Book updates and potential release dates

Here’s some updates on the book. The table of contents so far. Chapters 1-8 are done, and I’m working on increasing the amount of content in Chapters 9-11 at the moment.

  • I’d like some overall feedback on the structure, and if you think I missed any topics if you have any to add.
  • Also, if you have any suggestions for titles that is appreciated.

The goal is to get out a book that appeals to the broader Christian men community that you could just give single or Christian men in any random Church that you visited. For single Christian man to understanding the process selecting a virtuous wife. For the married Christian man, especially those in troubled marriages, to understand how to lead effectively and spur a wife to sanctification and away from rebellion.

Table of Contents


  1. What is this book? (Theological exposition of marriage + life applications)
  2. Who is it for? (Young Christian men?)
  3. Why was it written? (Combat false teaching and cultural narratives?)
  4. Guide to the document

Section 1: Bible and Culture

Chapter 1: Bible and Culture

  1. Why the Bible is in conflict with culture
  2. Why the Bible is authoritative, including for us today

Section 2: The Bible on Marriage

Chapter 2: The Creation Order

  1. Creation of man and women, their roles
  2. The Fall shows the difference between man and woman
  3. Headship exists prior to the Fall
  4. The implications of God’s judgment post-Fall
  5. How the church has compromised on the Bible to accommodate culture

Chapter 3: Marriage is Optional

  1. Marriage is optional per the Bible
  2. Marriage is the norm and the alternative is celibacy
  3. Chastity until marriage – God’s way is the best way
  4. Avoiding the pitfalls of pre-marital sexual temptations

Chapter 4: New Testament Teachings on Marriage (Roles/Responsibilities)

  1. Teachings on men/husbands
  2. Teachings on women/wives
  3. The nature of authority

Section 3: Marriage and Culture

Chapter 5: Differences Between Men and Women

Chapter 6: Shifts in Marriage and Society

  1. The success of patriarchal cultures (need more examples)
  2. Feminism and women in the workforce
  3. How men have responded to feminism and changing culture
  4. Negative indicators in America today (divorce rate, out of wedlock births, opioids, never married women, etc.)

Chapter 7: Social Scripts

Section 3: Practical Wisdom for Men

Chapter 11: The Role of Attraction

  1. The bible on attraction
  2. The failure of chivalry
  3. Works and desire
  4. What men and women find attractive
  5. The rise of obesity
  6. The example of attractive jerks versus unattractive nice guys
  7. Attraction is a prerequisite for romance

Chapter 12: The Scriptures, mentality and practical life skills for men

  1. Identity in Christ
  2. What Does It Mean to Be a Man?
  3. Jesus says “Follow Me”
  4. God and Jesus lead perfectly but…
  5. Suffering is normal
  6. Attitudes and actions
  7. Growing as a godly leader
  8. 5 Step process for growing in maturity

Chapter 13: Finding and choosing a wife

  1. Masculine immaturity is placing responsibilities before roles
  2. Understanding leadership
  3. Moneyball for marriage: statistics on divorce
  4. Questions to ask prospective wife
  5. Timeline for a wife

Chapter 14: Leading a marriage

  1. Discerning martial problems
  2. Godly versus successful and holiness versus happiness
  3. The case study of unhappiness
  4. Emotions
  5. Leading amidst hostility and conflict

The goal is to potentially have this out by summer or fall.

Additionally, the estimate to have the book edited and formatted professionally is going to be approximately $2000-4000 most likely. Maybe less if we can have some people with professional editing experience.

I’ve had some people offer to donate to get it off the ground. If you wanted to help donate to the cause I was trying to figure out a way to donate anonymously. I did some searching and found this app which has potentially anonymous donations.

If anyone else potentially knows of a way we can do that then reply in the comments. Otherwise, I’ll probably set up an account with them.

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11 Responses to Book updates and potential release dates

  1. Lost Patrol says:

    I thought you were working up more of a pamphlet or short story, even though you’ve always maintained it was to be a book. This is serious. Some of this will be a veritable shot across the bow at a lot of churchmen, maybe even the ones where you currently attend.

    Celebrity pastors crank out these kind of books by the boatload, but you can be confident they do not say the sorts of things you no doubt will. This is due to their feminine primary conditioning which you are able to see beyond. There will be angst about what you are writing. I confidently predict this without having seen any of it, based on your blog and commentary.

    Will this be published under a nom de plume? In certain circles the author of such a piece will be branded, for better or worse. A book like this is a declaration.

  2. Bee says:

    Moose Norseman does editing. I have read his book; it does not have typo’s or grammatical errors, so he did a good job with it.

  3. @ Lost Patrol

    That is quite possible.

    I am trying to lay everything out as logically as possible so it’s fairly air tight. I’m writing mostly with Scripture, statistics, and real life behavior.

    I actually think it will be received by most men fairly well… or at least an alternative perspective type of thing than what they see in feminized Churches.

    Not sure yet on a pseudonym.

  4. Lost Patrol says:

    @ DS

    I appreciate your efforts and have sons in their 20s that I hope will be able to profit by your work.

    You can be sure I will have some copies and will try them out on good churchmen that I know. I’m very curious about their reactions, as many of them have been uncomfortable or even shocked by what I considered benign references to husbands and wives, men and women, as taught by Sts. Peter and Paul, Solomon the wise, the Garden account, etc.

  5. Wayne says:

    If you need more examples of patriarchal cultures, I might be able to help you out. If so, send me an email with a description of what you’re looking for.

  6. @ Wayne

    Not sure I even want to expand on that much. If we’re talking the Bible, that’s all of the examples we need… unless we want to explain that patriarchal cultures are all more successful than matriarchal.

  7. Pilgrim of the East says:

    regarding professional formatting, unless you want something really special it’s not too hard to do this yourself in LaTeX (even some big publishing houses use that). It may be a bit tedious work but it’s not really difficult so I guess that you could even crowdsource it (many people rather donate time than money, also it has aspect of your support being really visible).

  8. I used to work as a full-time copyeditor in San Francisco. I’ve done everything from PhD dissertations to letters people wrote to their exes.

  9. Michael says:

    One thought I have to add: be careful even with the use of statistics. I do stats for my job, and know from experience that they are easily manipulated to get whatever results you want. Not saying that you would manipulate stats to make a point, but if you use stats then opponents can simply bring up their manipulated stats to contradict you.

    It is false to think that stats are “true facts about the world”. Actually, that is the definition of data. Stats = data + human interpretation. It may be beneficial to point this out in the book, as feminists love to throw the same stats around to justify themselves.

  10. @ Michael

    Yeah, I tried to be as fair as possible. Statistics don’t predict destiny (e.g. smoking and cancer), but they give potential warning signs or things to scrutinize.

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