Disciplecord and general well being

Hope everyone is doing well!

A bunch of the guys on RPChristians and some other places have started a place for discipleship for both men and women on Discord, so if you need a place for iron sharpening iron during this COVID craziness there is a place to help you with it.


This is mainly for people who are serious about discpling and being discipled, so if you want to participate you have to put in the work. Here’s some of the intro stuff you gotta put in  to be accepted:

Introduction Template: Personals?

• Name (first name is OK):
• (If you are from Reddit) Username:
• Who introduced you to DiscipleCord?
• Age/Gender:
• Location: General location, country, state etc.
• Relationship status
• What do you do?
• How are you taking care of your body? What are your health/fitness goals? Where are you in that journey? Are you willing to improve in these areas?
• Occupation/Education/Are you satisfied with your income and career?
• What you do in your free time: Why Disicplecord?
• Are you looking to be discipled? Or looking to disciple someone else with the support of this group?

Rate yourself in the following. This will be used to help appropriately place you in discipleship.
• How assured in your salvation are you? Has Jesus saved you? (X/10)
• Have you been trained in a particular method of studying and interpreting Scripture?
• How much quiet time/prayer do you spend with the Lord? (X/10)
• How successful are you at prioritizing scripture memorization? (X/10)
• How many unsaved people do you speak to about Christ in a week? (Less than 5, about 5, more than 5)
• How strong is your spiritual community? (X/10?)

Also, hope everyone is doing well. Been caught up with family stuff, but I should have some more time to make some more posts soon.

If you guys want to catch up on life in the comments be my guest!

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2 Responses to Disciplecord and general well being

  1. Joe2 says:

    There is a wealth of information available about Christian discipleship or accountability partners including problems, pitfalls, red flags, etc. I suggest before getting involved in any such program do some research to make sure you know what you are getting into and equally important how to get out if the program seems to go off track.

    I think getting involved in a virtual program where you never meet and get to know the individuals conducting the program (and they never meet you) is risky and may be more trouble than any benefit.

  2. @ Joe2

    Definitely agreed on that front. Though I know a bunch of the mods pretty well through mod chat and you can check out the podcasts on youtube as well.

    I don’t really see a downside. If it’s not edifying you can just leave.

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