that viewing population simply because comics are fundamentally a suburb pastime.)

    As for Gillette, most Men aren’t being Women. They don’t make a big, public fuss about things (historically, that gets your head lopped off, as well). But purchasing patterns change when you signal that you hate your clients. There’s normally someone else that’ll gladly not hate you & take your money. Funny, that.

  9. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Looking Glass,
    I always thought that the old expression “Will it play in Peoria?” belonged to 1930s Hollywood. It doesn’t but, on the face of it, present day movie executives have to be on psychedelics.

  10. purge187 says:

    A razor company catering to Feminists, a group who aren’t exactly notorious for shaving.

    Yeah, that makes sense.

  11. lastmod says:

    Purge. It doesn’t matter if it makes “sense” to these folks. They will counter “did you know that women make most of the decisions concerning the household budget??????”

    somewhere in the 1990’s it became “good corporate business ethics” for companies to do this…because if they didn’t out would come the pressure groups to “make the company more friendly to female consumers” even if they have NOTHING to do with the product. P&G has also been under fire for “animal testing” and evil third world business practices in labor practices. To the “woke” mind today… long as everybody feels good and “protected classes” are not offended, they will forget / forgive some of the other questionable ethics.

    There is ALWAYS a shakedown of contributions afterward to usually left leaning political parties and causes. Executives….even IF they kinda-sorta-disagree within the company now must do this out of FEAR of being smeared with any of the usual remarks today in the media.

    When I was at IBM, they had issued a “rainbow flag” IBM logo to everyone who sat in an office there, and it had to be displayed somewhere in your office. (ie supporting LBGTQ). There were a few who refused to do this. They were *forced* to by gentle shaming, smearing and outright hostility within the office environment. Most just did it (inlucing me) because the fuss over it was not worth a poor performance review and office politics that were already unberarable in some areas. It was not worth to fight over it because the narrative was “why do you hate gay people?”

    People talk tough “Oh, I would NEVER do that, and I would fight it” I call bullsh*t on all of that. When it comes to a livlihood a paycheck and just less fuss at work, people will comply. Even the ones who “would never do that” within a few weeks did.

    The narrative is over. The culture war is over and “us” on this side have indeed lost. Most of it was our own fault in the end for letting it happen. It’s easy behind anon posting on forums, chats and Youtube to say how “tough” we are, but the reality is that we’re too scared.

    Same with this Gillette thing. Great, men boycotted Gillette and P&G. They lost 8 billion dollars. They could care less. You all are still forgetting the socialist / marxist mindset “someone out there will always be around to shakedown, for us to worm into their organization, and to not stand up to us”

    Their marketshare will recover in a few years when men forget they did this because for the factr that they do make a good product line.

  12. Bee says:


    The Jezebel spirit:

  13. northernobserver says:

    @lastmod I find your attitude strangely defeatist and anti-christian. A christian is supposed to live in hope and focus on small human gestures that they can control. Gillette is not Caesar, you can refuse to use their coin if they defy God. So why not refuse their coin? Effectiveness or “working” does not come into the moral or christian argument, you sow your mustard seed not knowing the outcome, you pick up and move the the promise land through the desert because you have faith, you don’t put money in the poor box for praise you do it because it is the right thing to do and you can afford to do it.

    So while I understand condemning the manosphere for their vanity of power, I don’t understand not shunning Gillette razors when it is a controllable at hand action, Slavic beard coarseness included. Try the Schick 5. It cuts great.

  14. Joe2 says:


    I took a look at the video, “Jezebel’s War With America” and had to stop at about the 11 minute or so mark. It’s quite lengthy, about 1 1/2 hours.

    My initial reaction was not favorable. Michael L. Brown immediately goes into pornography as if it’s number one in importance. He repeats every trite stereotype of pornography that is widely held in Christian preaching with some facets of SJW thrown in. His stereotypes are outdated, if they were ever true. He doesn’t say anything new or explain how pornography is a “War With America” in particular, as the title would suggest, rather than just being a “War” because pornography is available worldwide thanks to the internet.

  15. Anonymous Reader says:

    Pastor Doctor Michael Brown is selling a set of discs all about the spirit of jezebel. Costs $35 here:

    Who is this man?

    Dr. Michael Brown is a Jewish believer in Jesus who holds a Ph.D. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures. He is an author, radio talk show host and founder of AskDrBrown and FIRE School of Ministry in Concord, NC.

    No surprise that the conversation wanders around to “anti-semitism” and stays there. Not sure what that has to do with the ostensible topic “spirit of Jezebel’s war with America”, but I’m sure if I shelled out $35 all would become clear.

  16. Bee says:

    Joe2, AR,

    Yes, it is mostly blue pill. He also says most sex workers are coerced (“trafficked”) which is false.

    It is a small good that his condemnation of feminism is reaching people that don’t read the manosphere.

  17. theasdgamer says:

    Well, the CEO of Gilette will certainly feel pain from the write down.

  18. lastmod says:

    No. You’re still not getting it. The CEO of Gillette will feel little or no pain from the write down. Today’s CEO’s of companies like this are rewarded for failure…..and they won’t define this as a failure.

    The “dark web” of “toxic men” will be blamed for this since they boycotted, and proving their WHOLE point: men are toxic, men need to man up, men are exactly what we described. We need MORE commercials and advertising like this to “get the message out”

    GM’s CEO Roger Baker in the early 1990’s did an abysmal job…..was rewarded with a “golden parachute” into the millions upon millions of dollars. For failure! GM lost 8% more market share from when he took over….and it was FAR from stellar when he took the helm.

    Sports team coaches given outrageous bonuses for horrible teams, here in California….many nonprofits being run into the ground by these SJW types…….and then they are rewarded for “the narrative” and they move on to the next company or organization to “drink and feed” to push their own agendas.

    P&G doesn’t care if they lose money….there are still billion upon billions to spend and waste.

  19. lastmod says:

    Even in the church. Pastors like Noble, Driscoll, Chandler…..rewarded fully for failure! This is culture that is rewarded, and expected. We’ll blame the DNC, the liberals, the progressives, and of course feminism….but the man-o-sphere is just as much a problem now., Guffawing men like this “Well, he’s red-pill so it’s okay”

    Books about Game, Frame, and how-to-get-the-hot-woman-to-talk-to you mean more than the Bible now……and still you all are forgetting, all these “secrets” about leadership are only to get a woman to notice you. Who is being played again????

    Best to get in the best shape you can. Prep. Get out of debt. DO the best you can and enjoy the decline. No man in here or in the man-o-sphere is gonna stop this. We’re all too busy “waxing” how amazing we all are.

  20. Bee says:


    I hope no one spends $35 for those teachings. A much better use of that money would be purchasing these two:

    The Biblical Masculinity Blueprint by Stephen Casper
    Sexual Utopia in Power by F. Roger Devlin

    The English version of Devlin’s book is no longer available on Amazon! I saw several used copies on

  21. Anonymous Reader says:

    Best search engine for books:
    It is a meta-search engine, searching Abe, Alabris, eBay, Amazon, Biblio, etc.
    Devlin’s book is not as available as it was a few years ago, that is interesting. Perhaps we are heading into a time of soft censorship? Books banned quietly via delinking, becoming unsearchable, removed from databases.

    Tell as many men as you can about Deep Strength’s book.

  22. purge187 says:

    “Off topic.

    I’m not abandoning my faith altogether the way he seems to be doing, but I am putting it on hold. My faith was built upon a foundation of fear and I’m tired.

  23. Joe2 says:

    Bee and AR,

    Sexual Utopia in Power by F. Roger Devlin

    There is an extensive review and many comments posted on Amazon. The book is a collection of seven essays. Although the book is unavailable, I found the review and comments informative. The review concludes, “His bottom line point is that American society, and in fact Western European society in general, has degenerated to the point that they are unable to perpetuate themselves. Women simply do not fulfill their historical, their essential role of bearing and raising the succeeding generations to carry on a culture. The women who do have children tend to be the less intelligent and the culture that they perpetuate incorporates by and large the worst aspects of contemporary society.” Is the last sentence true?

  24. Novaseeker says:

    The full text of Sexual Utopia in Power is available online, for example here:

  25. Anonymous Reader says:

    Novaseeker, thanks for the link. For some reason I had never read the essay in toto, but of course many of the ideas are in common circulation in the androsphere. I flatter myself that I even figured out one or two on my own. But I’d never seen all of that in one essay of a mere 30 pages.

    Devlin’s article is like a freight train in terms of payload. It’s Manosphere 100, 101, 201, 202 and maybe more all rolled up in a logical, coherent form. The only difficult part: he wrote that in 2006, and nothing has improved since then. Quite the opposite, as #MeeToo alone indicates.

    Many long meandering rabbit-trail discussions in corners of the ‘sphere could be avoided if more men just read Sexual Utopia and incorporated it into their thinking. We could move beyond the constant debates about “whut’s Hypergamy huh?” just for a start.

    Thanks again.

  26. Novaseeker says:

    AR —

    Right — Devlin is the intellectual godfather of the manosphere. Before there was a Roissy there was Devlin, and Roissy and the other guys back then in the 00’s had read Devlin and he was the basis of everything that came later.

    It has to get regurgitated again and again because each wave of guys comes to the sphere cold, and subject to the conditioning of the blue pill world — unbelievably, in light of the fact that this info has been out there for almost 15 years now, they still are alien to it and wrapped up in a blue pill blanket so they literally have no clue about the rather obvious truths Devlin addresses. Yes, if they all read Devlin first they would have fewer questions, but then again not everyone is in the mood to read even a 30-page essay really.

  27. thedeti says:

    Yeah. Sexual Utopia in Power is a foundational document of the manosphere, as was The Misandry Bubble (another piece everyone here should read). That latter piece is one of the first ones I ever read after getting here in 2011.

  28. Anonymous Reader says:

    The Misandry Bubble

    TFH’s thesis is a bit more testable than Devlin’s observations. Next year is 2020…

    It has to get regurgitated again and again because each wave of guys comes to the sphere cold,

    It’s September forever, in a sense. However it would be a good thing if fewer men required virtual spoon feeding.

    and subject to the conditioning of the blue pill world — unbelievably, in light of the fact that this info has been out there for almost 15 years now,

    The Glasses / Red Pill must be searched for to be found, they are hidden by the dominant culture. This is no accident, of course. One reason I keep pushing our host’s book onto men regardless of their religious status is that he presents much truth in a very different manner from Rollo, Family Alpha, Athol Kay or the now-gone Chateau. Men who would find the other writers offensive should not be nearly so upset to read Deep Strength’s calm certitude.

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