Cheap sex leads to decreasing marriage rates or not?

Back and forth articles on IFStudies.

I found these articles silly in terms of trying to understand why marriage rates have dropped because of ‘cheap sex’ or not. In them, basically they’re arguing the back and forth whether cheap sex has an influence on marriage rates given the decreasing amount of marriage formation the more sexual partners that one has.

While there is some validity in that notion — some men don’t want to marry women with very promiscuous pasts — the bigger issue is always going to be the nature of the expanding expectations that women have and the obesity(1) epidemic(2) for real(3).

Even in the “free love” 1960s-1970s most of the men and women there still got married. Dalrock’s coverage of the never married data shows that even with people racking up higher partner counts from 1960s-1970s (the 45-49 year old age groups in the 2000s and 2010s) they still got married past 90% rates like most successful civilizations.

The big meaningful differences between 1960s and 1970s is the rates of obesity have skyrocketed in addition to social media literally destroying the dating markets. Social media has become so curated that people only put out the best, and everyone needs to be in some neat little package. So when you meet other people that are not all that like most people are then there’s going to be mega-differences in expectations versus reality. I don’t even have to mention feminism in making womens’ expectations skyhigh either. Porn, being raised by divorced parents or single parents, and other factors likely play an influence as well.

Cheap sex may well explain a bit, but the bigger issues still loom.

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3 Responses to Cheap sex leads to decreasing marriage rates or not?

  1. elspeth says:

    I agree with you.

  2. Sharkly says:

    I think the factor decreasing marriage rates is Feminism and its resulting likelihood of divorce-rape, and the ease with which innocent men can now have their lives destroyed and their children’s childhoods and upbringing destroyed. Why would anybody sign up for a 50% chance of having their whole life destroyed by a Feminist court system that systemically hates them, and have their children stolen, turned against them, and be raised to do evil by the same evildoer who won’t keep her vows, when they don’t have to volunteer for that? Especially when young men can see that the church will be cheering their wife on to do that to them, and church people they never even met will be volunteering to testify against them.
    And unchurched men realize that a marriage most always spells the complete end of their sex life, and then living under the constant threat of divorce-rape. The institution of marriage has become a trap to rip off men and kidnap their offspring. Sure that won’t be every man’s fate, but it always could be. Any Christian woman could fall prey to the church’s Feminist wickedness. TV shows. movies, websites, magazines, and books now tell women they can do better than staying with their husbands. As a man, marriage today is signing up to be swimming upstream for the rest of your life. Few women are worth risking that on. Even with the best vetting, you still have no guarantee your wife won’t turn feral. The risk/reward ratio has gotten to the point where the risk is horrible and the rewards are greatly diminished.

  3. locustsplease says:

    Sharkly. It’s the end of sex life for many men. In the last few decades women have made it very clear they have no interest in husband’s. Why buy the cow when it won’t give u any milk. I can not have sex all alone and not pay her bills in some faux equal partnership garbage.

    Women also know what they have to sell which is sex so almost any man can get it for few years from a gf once that ring is on buh bye. I know hardly a man who gets satisfying reg sex from his wife. And I’m not alone.

    Today from what I see the more signs of couples success the less successful they are sexually. Great new home brand new suvs kids in the best schools. She’s a cold fish battle axe beating it out of him. Meet some middle class poor unattractive couple they have it every day. She beats all those vanity items out of him because she can’t pair bond.

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