The desecration of femininity

It’s always interesting to see how concepts talked about here are starting to make it out to the wider world of popular culture.

Basically, the whole video talks about the ways in which the current brand of feminism is misogynistic.

In other words, the brand of feminism that pushes women to be more like men are themselves deeming women and femininity inferior. If all women have to act like men then being a woman or mother or stay at home mom/homemaker is a bad thing. If that’s a bad thing, they are actually trashing women and deeming being a woman inferior to men.

It’s ironic but the things done in the name of “empowerment of women” are actually degrading to women.

This is seen most clearly in the push for women to be able to choose sex work. This so-called empowerment is simply degrading to women, and virtually any woman who does that can tell you the consequences are not worth it on their personal lives.

But we already knew all of this because rebellion against God is choosing sin and the negative consequences thereof. It’s perhaps a revelation from God that at least some of secular culture is now recognizing this fact, just as Roosh and other PUA who had player burnout has led them to seek God. There’s only so far you can go into a life of emptiness before you hit rock bottom.

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6 Responses to The desecration of femininity

  1. ByHisGrace says:


    It’s refreshing to see the hypocritical underpinnings of liberal feminism being picked up on and called out.

    “We need to make women more like men. If you don’t believe that, you don’t think women are as good as men…” It’s insulting and demeaning in much the same way as the current trend to imply that “POC” won’t succeed without being given a hand up, and all who deny this implication are screamed at as “racist.” Those crying the loudest are often the ones at fault.

  2. jvangeld says:

    On Gab I heard a story of a woman who was told that she might not be eligible for unemployment any longer because she had turned down a prospective employer. That employer was a brothel. Prostitution is legal in Germany, so now the brothels are acting like any other employer.

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  4. Oscar says:

    Coincidentally, I was recently telling my younger brother that Amazon’s Rings of Power took Galadriel – whom Tolkien wrote both as one of the wisest, most powerful characters in Middle Earth, and the epitome of feminine beauty and grace – and turned her into a petulant, second rate dude with boobs.

  5. info says:


    There is a good video on this. Including the fact that even with modest dress. The woman’s face must be uncovered. So she can best express her personality:

    Interestingly with modesty. A woman’s overall package is more emphasized rather than breaking her down into fetish parts like how modern immodesty helps facilitate:

    A woman’s overall physical proportionality and personality gets emphasized more as a result of modesty. Elevating her dignity.

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