Modeling is the primary form of headship

This isn’t a new thing, but it’s just one thing I’ve been realizing more and more when you see discipleship in action.

In general, most people only believe words when they are backed up with consisted and relevant action. This goes for a husband and father modeling for his wife and kids respectively. The same goes for any type of discipling young single and married men. They want to see that you practice what you preach and how effective it is in practice.

Even if you don’t say a word much of the time people are picking up on what you are doing and why. This especially goes for children of all ages when I see a lot of families interact at Church. You can tell which young men and women are going to likely be more serious in their faith and the ones that are just there because.

Now, to divert this back to the Bible, we can see that Jesus’ modeling for the disciples (Christ and the Church) was the primary way that He taught them. He modeled everything for them: explained and showed them how God was working through His life. He taught them. Then He gave them a chance to experience it for themselves by sending out the 70, and eventually when His ministry was coming to an end He send them out to do it themselves in the Great Commission. The same is true of a husband and wife and a father and children.

In terms of rebellious wives and children, this is ultimately the way you will be able to positively influence them in a godly manner. The focus must be on sustaining your own Biblical roles and responsibilities first, to the utmost of your abilities. This removes any potential sort of hypocrisy from your life such that God can work through that. If they’re still rebellious then that’s on them.

Such good modeling is really built up in the small things. Be faithful with the small things such as getting in time with God, operating in the fruit of the Spirit at all times (even when it’s hard), running from temptation, and focus on doing the right thing (putting on the new), and that builds up into a consistent witness that can help to change others around you. Obviously, being discipled by those more mature in the faith does help substantially as they can more readily point out blind spots and areas to focus on.

For the single men, this is the foundation of any marriage, so it is important to develop these things while dating (or even before dating) as you are the leader of yourself first before you are the leader of a woman.

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