Blinded by infatuation

Wintery Knight has already written on this, but there are more details which reveal much more of the picture.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tim Tebow was dumped by Olivia Culpo who was a Miss Universe for not having sex with her.

The couple started dating in October, but Olivia didn’t quite realize how serious Tim was about his virginity vow. According to NYMag, once she understood that he wasn’t going to budge on abstaining from sex, she ended the relationship.

An anonymous source told the New York Daily News, “He was really into her, he was sending her love letters and cute notes and professing his love for her. She had to break up with him because she just couldn’t handle it. He still hits her up, but she just can’t deal with the sex thing. He’s pretty adamant about it, I guess.”

Culpo has apparently been in prior relationships where she’s managed to get guys to break their chastity vows, but Tebow proved to be a tougher one to crack.

She also dated Nick Jonas, who took off his purity ring not long after their relationship began. After he started dating Culpo, Jonas stated that waiting for marriage “is not something I’m doing anymore.”

Assuming these details are true (which may not necessarily be the case and if so I will retract this post), it’s clear that Tim is blinded by infatuation.

Obviously, Tim made a good decision to abstain from sex until marriage. However, it was preceded by a couple of bad decisions. These bad decisions have been summarily ignored by the vast majority of Christians excluding Wintery Knight.

The bad decisions were as follows:

  1. Dating a woman who was has gotten men to break their chastity vows. Not exactly what you want for your wife as a Christian.
  2. Blinded by infatuation: professing love, cute notes, and sending love letters after being in the relationship for a month. This is the name of the post for good reason.
  3. Continually hitting her up after she dumped him because he stuck to his guns. Does he think her promiscuous character is magically going to change, and she’s going to become good wife material?

That being said props to him because he stuck to his abstinence even in the face of great temptation. In reality, I don’t know if any of us would be able to say that we would be able to stick to chastity if we had a Miss Universe practically throwing herself at us.

However, it was unwise for him to put himself in that situation.

If he had sex with her then she would most likely eventually break up with him like she did Nick Jonas. Based on her two pasts relationships and one conquest it seems she is into playing power games for validation. Is she pretty enough to cause men with abstinence professions to break their pledge?

If he didn’t have sex with her and they got married her character is still extremely unlikely to change. He will end up being divorced in the future married to someone like her. How bad the damage would be no one could guess.

Very unwise decision based on the extrapolation of long term decision making. Every man wants someone who is pretty or beautiful to them. There’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t let infatuation or beauty get ahead of vetting for character and obedience to God.

Unfortunately, Tim has a bad record with dating beautiful but [likely] unchaste women:

When he split with girlfriend Camilla Belle after a couple of months in 2012, it was also widely speculated at the time that the Disney channel star was bothered by his chastity.

Therefore, this story may have an unhappy and ungodly ending if he continues to not vet the women he wants to date and marry for character and obedience to God.

To be continued…

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32 Responses to Blinded by infatuation

  1. orthostrov says:

    It would appear to be less of a ‘lack of vetting’ problem and more of a ‘can’t accept reality’ problem.

    There’s no way in hell any of my boys would have my blessing to court/date/schmooze/whatever either of those women… where are Tim’s parents in all this?

  2. Elspeth says:

    Tim Tebow (like Russell Wilson while we’re at it), are interesting examples of famous Christian men who choose the superficial yet beautiful woman hoping to change them over to their way of thinking and believing. Fortunately the way women are makes it more plausible than if the man was an unbeliever, but still.

    Gotta give ’em props -I suppose- for sticking to their guns but flirting with temptation like that isn’t exactly evidence of a strong or wise Christian walk.

  3. Chris says:

    While I applaud him for sticking to his guns, he might save himself a lot of time and trouble if he took Paul’s advice to not be unevenly yoked.

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  5. ChildofRa says:

    I never liked the idea of The Jonas brothers and their purity rings being all public. I feel that especially with celebs whether male or female once they make it known to the world that “hey, im a virgin” or ‘saving my self for marriage’ that people are gonna try very hard to break them down and add them to the current notches on their bedposts.

  6. SnapperTrx says:

    Though she is not married, Psalms 5 comes to mind:

    3For the lips of the adulterous woman drip honey,

    and her speech is smoother than oil;

    4but in the end she is bitter as gall,

    sharp as a double-edged sword.

    5Her feet go down to death;

    her steps lead straight to the grave.

    6She gives no thought to the way of life;

    her paths wander aimlessly, but she does not know it.

    Seems appropriate for a woman for whom it appears chaste men are trophies, once she breaks them, then dumps them and moves on to the next conquest.

    ….She eats and wipes her mouth,
    And says, “I have done no wickedness.”

  7. theasdgamer says:

    Timmy lacks frame. And fails to screen properly. Oneitis. Pedestalizes women. Sigh.

  8. Looking Glass says:

    I saw this link in passing:

    I wouldn’t recommend clicking the link, but the short version is they were never dating. Interacted within their social circle together. They were never dating.

    When TMZ, the trash-gossip website is saying there was nothing there, there’s a dang good chance there was nothing there.

  9. Coastal says:

    Tebow and Russell Wilson are good examples of how you can be “Alpha” and still have a blue-pill mentality. Tebow could find a good Christian wife if he really wanted to, but from the way it sounds he doesn’t know what he wants.


    I never liked the idea of The Jonas brothers and their purity rings being all public. I feel that especially with celebs whether male or female once they make it known to the world that “hey, im a virgin” or ‘saving my self for marriage’ that people are gonna try very hard to break them down and add them to the current notches on their bedposts.

    That kinda comes with the territory though. At that point it’s up to said celebrity virgin to stick with their convictions in spite of folks trying to bring them down.

  10. A Visitor says:

    Snapper, you beat me to it with Psalm 5!

    “Tim Tebow (like Russell Wilson while we’re at it), are interesting examples of famous Christian men who choose the superficial yet beautiful woman hoping to change them over to their way of thinking and believing.”

    E, what’s the famous saying, can’t make a whore into a housewife?

    Agreed Tebow should’ve never have put himself in that situation, props to sticking to his guns.

  11. donalgraeme says:

    I think you mean Proverbs 5….

    And you are spot on DS. Tim needs to do some serious reflection, not to mention pray long and hard.

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  13. ChildofRa says:

    That is true as well, sadly. I dont think I’ll ever understand why people will try and tempt people waiting for marriage/virgins

  14. theasdgamer says:

    Tebow isn’t alpha. He has status, but status without frame is worthless.

  15. Looking Glass says:

    Maybe it’s just that I’m so used to having to pick through Media BS (it’s kind of necessary for normal parts of my life), but that I really did smell a rat almost instantly in this story. Their “relationship” taking place right in the middle of the college Football season didn’t make much of any sense, to the point that even TMZ could figure out there wasn’t much there.

    This was someone in Ms. Culpo’s “camp” attempting to raise her profile. This is a classic nuclear rejection play, just done in the media. And, yes, the “camp” would have ever reason to lie. She’s a *former* Miss Universe and already 23. She’s not got a lot of time left getting the attention she craves. Tebow is 28 and women will still be throwing themselves at him into his 40s. Different worlds.

  16. Looking Glass says:

    The Russell Wilson story is a WHOLE lot messier. And much of it is still just rumor, but the rumors don’t reflect badly on Russell but on his ex-wife.

  17. jack says:

    Do not marry a whore. Do not even bother to date one.
    End of lesson.

  18. Pedat Ebediyah says:

    I can relate to being captivated by this need to “reform” wretched and unclean women, who all they did was try and shit test me every step of the way during the time I knew them.

    A while back, I had one accuse me of Biblioatry, which almost literally made me physically sick, and so angry….my brothers I admit….that it took everything in me to not cuss her out and spit in her face.

    Don’t you EVER tell me that I love the Lord and His Word too much, you dog! As wretched as I am and have been, that’s ALL I have in this life!

    What these men (Tebow and Wilson) will learn is that these woman don’t give a damn about how supposedly devoted they are to the things of God. These women are faking the royal funk until they get a ring on it, and then all hell is going to break loose.


    “Do not marry a whore. Do not even bother to date one.
    End of lesson.”

    I agree. Even the ones who are so-called “friends”.

    I took inventory of all the women with whom I was acquainted who had cheated on their husbands, slept with married men, frivorced their husbands, and were on the carousel, and it made perfect sense to me when DS, Deti, Elspeth, and even Sunshine said to just stop talking to women altogether for a while.

    I seemed to have been some sort of magnet for wayward ass Christian women, even those for whom there was no romantic interest.  I’m like, “why would you want to be friends with me…you’re not going to like the things I talk about – at all.”

    So I get texts like this:

    “I choose to march holy, pray and have the gates fall …and even offer milk and curd and rest and drive a tent peg through the temple of a demon”

    And when I respond:

    “that’s all well and good, but have you dumped the married preacher you’ve been seeing?”

    Then I’m a judgmental jerk who lacks grace and told that “the Letter kills, but the Spirit gives life”…and blah blah blah.

    Tim and Russ…will surely eventually be disappointed.  I bet 1000 sheckles of silver on that.  This Ciara chick is an opportunist and phony wayward ratchet…who simply looks amazing in a cocktail dress. *rolleyes*

  19. @ Pedat Ebediyah

    Sounds like you need new friends and to get rid of the bitterness.

    The first will help with the second.

    Also, I generally don’t recommend talking to a lot of women. Men should more or less have most of their quality friendships with men. I think most of the women that you should be friends with are because you are already friends with their husbands or they are the relatives of your man friends.

    See: Jesus as an example. John, 3 closest friends (Peter, James, John), the 12, the 70.

    When Jesus was interacting with women it was either ministering to them or because they were relatives or friends of his disciples’ families.

  20. Pedat Ebediyah says:


    I’m good. I just get my engine revving and go ham sandwich when these topics come up. 🙂

  21. Pedat Ebediyah says:

    Oh, and some of these women are and were introduced to me by my married couple friends or are friends of my extended family.

    Either my people weren’t that discerning, these women were pretty slick, or they simply forgot that I’m a lot less tolerant than they thought or hoped.

    Well like Bernie Mac used to say “they ‘gon learn today!”. LOL.

  22. jack says:


    Just maintain frame and laugh when a girl tries to shame you with the “judgmental” label.

    My response is, “Of course I am. Paul says we can judge sin. Anyway, I realize that you’re looking for a way to squirm out of the conviction of your conscience, but I regret that I cannot play along.”

    Another would be:
    “What other sins do you plan on justifying with that cute little lie?”
    “I would have more respect for a woman who is a whore and proud of it, rather than one who is trying to redefine righteousness to mask her recreational fornication. Why don’t you just quit the faith rather than attempt to pervert it?”

    Or this one:
    “How about you go and take Holy Communion and while you’re doing it, ask God if it is okay for you to date a married man.”

    She gonna play hardball, two can play at that game.

    A word of caution – I do not advocate calling people out just because they are sin. I advocate calling them out when they are calling evil good, or calling darkness light. I remain silent in the face of most sin. I can tolerate the lost. What I will not tolerate is those who would burn the map so that others can’t find the way back to truth.

  23. Looking Glass says:


    On the last bit, I tend to fall in the same place you do. Hold your fire for the people that know the Truth and refuse to follow/lead others astray. They’re the ones that’ll get the worst of it from the Lord. And they’re also the most destructive among the Churches.

  24. Pedat Ebediyah says:

    @jack and @lg,

    Thank you for your thoughts on this.

    The precise reason I was so angry at the lady friend of mine is because she is a lay-minister in the Episcopal Church, and her “lover” is a Pastor at one of their satellite fellowships.

    Of the other examples are people with whom I began my early ministry and we inveighed heavily against all the things they are presently doing, so they KNOW better.

    However, I do see the nuances of your points. They aren’t necessarily saying that what they are doing is RIGHT, they just don’t want to be told they are wrong.

    I have to admit, that crap about “a peg through the temple of a demon” got me revved up. I simply couldn’t believe those words coming from her. More than any demon having his temple impaled, she’d rather be needing my size 12 Danner boot up her rear end.

    So to DS’s admonishment, I have nexted a gang of wayward folks from my past, but since I live in Mayberry USA, I always see or get wind of this one or that one talking smack about Pedat and his judgmental self.

    So while I do get revved up, I am learning to lighten up…even agree and amplify: “I prefer supercilious, thank you very much”.

  25. jack says:

    Sounds like satellite pastor is sticking his peg into the temple of a demon.

  26. tgchak says:

    while most christian women would support the woman who dumped Tim

    the woman is a slut… in a secular sense there is nothing wrong with that
    but he is lucky to not be with her
    he needs to stop begging her to come back
    he basically worships here
    typical Christian male…

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  28. August says:

    When I was introduced to this story, I immediately asked myself why Tebow isn’t married yet.
    If the standard story about him was correct, he would be married by now.

  29. Adam says:

    Tim isn’t finding a good woman because he isn’t interested in having children. Hence he isn’t looking for a woman that has prepared herself to be a good mother. Hence he is looking for a good woman amongst women that don’t want to be mothers. A difficult task.

    If he wanted children, he would be looking for a good woman amongst women that wanted to be mothers (like preparation for motherhood not a woman approaching the wall) the probability of him finding a good woman is a near certainty.

    Olivia Culpo isn’t trying to be a mother.

  30. dasheththylittleonesagainstthestones says:

    Who does TT think he is? A Hosea dealing with a Gomer?

  31. Literary Mom says:

    His fiancee is no exception except that she seems to be on board with waiting…or else they’re both pretending. Her facebook profile pics are very revealing (double entendre).

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