Actionable steps to finding a wife

Update: I’ve written a book based on many of the experiences on this blog to help Christian men: The Biblical Masculinity Blueprint: A Christian Man’s Guide to Attraction, Relationships, and Marriage in a Messed-up World

I’m mainly putting up this page because the most of the actionable posts are buried on the blog now that I’ve published more than 350 posts.

Much of our cultural understanding of relationships is wrong! We need to look to the Bible to see how Jesus acted for relationships and marriage.

Understanding why attraction is important to a marriage.

The main posts on how to grow in godly masculinity, prepare for a marriage, and look for a wife.

How to lead in marriage:

If you want to look at other posts I would consider essential, check out the ‘mission framework’ category in the categorized posts section.

Bonus: Dalrock’s post on how feminist ideas have infected the Church, specifically CBMW (which is the “complementarian” position). The true Biblical position is most similar to Patriarchy (and by Patriarchy I mean male led families and the Church).

Another bonus: