Jordan Peterson and Bishop Barron discuss Christianity and the modern world

Sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been a bit busy and will be for another few weeks at least.

In the meantime, I found this to be a pretty interesting listen in terms of what Jordan Peterson has been talking about through his stuff and Bishop Barron’s (Catholic) take on a lot of the current events.

It gets surprisingly deep at points especially when they’re talking about Jesus. If you have the time it’s a good listen despite whatever denomination you are in.

They accurately suss out at least some of the reasons that young men and women are leaving the Church.

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2 Responses to Jordan Peterson and Bishop Barron discuss Christianity and the modern world

  1. RMIV says:

    i’m an American Southerner and, having sampled many congregations seeking “my church,” the short answer to why men & women leave is that the churches are fake & gay.

    the longer answer involves nothing you haven’t elucidated yet before, sir. if i might reiterate a few in painting this one example, men & women might be attracted if the pastor were not the typical thrice-married, double-masked, obese, materialist Boomer.

    the congregations & their leadership are visibly bereft of masculine strength and flagrantly violate any biblical law inconvenient to their desires or out of step with the world

    simply, they value their lives more than their souls

  2. professorGBFMtm2021 says:

    Yep fake&gay!That describes 99%of the entire world,not just churches!Professor jordan peterson?What real-world battles has he been through?”I was almost taken out”?I’m in dances of death,every other week or so!Hes the allowed fake opposition straw -man realy as most know!Hes the relz weasle he claimed others were!
    DeepstrengthP.S.I did’nt know you were so heavy with work,like myself,right now!Every day another fisticuff with my varoius friends of redpill!
    I think eric,might be interested in getting back to understanding life is a war!Instead of peace with the world!Wheres my peice of that peace?

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