Christianity is not as bad as you think?

Ironically, this article on No, Christianity Is Not as Bad as You Think 5 Statistics That Reveal It’s Good for the World is somewhat relevant now that Roe v Wade is apparently being revisited by the Supreme Court.

The 5 stats being:

  • Cultural narrative #1: Christians aren’t really pro-life; they’re just pro-birth.

Christians adopt at 5% vs 2% rate for non-Christians. Surprise. Christians actually care more about orphans than the world.

  • Cultural narrative #2: Christians are sexually repressive and anti-sex, creating a toxic purity culture.

Highly religious couples have the highest rates of sexual satisfaction compared to less religious and mixed/secular couples.

  • Cultural narrative #3: Christianity is emotionally repressive and bad for your mental health.

Instead, data shows less depression, less suicide, less emotional-pain medicators, such as smoking and substance abuse, greater social support, greater meaning in life, greater life satisfaction, more volunteering, greater civic engagement, and children more likely to grow up happy.

  • Cultural narrative #4: Christians don’t care about the poor—only political power.

Data shows Christians more often give to the poor and do volunteer work

  • Cultural narrative #5: Christianity is gender-oppressive, a tool of the abusive patriarchy, and creates toxic relationships for women.

Data shows that church attendance yields the most enjoyable and least abusive relationships for women.

I guess this data is useful to some extent in verifying things we already know, but it’s unlikely to convince non-Christians of anything when their primary disagreement with Christianity isn’t logical in nature in most cases I’ve experienced. Most of the time someone under the guise of ‘Christianity’ or something did something to hurt or exploit them or they had a bad experience with Church or something similar. This is where Jesus’ statement of loving your enemies, praying for them, and doing good to them tends to make the most difference in the long run as it shows them love rather than trying to argue an easily winnable yet technically unwinnable argument as arguments don’t change hearts.

I suppose much like most apologetics that hard data is the most useful for Christians to understand and confirm that God’s ways are always beneficial for us compared to the destructive ways of the world. Something something about wisdom in Proverbs.

This also goes to show Christians how much they need to be aware of deceptions from the world. It’s very easy to fall into a trap thinking one thing is true when it is not, especially if it is repeated over and over again. “Happy wife, happy life” is definitely one of those that many Christians have become deceived over.

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6 Responses to Christianity is not as bad as you think?

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  2. jorgen says:

    None of those points touch my complaints with Christianity: (1) its gynocentrism, (2) its philosemitism, (3) its too concerned with the so-called “poor.” But I’m at least semi-christian. These morons are complaining about the wrong (almost opposite) parts than what I see as the problem.

  3. jorgen says:

    When I say “its too concerned with the so-called ‘poor'” I mean only at least the civily righteous poor should wven be considered for help, as in Sirach 12 or 15 where he says “Help not the wicked; give alms only to the righteous.” Modern Christianity makes no differentiation and will give alms to whore both who keep the kids and who have abortions, to drug addicts and drug dealers, to outright Satanists and Wiccans just because they are supposedly “poor” (but they should be poor and never helped!), to homosexuals, and to people who voted to raise their taxes (since they have your tax money, cut off all alms).

  4. jorgen says:

    Loving enemies is also nonsense if you extend it beyond mere personal enemies who are just petty to cultural enemies. If you love your cultural enemies and enemies of your religion then you help them destroy your culture or religion or both as again Sirach says in one of the specified chapters, i.e. “Give no alms to the wicked lest they use it to overmaster you.” This is what has happened via the welfare state and the stupidity of churches no checking on the beliefs of those they help. Its a transfer of money from the righteous(er at leadt) to the outright wicked. And the wicked have used it to overmaster society.

  5. Oscar says:

    @ jorgen

    Loving enemies is also nonsense if you extend it beyond mere personal enemies who are just petty to cultural enemies.

    You don’t know what the word “love” means. People have asked me many times how I could reconcile war with God’s commandment to love our enemies. My answer is simple. Sometimes loving our enemies means giving them a cold glass of water. Sometimes it means killing them with minimum suffering.

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