Others becoming more mature in Christ and turning to Christ

Couple months late on this, but Roosh unpublished the rest of his books.

In May of last year I unpublished 11 of my books because they were leading men directly to sin. That action was not enough. Today I have unpublished several more books, including my top seller Game, along with numerous articles, videos, podcasts, and forum postings.

The prospect of banning Game last May was too difficult, even though my conscience was bothered by the contents. I wrestled with the issue for a week as I closed out my final days as an expat in Eastern Europe. It made sense to ban all my Bang books, which explicitly instructed men how to have casual sex, and it wasn’t that hard on my wallet since they were older books that had passed their sales peak, but if I were to ban Game as well, my income would be wiped out. I prayed on the issue, asking God to help me make the right decision. Then I received two comments in one day from men stating that Game had helped them with married life. I also did a poll showing not all men were using Game to become accomplished fornicators. My conscience felt more clear; Game could remain.

One month after the tour finished, I bought a used truck and was getting ready to rent a house in the mountains. I wasn’t too worried about money, since Game was still selling well without any active promotion on my part. Then I received a message from a fellow Orthodox Christian that I had met in California saying he had just read Game, and noticed that it contained the same type of sexual content I had aggressively banned on the forum last year. I walked to my bookshelf, pulled out a copy of Game, and randomly flipped through it, expecting an “agnostic” tool, but I could not find a page where sin was not. The book wasn’t agnostic at all—it trained and steered men for the main purpose of achieving bodily pleasure through casual sex. In some ways, it even wired men’s brains to view women as objects to be won purely through knowledge, effort, and physical attractiveness. Even my book Day Bang, which has no sexual content, trained men to see women as objects to be won for pleasurable ends through the mathematics of approaching a lot of women in the hopes of finding one who was horny and loose. When faced with a hard life decision, I would pray for guidance, but this decision was easy: the books had to go.

I’m glad to see that Roosh is actively focused on becoming more like Christ. He’s taking the necessary steps to continue to take off the old self and put on the new self, even though it may be hard on him financially.

Apparently, Victor Pride (of Bold and Determined) has also recently converted as well. I used to read his blog before a few years ago when I removed pretty much all secular content blogs from my reading list since they weren’t helping me become more like Christ.

Let it be known that I, Nickolas, a reformed sinner, and bondservant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, have been saved by the blood of our blessed Lord Jesus. Let it be known that I do hereby declare that I will no longer operate in commerce under the nom de guerre Victor Pride. Let it be known that from this date forward I use my Christian name alone. Let it be known that I renounce any article, podcast, or video et al which has blasphemed God. Let it be known that I renounce any such material which does not glorify our Lord and Savior. Let it be known that I do hereby repent all transgressions against God. Let it be known that I, Nickolas, do hereby announce that I am a living sacrifice for the Lord Jesus Christ and I renounce my own will and declare to do only the perfect will of the Lord. Let it be known that Jesus Christ is Lord. Let it be known, now and forever, that Jesus Christ loves us, died for us, and brought us everlasting life. Written and declared at Asuncion on the twenty-ninth day of February, in the year of the incarnation of our Lord two thousand and twenty. Signed in the blood of Jesus Christ.


It’s very interesting to see how many of the secular manosphere/men’s blogs converting to Christ after finding such a life of sin unfulfilling. Praise God.

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7 Responses to Others becoming more mature in Christ and turning to Christ

  1. Jonadab-the-Rechabite says:

    Wanting to be an alpha they have seen the Alpha and Omega. They discovered that next step in the journey of manliness is becoming a man of God. The soil was tilled and the seed sown, praise God the soil is fertile and rejoice with the heavenly angels for Christ’s call has manifested itself in these men.

  2. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    It’s not on topic but it is tangential, Roosh wrote a post months ago about how his observation is that fewer good women are available now, with “Game” being employed, than in his grandfather’s time, who was Muslim and could marry four women. There is something profound there, but I can’t put my finger on it.

  3. @ fuzzie

    Cuts both ways most of the time in a feminized culture.

    More men are feminized so there are less “good men.” More women are masculinized so there are less “good women.”

  4. fuzziewuzziebear says:

    Deep Strength,
    I think the standard answers need to be re-examined. We’re too quick to blame men. We’re too slow to assign responsibility to women who buy into feminist ideology. Still, something profound and simple is going on. Later generations will see it, but those of us in the midst of it can’t.

  5. If you follow anything sincerely enough to its end, you stumble upon Christ.

  6. info says:

    In fact our LORD himself fits the description of behavioral Alpha:

    The kind of personality is why Donald Trump is able to show himself to be a leader and Bloomberg fell flat despite his greater riches:

    This shows that the pinnacle of masculinity is based on the character of God himself it is his Kingly character that manifested itself in interactions with others despite his lack of earthly riches and status.

    So PUA’s converting may not be as surprising as we think.

  7. info says:

    Do you think this man is moving closer towards Christ?

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