Sources for divorce statistics of ~70% of marriages ended by women

I actually went searching for a source of the statistic a while ago, and I think it was Aaron Renn who eventually came up with a source from this paper. Go subscribe to the masculinist newsletter for free if you haven’t already.

Table 1 and Figure 1 show the percentage of heterosexual couple breakups in HCMST waves 2-5 whose breakup was wanted more by the woman. If the woman wanted the breakup more, that is scored as “1”; if the man wanted the breakup more, that is scored as “0”; and if both partners wanted the breakup equally, that is scored as “0.5.” Table 1 shows that women accounted for 69% of the breakups of heterosexual marriages, consistent with the approximately two thirds of divorces wanted by wives reported in other studies (England and Kilbourne 1990; Sayer et al. 2011; Sweeney 2002; Heaton and Blake 1999). Even though only 92 breakups of heterosexual marriages were recorded in the data, the 69% of marital breakups wanted by women is significantly different from 50%, with a 95% confidence interval ranging from 61% to 78%.

The particular study was small in that it was about 100 divorces or so with the 69% rate, but several other studies prior corroborate those approximate statistics. The confidence interval of 61-78% is likely a solid range. I wouldn’t be surprised if an analysis of the data suggests that it’s actually higher because sometimes the wife “forces” the husband to file for the divorce.

If I remember correctly, men typically divorce more when they marry young whereas women divorce more when they’re older. This makes some sense since men’s attractiveness increases as he gets older, so there’s more temptation for him to want to look for a woman hotter and younger than his wife if they start to show interest in him.

For the women who are older, if the women were college educated the rate jumped up to 90% women initiated divorce, but they have the overall lower divorces by number. The higher the hypergamy, the greater the divorce initiation rate of the number of divorces by a woman, but if they are college educated you do have a lower chance of divorce overall. It’s likely that more of the women who were college educated and getting married at a higher age married a “beta bucks” that they eventually divorced. College degree is also associated with greater earning potential which means the wife would not have to rely as much on the husband for provisioning. Thus, not having much “alpha” and not needing “beta” she’ll pretty much just jet out of the marriage if she’s anywhere remotely unhappy. However, the college women that are fairly happy or very happy with their choice of man will not want to divorce him at all compared to less educated women.

In general, this goes back to my recommendation to young men in doom and gloom and the amount of attractive Christian virgins Part 4 to find younger women in the 21-24 year old age range (or 18-26 or 27) range if you are a man in your late 20s to early 30s. If she’s FAST – faithful, available, saved, and teachable that is a good sign along with devotion to God and respect for you. College educated is likely a good thing unless she’s looking at you like a second choice and/or beta bucks. I don’t recommend revealing any type of finances until she “likes you for who you are” for a while.

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11 Responses to Sources for divorce statistics of ~70% of marriages ended by women

  1. Jack Russell says:

    No surprise that college educated women have a high divorce rate. They have had many encounters when they were young and cannot bond.

  2. Swanny River says:

    In hindsight, I would have preferred a FAST woman with a degree, but not multiple ones, or a PhD. But feminism is so pervasive, I wonder if a FAST woman with a degree is less teachable than an educated one. I would guess so because the degreed one isn’t being humiliated regularly like a working person is, depending on where the non-degreed woman works.

    Divorce stats almost seem meaningless to me based on how strongly the church has swallowed feminism.
    So what, she doesn’t divorce you, but is still so rebellious that it is better to live on the corner of the roof than in the house with her.
    My wife was thought to be FAST when we married, but I was too polite to probe wisely, and trusted the fact that she came with the approval of two elders she lived with for a year.
    I was bluepill at the time and had no idea how feminist the couple she lived with are.

  3. Anonymous Reader says:

    A couple of details to consider with regard to college girls:

    * What kind of degree?
    * How was it paid for?

    Obviously a degree in “women’s studies” should be a large warning flag. But other degrees could also be risky. In general, people with college or some other post-high school education show a longer time preference; longer time preference means less likely to engage in impulsive actions, and therefore less likely to do foolish things such as …. divorce. Sure, everyone has their impulsive moments, what matters is the general pattern. Does she show some prudence and caution or not?

    A lot of college girls now come with a negative dowry of student loans. It’s not uncommon for a 30 year old to have $25,000 to $30,000 in student debt, and some have a lot more than that, depending on the school. A bright girl who went to a state uni on scholarship is better in this regard than the bright girl who went to the small private uni and is carrying $50,000 or more in student debt.

    This isn’t the be all / end all, but is perhaps an aspect of FAST worth teasing out as a separate issue.

    Also, let’s be honest, a college girl who went to a uni known to be boring is more likely to be marriageable than the college girl who went to a uni known as a party school. If nothing else, the party school girl will have higher expectations in material things such as clothes, cars, living space, and so forth.

  4. Swanny River says:

    For clarity, I specifically mentioned politeness as a hurdle, because as Feeriker likes to point out, the churches are a Church of Nice.
    Being wise and probing can seem less than polite, and is therefore easily rejected by the Church of Nice, as unbiblical. Therefore, it is really difficult to reach people swimming in the mainstream, such as I was.
    The high number of divorces are catching the young men’s attention, but if you talk with the pastors and our counselors they will maintain that most problems they see come from both men and women (and that’s enough to excuse themselves to hammer on men only).
    I know this because I got the 50/50 response from our counselor when I told him the divorce stat and was discussing my wife’s rebellion. He laid it all on me, and he does that to the other men also.
    So when they see the 70%, they see 50/50 and believe in their bones thay oafish men are driving innocent women into filing.

  5. Anonymous Reader says:

    SemiOT: the crumbling of the Hillsong church continues. Attitudes flow from the top down, and accountability should be inherent in any church structure. Details are not clear, and that’s not a surprise, but frankly reading this article with The Glasses on tells me a lot. Some of the issues could be jealousy, Telephone, he said / she said, etc. but there’s still the same old issues at work.

    Men need to lead, women need to follow, both need to be held to objective standards. Not always easy to do, but really obviously needed.

  6. feeriker says:

    Swanny’s comments point out something very important: the complete and utter failure of Churchianity, Inc. to stem the tide of female-initiated frivorce among self-described Christians (indeed, many of the franchises pour gasoline on the fire, deliberately or unconsciously. Brother Sharkly can attest to this). For those of us with the glasses on it’s a no-brainer as to the “why.” Unfortunately, for the blue-pilled masses of Christian men, the church, to whom they naturally and instinctively turn for help when blindsided with papers by an unhaaaaaaaaaappy wife, serves the role of the predatory father figure who disguises himself as a source of refuge, but who, once the victim is in his clutches, augments and amplifies the abuse already suffered.

    I’m led to wonder how many Christian men who are unaware of the existence of the Christian manosphere, once they are betrayed by their “churches” after seeking assistance in leading their rebellious frivorcing wives back into a Godly marriage, wind up desperately seeking help from secular resources that ultimately do more harm than good.

  7. Oscar says:

    @ AR

    The trendiest of trendy megachurches’ rock-star staff “used the church like a seedy dating service, ‘sleeping around’ with volunteers and asking them to send nude pictures”?

    No…. freaking…. way!

  8. Sharkly says:

    It is my belief, that if I had never taken my wife to any churches, she would still be under the impression that the churches stood against divorce, based upon the Biblical prohibition of divorce.

    But since she was taken to church she learned that all the churches were 100% onboard with all that is Feminism. All of it! When the pastor’s daughter gets knocked up, she gets a sneaky abortion. ‘Cuz she was taken advantage of don’t cha know! Those poor women who are forced into abortions! Those poor women who are forced to divorce their sexually deprived porn using husbands. Haven’t you seen “Fireproof”? Those poor little kids who aren’t allowed to “transition” part-way into some other sex by their bigoted parents who don’t think God wants their deluded kids to be haaaaapy right now.
    There isn’t one bit of satanic crap, that some woman isn’t shitting out of her mouth at a church near you each week. If there were a church that obeyed God, women would be kept silent there, kept covered there, and kept in subjection to her husband in everything there. Men would be reverenced from the pulpit not categorically slandered, while women would be taught to be shamefaced, as befits women professing godliness. The sermons would deconstruct the very foundation of satanic Feminism by teaching that all men are categorically higher by nature of reflecting the position, image, and glory of Christ, while wives reflect the wayward church and are only to be the glory of their husbands, and that no woman should usurp authority over men.

    I’m ready to join Christ in draining the fetid swamp and then burning the weeds, that is all of today’s “Churchianity”. They view their wicked churches like some “precious wetland” that must be preserved by political ordinances so that their foul swamp creatures and the vermin and the vectors of a malarial swamp can multiply right under our noses. This great institution of worldly unfaithfulness is a wicked substitute for the bride of Christ, a prostitute, that pollutes the grace of God with sexual immorality, Feminist goddess worship, and avarice. Their self-gelded hirelings are like the galli of Cybele’s cult who sacrificed their manhoods to serve their goddess, and become more in her image.

  9. Anonymous Reader says:


    Yeah, who could have ever seen that coming?

  10. locustsplease says:

    I am single and joined my church 6 years ago while a sinner and failure i take christianity seriously. I am giving it a shot. I am making decisions that do not benefit me because i believe thats what god wants. I really cant stand the luke warm christian. I dont know an infinite amount of people and know 3 couples getting divorced right now. All 3 men are the exact guy they were when they married. 1 of the husbands might b top 5 in physical shape of men in my church of thousands shes not going to find better. 2 of the women have legitimate mental problems that are not in control. Making up crazy stories and trying to convince church members and other antics that make them 100% the problem.

    An elder told me he kicked a guy out of youth ministry for getting head from lots of the girls. And apparently thought oral sex was ok with god. And then so did the women. You cant trust what any elder says about a woman because what young woman is telling old people shes a whore? My church is loaded with single young attractive women. But the honest truth is i cant see these kinds of things when i meet someone. And also none of them are going to tell me.

    Im disappointed. When i joined i thought wow this is going to b easy finding a good wife. Ive gone to many church groups and met 1 girl single and attractive 1x. Then the experiences i have with other women at groups they basically talk about some other religion its bizzare. Talking to men about christianity is like varisty and the women are 4th grade. Its like were gonna get ice cream after and thats what really matters. Then the covid thing really is showing whos afraid of death and its way too many. I know successful biblical marriages just not enough. Im just not liking my chances.

  11. Jack says:

    Not surprised to hear your stories.
    Welcome to the Christian Red Pill. Soon you will see how deep the rot goes.
    Even so, stay faithful and don’t give up hope.

    “But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

    Hebrews 11:6

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