Everything always goes back to the family

When we get into the topic of marriage education, one huge problem is that the Church or even a school curriculum are being considered primary teachers.

Deuteronomy 6 shows us that the father (and mother by extension) are to teach all of the things in the Law to their children both day and night. The modeling of the father and mother show the kids the importance of marriage and how it should work. The Church/gatherings/assemblies are to reinforce this to show that the whole community accepts God’s standards and practices them.

The Church itself is to be a supplement. It’s not an answer. This is why families without strong and good role models (and those especially without a father) have large statistically bad influences on children even if they go to Church. There’s no primary good modeling.

The Church and ideally education should help families to have good marriages, so that they can model those to their kids. But this is limited as it requires husbands and wives to want to do that. This is a big problem in western Christianity because most husbands and wives think it is the Church’s or education system’s responsibility to educate their kids. We can all see how that works out — young people leaving the Church in droves as they go to college.

The state of the Church is only a symptom of the decay of the family. There’s a reason why the leftists/Marxists wanted to destroy the nuclear family.

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4 Responses to Everything always goes back to the family

  1. Sharkly says:

    There’s a reason why the leftists/Marxists wanted to destroy the nuclear family.

    Although since families have been destroyed via TV, bad public policy, anti-God public schooling, Feminist churchian meddling, and various other routes, it would also be helpful if families could have the support structures and public approval they once had, put back in place. While repentance and returning to God on a family level is most essential, we could also use help on a broader plane. If I as a husband decide to raise my family godly, but my wife wants to raise her family godless, and she has all the support of courts, churches, schools, entertainment, and civic institutions, it is a tall order for me to get her to submit to me, when I am unanimously being condemned by all whom she considers authoritative. And they will give her cash and prizes for rebelling against me.

  2. Eduardo the Magnificent says:

    Authority that is not local is worthless. We’re seeing this with Corona-chan, that the normies and Churchians are putting too much trust in “authorities” that are many, many degrees of separation removed from them. The results so far speak for themselves.

    There’s a reason God gave authority first to the family, then church, and lastly state. You can’t govern what you can’t see.

  3. Joe2 says:

    The state of the Church is only a symptom of the decay of the family.

    I agree. The state of the Church is also a reflection of the seminaries which provide the education / training for pastors.

    I recall a rather large local church which had a robust singles group (mostly recent college graduates and young professionals). The group experienced several marriages, but an issue which came up in the group time and time again was “submission” as it was called back then. The group through one of the elders asked the pastor to address the singles group about marriage. The pastor agreed and would address the group during the week; attendance would be voluntary.

    Unfortunately, the pastor did an about face. He didn’t address the group and didn’t give a reason other than he was “the man of God” and his judgment was not to be questioned. The group slowly disbanded. More recently, the church now sponsors “Divorce Recovery” workshops.

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