Reality hurts: internet mailbag edition

Lia Thomas (transgender) wins NCAA 500m swimming event

I’ve been asked what I think of this before, and I actually think it’s great. Feminists want to ramrod equality down everyone’s throats, but now they moan and groan because the T of the LGBT+ is screwing up women’s sports. Actions have consequences.

Babylon Bee hitting it out of the park with the satire:

Transgender women in Ukraine labeled as “men” who must stay and fight

This is ironic because prominent Christian conservatives like Piper decry women in the military. Yet they blame men for “allowing” women in the military when in reality it’s women trying to force themselves in. However, now that nations are on the brink of war, a lot of women feminists are trying to opt out of the military if they would be forced to fight. Trying to accrue benefits until you actually have to do something you don’t want to do.

Women still aren’t able to be drafted like men in the US, but you don’t see any feminists clamoring for equality there.

Mary J Blige as well as other high profile women forced to pay exorbitant alimony

‘I Couldn’t Pay My Rent’: Mary J. Blige Reveals She Had to Go on Tour to Pay Alimony Following Divorce

Only a few high profile women feel the pain that probably hundreds of thousands if not millions of men feel because their wives frivorced them. Many men have to rely on their parents or friends for housing since they can’t afford the payments with their kids and homes being taken away.

Ironically, they only feel bad because they’re in the situation themselves. It doesn’t even cross their mind that so many men are in similar positions unfairly and unjustly at that.

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8 Responses to Reality hurts: internet mailbag edition

  1. pen jsaki says:

    “prominent Christian conservatives like Piper”

    Piper is Calvinist and therefore automatically liberal and pro-LGBT; the only way to “prove” their false tehology of “total depravity” is to increase the depravity in the world by voting for leftoids, so Piper and company do vote for leftoids no matter how “conservative” their sermons might seem to the uninitiated.

  2. D Bradley says:

    I’ll eventually write my own post about this topic but for now, I have to say that this indeed is the predictable and just consequence of their feminist and egalitarian ideology. Of course they will say that they never meant for this to happen nor expected it to happen, but we saw it coming from a mile away. The same thing has happened with their ideology in how it effeminizes men yet afterwards there is lamentation over the lack of strong men. Unfortunately, weak men are a consequence of what they have asked for, and this consequence is as predictable as the laws of physics.

    This all comes down to violations of God’s law:

    Hosea 12:7 “A merchant, in whose hands are false balances, He loves to oppress.”
    Leviticus 19:35 “You shall do no wrong in judgment, in measurement of weight, or capacity. You shall have just balances, just weights, a just ephah, and a just hin”

    In other words, when there is not one standard, there is oppression and injustice in judgement. Hence, if women are truly equal, they would, for example, need to be drafted, meet the exact same physical standards as men for work (like military and police), be subject to the exact same court standard (the lower standards for women and the bias in the family courts is an abomination of justice if we’re truly equal) and the like. God’s law is being violated and our country stands to be in serious judgment because of it.

  3. RICanuck says:

    I really shouldn’t speak out of class, as this was decided years ago during one of the secret meetings of the pale-penis-person-patriarchy.
    If we can’t drive XX females from the playing fields, we can put them back in the kitchen.

  4. RICanuck says:

    correction – can’t put them back in the litchen

  5. Maniac says:

    Feminists pushed for androgyny, and now it’s women who are suffering because of it.

  6. Oscar says:

    Ironically, they only feel bad because they’re in the situation themselves. It doesn’t even cross their mind that so many men are in similar positions unfairly and unjustly at that.

    In general, women have zero empathy for men.

  7. Jonadab-the-Rechabite says:

    Most males are valued like the red shirts on the landing party at the beginning of a star trek episode; temporary, disposable non-persons and of no consequence to the plot. We sacrifice our lives without receiving empathy or pity so the stars can preform their shtick.

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